Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Calling Doctor Mom!

Last Wednesday Littlest thought she noticed some bug bites on her arm and leg.
By Thursday night she had developed 2 nickle sized blisters on one leg.

To which Doctor Mom said, UGH, That might be staph!

The next morning the real doctor looked at it and said, I don't know, it might be an allergic reaction.

To which Doctor Mom just sniffed. (Thinking, yeah right, I've seen staph before) I've been a mom for 25 years thank you very much. I've seen everything from a chicken pock on an eyeball to Middlest having a weird tumor in her hand called a tumeral calcinosis usually found in patients with kidney failure and South Africans. She's a medical anomaly for the books!

So he put her on Claritin and possibly, because Doctor Mom looked at him like he was a moron, some super duper antibiotic.

 Because it's STAPH. Yucky sores with nasty pus in them are staph.

Am I wrong Doctor Mom?


  1. Lord have mercy! I totally understand your frustration. We just went through something similar with my granddaughter, recently. (she's 10) They did labs and the tests came back inconclusive, but they did give her a topical medication that seemed to work wonders on the rash. It was called Permethrin cream.

    I hope you are able to find something, soon and she can get some relief... and so can you!

  2. Wow. I hope she's better really soon!

  3. Gosh! That sounds nasty! You must be exhausted! Hope she is feeling better!

  4. Yikes!! I don't have that medical instinct and imagine everything is legionnaire's disease. Good Luck!

  5. We went to a water park and something similar occurred. I thought at first it was a brown recluse bite (people can have really bad allergic reactions to this), but I thougth mrsa. It started out w/a scratch, then a dime size thing, now it's the size of a quarter. They still haven't cultured the area, but he now has a spot on his other leg, and the original is getting bigger. It goes like this: the area around the blister turns reddish/purple, the sore blisters, skin falls off of sore in one big circle, sore grows bigger. It's very frustrating, I've been at the doc so much this week, it's unreal. I remember seeing people w/open wounds at the waterpark and hoping my kids weren't around them. They tell me it may be staph, impetigo or mrsa, they are treating it w/the med they'd use for all three, but it's not really seeming to work. I hope you get concrete answers from the docs soon.


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