Friday, June 4, 2010

And Then He Said.....

My husband and I were laying in bed watching tv and talking when I felt a hot flash coming on. These are new to me and are intermittent without any regularity. It kind of happens suddenly as a twinge of raised temp then very quickly escalating into feeling like you opened a 450 degree oven and breathed in deeply.

I lost the train of the conversation and I had started fidgeting and he asked what was wrong, why was I so agitated all of a sudden? As I began kicking my legs around suddenly desperate to get that blanket off immediately,  I told him, I'm having a hot flash,  it will pass. As I began pulling my shirt up to get if off my skin and let our fan blow across me for a moment I looked at my husband and he was grinning.

And then he said:

Hey maybe this won't be so bad after all. Sudden stripping...I could get used to this. If you're going to start ripping your clothes off in front of me all the time I'm going to enjoy this menopause thing. This is great!

I had to laugh....
And I said: Well, thank you honey, I'm glad to hear that.

And then he said: See, you should be happy after all these years I still like looking at you naked.

And I said: I am happy and I do appreciate that!

And then he said:  Now you can write about that on your blog.

And I said: You're right, I will!

I'm not sure he took me seriously......

he should know better ; )

any of my kids reading this just got what they deserved  xp

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  1. Ew. Haha. Just speaking on behalf of your kids. Why does menopause have to last so freaking long? I'd almost rather keep having babies 'til I'm 90. Almost.

  2. Funny, sounds like something my husband would say to me. Maybe I should feature him on my blog. Hmmm.

    Sorry you're having hot flashes. I've had them now for a year or so and they can be killer.

  3. Ha. I mean, sorry. I mean, you were nicer about your husband enjoying your hot flash than I would have been. Of course, my husband is like a permanent hot flash. When he puts his arm on me at night I say "agh, take it away, it burns".

  4. Oh that is indeed great fodder for a blog post, he should know better indeed :-)

    As for the hot flashes, yes that are a pain in the @!$@%@ - but it looks as if your husband has found a positive aspect to them!

  5. Haha! Too cute. The good thing about my husband is that he NEVER reads my blog, so I'm free to be totally uncensored!

  6. Hehehe - that totally sounds like a conversation hubby and I would have. I mean really it does. I haven't started with hot flashes yet, but you just gave me a glimpse of what to expect.

  7. rotfl! I'm cracking up over here. That sounds like a coversation that will take place in my bedroom. He'll learn, my husband no is afraid that what he might say will be held against him on my blog. When I think about it.... I think they want us to talk about them lol

  8. Oooo... spontaneous stripping - I'll have to be on the lookout for that! And who wouldn't want to see you naked??

  9. LOL, I remember my aunt calling them her "private summers". She would go into a room and lift up her shirt and breath deeply, it was always funny.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  10. Funny, my husband says the same thing-about my blog and other, well, you know... LOL! I also get things like,"That's one for your blog", and "That better not go in your blog", and "You put that in your blog?" I catch him trying to sneak a peak at it every now and then to check up on me-the power of it all, right?

  11. Good one in there for you r dangburn kids.

    Serves them right.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Grin.

    He is an optimist, isn't he. :-)

  13. All wisecracks and comments are blog fodder. All is fair in love and blogging.

  14. HAHAHAHAHA! Awesome story, awesome husband and it's extra great that he thought of your blog. :)

  15. Good to hear I'm not having the flashes by myself though I wouldn't wish them on anyone! I think it drives some of the husbands crazy wondering what we might say. Everybody here reads my blog because they still don't even let me use the bathroom by myself.

    Redbonegirl97: That just tickled me!

    And Parenting Ad Absurdum: Peryl, Ooooo Me for Starters!!!: )

  16. At least he is happy!! :-)

    I had constant hot flashes with my thyroid. How about 15 degrees outside, and I had the window down and AC on - still sweating!! So glad the hormone pills worked. I finally can get cold lol.

  17. Yes, I get rather annoyed that mine reads me daily...jackass. Thankfully, my kids aren't old enough or can't be bothered!

    Yeah, no worries, we'll all take this newest journey together LOL....For the first time in my life, I completely missed a cycle without getting pregnant to do it!! My bet is "perimenopause" starting....oh joy...

  18. Oh man oh man!! My family gave me absolute GRIEF about my hot flashes. They never were in a set pattern---they'd hit me anywhere at anytime, and I'd start ripping off jackets and pants and leave trails of clothing all over the house, all the while the kids and my husband were laughing hysterically.

    Nothing like a little loving support, huh?

    After I had "The Surgery" though, I haven't had one since, but with it being summer now and hot as blazes outside, it's kinda hard to tell!

    Good luck with yours! ; )

  19. LOL! It never fails when I change or something for my husband to give me that interested look too. It's funny that he said you had something to write about on your blog. They sure do learn fast. Ha,ha! :)


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