Wednesday, October 30, 2019

And One More Thing

I began this blog in October 2009. It has been in storage for several years. But, in honor of the 10th anniversary of it's existence, I hereby announce that the torch has been passed to the next generation of Grounded Girls and their Legacy Continues!

For a one time only special appearance I bring you; The GrandGrounded!

Look out world ; ) God knows what she will do.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Only Way To Go

Time has slipped away from me. I spent one week adjusting to being a Grandma. Another week adjusting-even though we have been prepared over 2 years- to the fact that My Daughter JOINED THE MARINES and is at boot camp. Then another week just settling. Then a few more days just being quiet because all that adjusting wore me out. We're settling into a new way of life.

My very first post 4 years and two months ago was "There Are No Cheerleaders Here".

But, as I look about my home now I see,
There Are No Grounded Girls Here

I have raised them. I have finally got them off the ground. They are all three women now.

During the course of this blog Biggest married and is now A Mother, Littlest, my sarcastic 14 year old has transformed into A Marine Corps. Recruit. And Middlest, who spurred the creation of this blog with my frustration with her.. like a phoenix, is rising up and beginning again with a new job and her own place. She has always followed her own path, heard the beat of her own drummer and she will make it wherever she is going and do it in her own way. That's just who she is.
And that's ok with me : )

We have had as much excitement and drama here in the last 3 months as we have had in all the years I had teenagers put together.

But of course, what other way would the Grounded Girls make their exit?

I love this blog more than I can express. It's like a limb. A piece of our lives that I have nurtured and cared for and documented. But it is complete. That doesn't mean I'm gone. Just like in my real life I'm simply moving on the next phase.  I appreciate everyone who has walked with me and read the journey of my girls growing into women. Even those who visited for awhile and then detoured off to other roads. But most of all, those who came at the beginning and stuck around no matter what my world would bring, and those who came in at the middle of my mess, looked around, and actually stayed anyway ; ) For all of you who are still around please follow me to my 'other place', if you haven't already. Despite the occasional 'other stuff ' this blog is dedicated to my daughters, on the other, we might be visiting more varied topics and of course the girls will be there too. They're just grown not gone. I certainly hope to see you there. If you're thinking, Oh Thank God, that woman has finally shut up, that's fine too.

So while from the beginning it has been the case that, "There Are No Cheerleaders Here". There WERE good times and bad. Triumphs and failures and Some Other Stuff  too; ) But..

This Was THEN.

You can still visit the blog Service Unavailable Error 503 now.


And yes, of course, The Only Way To Go

Moon Music

This has been 'Once in a Lifetime'.  [Talking Heads]"Time isn't holding us, time isn't after us
Time isn't holding us, time doesn't hold you back"


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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Groundeds Party All Night In Hard Chairs, Obnoxiously Take Over Maternity Units and Give Thanks!

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