Monday, November 8, 2010

Doing Some Pre -Shopping Shopping

Before I begin you may be asking, Ms. G. What's up with all the picture posts lately? Have you been short on free time? Have you been distracted by business and family matters? Did you just figure out how to upload the photo's from the camera on to the computer without Middlest helping you?
The answer to all of the above would be yes. So here is yet another picture post.

Now though I have been trying to avoid it and have put it off multiple times, (with valid excuses like "I haven't done my toe nail polish and "not today there is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Marathon on") The fact is the weather has finally done a downward turn and the girls are shivering to school in tank tops and a hoodie with a broken zipper. Plus, I finally wracked up enough credit card points for a cash gift certificate and that means it is time to go shopping...again.

Now some of you may ask, Why, Oh why Ms. G. do you put yourself through this? Why do you subject yourself to this punishment? Besides slipping in a little something for yourself since it's free money. Those girls are in high school. Why don't you give them the money and let them shop for themselves, the little heathens?
Well, there is a very good reason. Left to their own devices they make some God Awful interesting purchases. For example:

The last time Littlest left the house with her own money burning a hole in her pocket she came home with


Cute? Yes. Warm or Useful? No.

Last week Middlest was out shopping with her boyfriend and they decided to go to Goodwill and she came home with


Warm? Yes. Absolutely Authentic? Yes. And...and....yeah, my daughter wears Army Boots....Anyway...

As I was saying. If the money is coming out of my wallet...or my free credit card points....the shopping is going to be supervised.

If you have been around here for awhile you may be familiar with the fun filled shopping trips I take with my daughters. Awhile back we went on our World Famous (with Internet creepers) Bra Shopping Trip.
And then there was Our Most Recent Shopping Trip which was a very emotional and colorful experience. (especially in the language department)  

Now due to my last shopping experience with the girls, I have decided to be prepared and this morning I did  some pre-shopping shopping. We have a four day weekend and on Thursday I will be ready to hit the stores with my 15 and 17 year old daughters well prepared because I have purchased supplies.

For Middlest

For Littlest
  And most important of all....

 For Myself

Let the shopping begin! 

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  1. LOL, nothing like being prepared. Enjoy :)

  2. I'm feeling you. I dread shopping with the three girls. Dread it more than I do a root canal. Although, I do love the boots!

  3. hey... my hat is awesome...

  4. I love that hat. I think it looks very warm and cozy and those boots, well I think they are great too. But then my three year old daughter already has far better taste than I in clothing :-)

    Good luck on your shopping trip!

  5. Not gonna lie, I love the hat and the army boots. I am a fail mom. I like when my son wears his skinny jeans with a studded belt and his boxers hanging out and I encourage my 11 year old daughter to wear black nailpolish. No wonder the neighbors don't talk to me.

  6. GB's Mom: Those are necessities!

    Joann: Dread is right! I'm hoping to find a nice sweater or something to take the sting out.

    Anonymous: Yes, your hat really is Awesome! If it's 6:04 shouldn't you be doing the dinner dishes?

    Aging Mommy: The hat is awesome! I tease her because it actually looks adorable on her: )

    DG: You are not a fail mom. I like some of the funky styles the kids are wearing too.
    And my neighbors don't talk to me either which I take as a blessing ; )

  7. Um whats the duct tape for?

    Maybe I'm just a perv but isnt that used for sexual types of things?

    Or is there another use for it that I am unaware of .
    just sayin.......

  8. please, please, please actually wear the mustache and glasses oh prettiest of pretty pleases :-)

    and i hope anonymous did her dish duty....

    and really, who can go shopping without wanting to cry and curse? not me. if it's not over the fit, it's over the price. best of luck to you all! ms. g definitely sneak something in for yourself.

  9. KittyCat: Good Lord Woman I think YOU might be the biggest perv I know of. Maybe. Duct tape pulls, who has time for all that shaving ; )
    My KIDS-and my brother-read my blog dear.

    Elissa: I might. Or I might tell them they have to wear them if they want me to buy them anything. She did her dishes. I realized the time is actually off on that. She was supposed to be doing her homework ; )

  10. I used to enjoy shopping much more before my kid came along. Now, it's such a chore - even if I get to shop by myself I just keep worrying if the house is going to be a disaster with my husband in charge- and the answer to that is always yes:(

  11. Pamela: I know: My husbands theory was always, they are alive, I did my part; )

  12. I've just arrived due to the Empress's suggestion. I too have three daughters, but the eldest is 15, next 11 and last 8. I think I may have to follow so that I have a glimpse of the future. Plus you make me laugh out loud. No mean feat. The comment section is as much fun as the post. I love, love the army boots... Wish I could get my girls to wear them. I was a Doc Marten gal, but my girls are less, shall we say, elclectic? as good old mom.
    Take care,
    Looking forward to a good browse,
    PS I love picture posts they help keep my ADHD self focused : )

  13. Brilliant! Perfect! I think you need more tissues.....just in case. HA.

    Love,love,love the glasses. Somehow, I think it will make the girls hurry a bit. :-)

    Shop til you drop, then CRAWL!

  14. Hi Dana, Thanks for coming by! My girls are just about as funky as I was but I still harrass them because my mother installed a chip in my head that makes me say things like "Get your hair out of your eyes."
    I'm pleased to meet you: )

    Angelia:I know you have the glasses too, the difference is your lovely daughter is not afraid to wear them! I told mine to put them on and then I could put their picture on the blog and they turned that opportunity down!
    I don't know what's wrong with them ; )

  15. Found you @ Good Day, Regular People. And I am glad I did. I now have a wellspring of knowledge to consult on what to do when my Twin A inserts herself into some of these same scenarios someday.

    And - I am seriously digging those boots. Rock on, Middlest.

  16. Hi Sue: I'm glad you came by, it's nice to meet you: ) Those boots are looking so cool I might end up borrowing them myself!

    See mom, told you my boots were cool.
    Practical and awesome.

  18. You're a comedic genius! I love the picture of the hat with cat ears! Good for you for giving of your blogging..errr...I mean free time to go shopping with them to ensure they will not return with items meant to keep our pets warm in the winter.

  19. Middlest: Yeah, Whatever! The ones I bought you Friday are way more Awesome because I actually will borrow those : )

    Sandra:I had to sacrifice blogging to THAT and Stuff like WORK this week. It Was Awful!I have a LOT of slacking to catch up with now; )

  20. Lol hat is cute indeed.The boots, I remember those. I think its cool when kids go to the goodwill. I totally remember the bra shopping post lol!


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