Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh Yeah! That Post....

let's get back to the very riveting content I promised before My Troll interrupted.

While I was gone on my blog break, I decided to clean out my bedside table. Now first of all...there is nothing more embarrassing in my bedside table than dust bunnies. The dust in my house is diabolical and perpetuates itself and though I battle it weekly, out of tradition, it long ago won the war. It's kind of like a Civil War reenactment, but I do feel it has contributed to the fact that my kids have No respiratory or pet allergies, at all, whatsoever. Exposure you see-like inoculation...totally off topic now, so anyway..

I discovered much of my life story is contained within, where I put things in, but never take them out.

Now bear with me. Some of these photos are kinda blurry but I don't actually care that much, so...

In this drawer you find maps and travel brochures from places that we have traveled from The Florida Keys all the way to Niagara Canada. Even if I haven't been to some of them in 20 years.
Along with some things the children made me...when they were children.

And of course-a COW.

Thanks to my sister-The Mighty Ms. K

This is a book my Mother in Law gave us. We have never read it.

I feel I already know Jesus pretty well. As you can see he's living in the same drawer.

We have some books about aging parents and Alzheimer's- even though my mother died 6 years ago.
I guess we'll just keep them a few more years to use on ourselves.


As well as a copy of The Witching Hour by Anne Rice-which is pretty decent, and probably in here because I was hiding it from the kids because of inappropriate content. Usually I'm very anal about books missing from my shelves. It drives me crazy.  But that one isn't very important in my OCD did you notice how I did that-anal:annals...anyway...Also, a tattered copy of The Good Earth- which is pretty awesome. I'm not missing it because there is a new copy on the shelf, but this is the one my mother gave me for Christmas when I was 16. Also some dog training and a National Geographic from 1999....I don't know...

We have lots of foot lotion because I have crappy feet.
P.S, The allergy tablets are For The Dog : )

Then there are some more sweet things the kids made me...when they were kids.

 And of course, my 4th grade school picture. I have no idea how or why it's in here but it may be tradition, because I'm pretty sure it sat in my dads desk drawer for about 20 years before I inherited it. I hated that dress. My mom loved it. She wasn't happy about the hair but I was showing off my newly pierced ears. Two weeks later they became horribly infected and I had to let them close up after I spent the night with some girlfriends and they allowed me to borrow some lovely pink jeweled posts from the dime store, with only 'a little' rust on them. Because even though the lady told me never to take them out, my friends, pierced since they were babies by their Chilean mother, assured me they never had a problem with them. Footnote: I obviously was as happy about 4th grade as I was about that dress.

I have a button with Middlest being very happy to play softball, even though we didn't yet know she was mostly blind and couldn't see a damn thing.

Then there is this flyer from a house that was for sale in Tennessee, that we actually drove to look at. We had just sprung Biggest from the mental health hospital where they diagnosed her with Pain In The Ass and suggested re-hab. Her reaction to that was something very like the Amy Winehouse song.
 We were thinking maybe moving to the middle of nowhere might be a solution to her problems. But in the end we stayed put. And everything came out alright.

Let me take a moment here to notice that there aren't any parenting books in this table. They do exist. I had them well hidden so they were never in here. BUT I have to say that this book: Parenting Your Out of Control Teenager, by Scott P. Sells, is the best parenting book I ever read. I found it late in the game but it saved my life. I highly recommend it, even if you aren't having big problems. It could prevent big problems from growing.
But on a happier note!!

I also have proof that I am already ready to be a Grandma!

Because I still haven't cleared out from having little children around the first time.

Then, in the top corner, closest to me, are very important things you don't want to get caught without.  An empty glasses case-and an eyeglass wipe packet-thank you. A nickel. A clothes pin. A bobby pin. A dog chewed nail file, a hot pink highlighter... and a rock. know?

When The SeaMonkey saw the children's books he said, "Leave them in there." And I did. Along with everything else. Including the dust bunnies...because...that's the story of my life : )
I promise I don't have newspapers stacked along the walls of my house and you can actually walk across the floors and see the furniture. The drawers? Well. That's obviously another story ; )

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  1. Oh wow how many drawers do you have - that's a whole lot of things.

    Looks exactly like my wardrobe actually - I have the things in plastic boxes with wheels. It must be an affliction that affects mothers perhaps.

    I have dust bunnies too, lots of them, probably related to yours LOL

  2. Four! I have the wheeled storage bins too and crammed closets. I wouldn't be at all surprised if some of your dust bunnies made it here ; )I think it's like their Mecca.

  3. Girl, that wasn't bad at all, however... I will NOT be exposing my drawers to the public!

  4. Now with the items being older I would expect those drawers to look a lot worst than that. How did you manage that?!

    1. I never look in there, except the top one for my foot cream : )

  5. Those drawer contents are pretty universal (at least for me). I have nasty-ass feet and an assortment of cracked heel cream that would shame Walgreens. Nothing works. I admit defeat. I also put 2 extra holes in my ears in fourth grade. I would have done it sooner, but my mother felt that 9 was a magical age where it's OK for the jeweler to torture your ear with a gun and make 2 uneven holes in your flesh. The resulting picture is me in a girl scout uniform with gold ball earrings at an asymmetrical latitude. I think I'll ignore what's in my drawers for a little while longer.

    1. Oh No! Were our mothers related? Whenever I begged she told me I could get it done when I was nine. I continued the tradition and made my girls wait till then. The Littlest took hers out 2 weeks later. They're still not pierced.


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