Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Week Sunshine!

My Biggest will be 23 by the end of this week. This beautiful and complex creation does not make me feel old but instead makes me believe in miracles. In a way Time seems to have sped straight through to today. In another way whole periods seem to have been in another lifetime all together.  A gift to us in 1987. One we thought we had lost to her mistakes but that was returned to us.

When I was 21 I never dreamed as far as this time. I only held tight, rocking and sang "your baby song", the phrase, "Please don't take my Sunshine away", never dreaming. Obviously someone was listening.

For she whose smile is so like the Sun radiating out to fall upon us that strangers are struck still and acquaintances moved to return to her presence bearing gifts.  When she says for her, a Birth-Day is not sufficient but Birthday Week should be celebrated, all are blinded and cannot help but agree that this must be so and search for ways to accommodate her. A week is more than worth the gift of your presence in our lives every day.

Though I am relieved you feel that you have grown out of Birthday Month.

Luv U My Sunshine!
This week I am listening to your "grown song".
Everyone knows the world revolves around you...even the know the words ; )

Coldplay   Yellow


  1. Oh lovely post! Have a wonderful birthday week - why not make a week out of the celebrations of you enjoy birthdays that much!


    Absolutely perfect.

    Happy birthday, girl.

  3. Happy Birthday Biggest! What a joy. Time and age brings about a change. Thankfully.

  4. You made me laugh because my daughter would love a whole week of celebration too. She doesn't enjoy her birthday as much now that she's not at home because she doesn't get the constant attention like I give her! LOL

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful daughter!

  5. Hope you sunshine has the best birthday ever.

    My oldest will turn 23 in Sept. Seems like just yesterday I brought him home in a blue blanket.

    Yellow. Best Coldplay song ever imho.

  6. Happy Birthday! I think she's right; we should make a big deal for our birthdays.

  7. Beautiful ode to your daughter! Hope she has an awesome birthday:)

  8. Happy, Happy birthday to your Biggest!

  9. Ha HA! I KNEW I must have something in common with Bat Girl. What's a birthday if not a great excuse for a party or seven?

  10. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone on an alien planet. Something for you at my blog.

  11. How beautiful. What a gorgeous tribute.

    And what is it about girls and their penchant for birthday festivals, weeks of festivals? My girls are the same way and we are inclined to celebrate along with them. After all, they are marvelous, indeed.

  12. Happy birthday to Biggest! What a beautiful tribute. :)

    We do birthday weeks, too. I figure, why not? We don't label it as a birthday week, though. We just try to drag it out for them, starting a week before their birthdays, we start building the anticipation; we do birthday dry runs, complete with cake and candle-blowing. :)

  13. Great song! Hope it's been a wonderful birthday week! I agree, a week of celebration is in order. Heck I celebrated Jason's for a month by giving him a gift every day. Nothing like bringing joy and sunshine to make it super special. :-)

  14. i know i am late but happy birthweek biggest!

    as a mom of 'one who must challenge me everyday' is so awesome to read this post and know that there is not only a light at the end of the tunnel, but a supernova of a light.

    congrats momma grounded...i know you are proud as all hell.

  15. Happy birthday, Biggest!!! What a beautiful post and a reminder of all of life's precious gifts. Enjoy your birthday week and save some cake for me.


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