Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Honey.....I'm Home!

Whew, catching my breath! Thanks again to Nicole for her lovely post! If you have not read it yet please do go below and check it out! I've been on a whirlwind and got back a few hours early so have list of randomness from this week I thought I would share before I conk out in My Very Own Bed Thank Heaven. I will visit tomorrow after I catch up on some stuff!

1. The day before I left, the property (empty, no homes in danger) across the street caught on fire. The neighborhood was very excited as we have lived here since 1998 and nothing has ever caught fire except our chimney the first year we were here and then all we did was run outside and TheSurfer got up on the roof with a fire extinguisher and shot it down the chimney. When we moved in this was a narrow dirt road and over the years more houses were built. There was much consternation about narrowness of the road and safety in emergencies and the road was eventually paved and part of it widened. We all finally got to test the theory of whether the fire trucks would fit and when they came they didn't even use the sirens. 2 police cars a police motorcycle ( apparently there wasn't much going on) and a fire truck and not one siren. they all stood around and talked while the fire department put it out like a bunch of guys watering the lawn. Very disappointing to say the least.

2.I didn't really have time to go in to Middlests' latest report card but judging from what we have so far, I have to say that despite her intelligence, barring miracles I don't think any college scholarships will be forthcoming. Therefore I am resorting to the $10,000 scholarship sweepstakes on the Cheez It boxes and am consuming as many Cheez Its as I can. With the stress of worrying about her grades this method is sure to work and I think I have a really good chance of winning enough to pay for at least 3 weeks at the college of her choice. Also in the mail i noticed the National Guard is courting her. If I hand her over I think I can get a really cool sweatshirt.

3. All is not lost after all in Littlests' love life. She found she misunderstood something she overheard and may still have a chance. However I am starting to question our families sanity and began wondering if we should change our name to the Di Bergerac's when I realized all of us were standing with her and Biggest and Decent Guy were on the phone with me giving her advice helping her decide what to say next during a text conversation with the boy.

4. Biggest called me today and told me she found a giant snapping turtle in her yard. it was angry. There is no fresh water in very close proximity to her house and she didn't know where he came from but managed to get him in a recycling bin using a shovel and a rake and a water spray bottle. When her husband came home they loaded the bin in the back of the truck and strapped it up to the cab. They were going down the highway to a nearby preserve when Biggest glanced back and saw turtle feet perched on the rail of the truck bed. She turned to look out the window and saw the turtle craning his neck forward face in the wind........exactly like a dog riding in the back of the truck. She was too stunned to get a picture unfortunately, they had to stop quick before he climbed out and fell but if you were going down the road today and saw that,     yes it was real!.....and it was my family.

As I was considering the week I looked to the sky above me as though to ask, wth? And then I saw it.

Ah Yes, of course.....

Moon Music.

Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio
Uploaded by Kanun. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

Umm, Kanun's other music was like something Biggest would listen to on a flashback day.....

Link to Daily Motion

Wall Of Voodoo   Support the Awesomeness. You know you want to.......


  1. You're welcome MOTPG. I know my son is only 9 but they're going at the same rate as far as college is concerned. Think I need to start eating Cheezits too. One thing is finding a snapping turtle in my backyard another thing is seeing that thing hanging out the back of my truck like he's the family pet. rotfl. Glad you're back & hope you're here to stay for a little while.

  2. The fire is scary! But I LOVE the turtle story! How do animals know those little joys?

  3. Welcome home! I would have been absolutely floored to see that turtle looking out of the bed of a truck!!!

    I'm glad that fire across the street was easily put out, but still scary!

  4. I'm so glad for Littlest!! Hope you have a Friday Funny to share tomorrow...maybe the turtle story?? LOL!!


  5. Fire! Turtle! Boys! This post has everything. I can't believe there was a turtle in her backyard. How cool. I didn't realize turtles got angry. What a funny story.

  6. Welcome back this post did have everything wow! I hope you have a nice weekend


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