Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Getting My Grooves On

Happy Birthday they say, you are Forty Six!
Sometimes I'd rather they just threw some sticks

because rocks might break my hip and then I'd die of pneumonia

The years carved in my forehead, rings in the tree
The passing of years has strengthened me

unless the wind blows too hard because I'm starting to lose balance

I have obtained wisdom I would never return
To the innocent girl with a whole lot to learn

cause these knees might go with it and she had a whole lot of roller skating to do

You can also read Joy in the fine lines I wear
Written from neck line to graying hair

at least I can with some 2.75 readers

So I've tipped the balance in the middle of where
If I live to be ninety it's all down hill from there

which is good cause I'm really out of breath

I would not trade a trade a thing I've learned
I would not take back a moment I've earned

except maybe when my boobs disappeared...

And I really don't mind that I've grown to middle age
Gone through the mill I like being this page

cause even though it's been crumpled up it will smooth right out with some Olay,  Right?

; )

© 2011 All Rights Reserved


  1. Happy Birthday! I was nodding my head in agreement to all of this. I'm right where you are! You sure made me giggle.

  2. Happy Birthday! I love the jingle! But, wait!

    I'm 65, and I'm gorgeous, sexy, smart and funny. You are still in your prime and so am I. So hopefully, this little poetry was just funny, but not at all how you feel about yourself.

  3. oh happy birthday, ms. G!!! you are wonderful at any age. you know what's cool about not ever seeing you physically? i see YOU... (i would have said without my glasses, but apparently that is no longer true for the computer. is it sad that i am a decade behind you but i already feel most of what you wrote? gray hair and all!) wishing you a fabulous year!

  4. Ooh happy, happy day. Funny little ditty, but I suspect you'll be roller skating at eighty. Now get a glass of cabernet and celebrate.

  5. Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    (Funny post!!)

  6. "Happy Birthday!" Downhill goes so much faster and you aren't racing down that hill, yet!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!so glad to share this day with you. Okay!!!!I'm thinking about Botox! That's what i get for frowning so much.

  8. Happy Birthday! I love the poem - it's so true and funny! :)

  9. It's true to life, I mean, not you. Haha! I re read what I commented and thought it might sound like an insult.

  10. blueviolet: Thank you : ) And we are always happy to help at Giggles R Us!

    Linda: Yeah, I'm still pretty hot ; )

    Elissa: Thank you, I like that : )and I'm pretty sure I had all this going on ten years ago but I can't remember that far back ; )

    GPD: If they prop me up and give me a push I will be there!!!

    MDSA: Thank you. It was a lovely quiet day and I have a whole pan of brownies: )

    Ms. A: It does seem to be speeding up. I've been waiting so long to get here I feel like I've been waiting in line at Disney.

    Nicole: Thanks! I inherited angry face (with forehead lines) from my dad and I don't think any amount of Botox could cure it.

    Kiddthings: Ha! Thanks and not at all. It's true to Life And Me : )

  11. Happiest Birthday!! 2.75 readers - that cracked me up. So untrue, though - I'm at least .86!

  12. Oops, totally messed up sign in. So, happy birthday again!!

  13. Happy Birthday, wonderful woman!

    How I love knowing you.

    Enjoy your day.

  14. Peryl: Haha! I'm really in O-300's or something. Thank you : )

    Alexandra: Thank you! Love knowing you back : )

  15. I hope your birthday was fantastic! Funny stuff.

  16. Have an amazing day! I'm going to be fricking 50 next year damn it.

  17. Mrs. Tuna: We are still youthful! And I told you why in my email ; )


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