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Re-Run. Just For Fun!

Not long after I began my blog in 2009, Biggest got married. Shortly after her wedding I created this post. I was a little nervous about it but couldn't resist.  I only had four followers and don't think anyone actually read it to begin with and at the time, no one at home knew about the blog and I figured I could always delete it if necessary. After three and half a years I find I don't really give a heck anyway. So in light of recent events in Biggests life I think it is perfectly appropriate to re-visit this topic-and add an update ; )

Some Kind of Biological Switch Flipped: Originally Published December 2009

The first thing I asked Biggest, when she told me in October that she wanted to get married around the weeks between November & December, was, are you pregnant? The answer was no, and her Guy said "no, she is marrying me for my health insurance". Really they have been together almost 4 years & were just ready to go at a time when it would suit where they wanted to go for a honeymoon after the holidays, without being during them.  They thankfully aren't in any hurry to have kids. Of course, neither were we, but there you go. Anyway.....

I have informed my children that they do not have to present me with anything for a very long time. I have been taking care of others my entire adult life. I only have 4 years to go until I am not responsible for anyone and I can't wait to not have to consult anyone's life but my husbands. And he feels the same. We have let them know that if anything happens within the next 10 ten years, baby sitting services will be limited to special occasions & illness. I refuse to raise anything else more complicated than a sea monkey. Or maybe a kitten. Those feelings may change but for now I'm standing my ground. I have, however,  thought it through to the point of setting aside some of the girls more special toys & books for my future grandkids.

On the flip side, the other Mother in Law was already thinking of grandbabies before the wedding and began on the subject during the reception. I don't grudge her that at all. The Groom is an only child. I can certainly understand her feelings. I had not met the other inlaws before Friday. They live out of town. Before I go further I want to make something very clear. They are Very Nice. I Truly Liked them Very Much. They just have slightly different hobbies than we do. That said.....

 This is just my personal feeling, I don't want to ruffle in open air loving feathers. It's any adults personal choice. But I am scared as hell of motorcycles. I have seen one in an accident. My husband borrowed one from a friend as a young man and was injured. My sister is a retired police officer and over the years filled me in on some more details. We both made sure to instill this terror in our children. I will digress to tell the story of the time Biggest had a boyfriend with a bike and avoided getting on it by telling him we would not allow it. I informed him she was 18, she could do whatever she wanted. But that's another point. Sometimes she's a wimp when she doesn't want to have a conflict with someone.

I'm getting to the point, really.

At the reception, the other mother in law was in the throes of future grandbaby passion when these words came out of her mouth.
 "Oh, and just think, and especially if it's a girl, I can get her on my bike and teach her to ride."

My brain experienced something like white static. I didn't have to bite my tongue cause I was speechless. I seriously think I felt some kind of internal switch get flipped in my head.

 (Is there such a thing as Grandmaternal instinct?)  Did she just say something about putting one of MY GRANDBABIES on a MOTORCYCLE? !!

Oh I Don't Think So!

Later that night,  Middlest mentioned that the other mother in law was really anxious for some babies.

"I know, I answered,
 But did you hear what she said about the bike." If they think anyone's putting one of MY GRANDBABIES on a MOTORCYCLE it's over my dead body!"

Middlest laughed,"Gosh Mom, what are you gonna have.. a Granny Smackdown?!
Well, possibly....

Biggest called me today worried that, 1st, her new mom in law was going to be frustrated  with the non appearance of a grandchild any time soon, and 2cd, that when there was one they might try to put it on a motorcycle. I told her to remember that this is Her life and that when she has a child it will also be Hers. Nobody, Including Me, has a say in raising it except she and her husband. Period. That when she felt strongly about something she did not have to keep the peace, but should be considerate and respectful while standing her ground.

All this "Big Ta Do" over a non existent and unplanned child.
Oh God, we really are all nuts.
And I need to ponder where that "switch" came from.

But it helps me remember that I have the most Awesome and Wonderful Mother in Law in the World. I think I will call her and tell her I Love Her right now. And Thank You. for always asking, never presuming, and watching my kids too, sometimes just for fun!


Last week Biggest called. She said: I have a migraine.

She told me Decent Guys Mom and Step dad drove up and descended on them for the weekend, ready for an epic baby shopping spree. Biggest is still in her first trimester. Her mother in law proceeded to list everything she wanted to get. Persisted in rubbing Biggest stomach and announced to the hostess at a restaurant that Biggest was "carrying her grandchild." If you've been around here long enough, you know Biggest. You can imagine how well that went over.

A few days later Biggest was visiting me. She was complaining that she tried to tell her mother in law that it is still very early and she isn't ready to start buying things yet. She wants to wait a little while and make sure all is well and take her time and she wants to pick things out herself to make sure it's stuff she likes.. Her mother in law just didn't get it.

I told her to be patient. Her MIL is just excited. After all, I've had a few day dreams about little plaid skirts and maryjanes-possible little league games-snuggling up with somebody to read Peter Rabbit....
I told her: "Don't hurt her feelings, she just wants to help."

Biggest looked at me with fire in her eyes.
She won't stop.
 She 's showing me onesies with Harley Davidson on them saying," Isn't this cute?"
No! No It Is Not Cute!

Uh Oh. What was that click?

Oh I Don't Think So................

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  1. Once that "Grandmother Switch" gets turned on, there's no turning it off. Unfortunately, not all grandmothers will agree on everything, obviously. My own kids (that have blessed me with grandchildren) and I, don't agree on MANY things. It's still their right to raise their kids however they see fit... JUST DON'T EXPECT ME TO GO ALONG WITH IT.

    Perhaps when the baby actually arrives, the "Protective instinct" will kick in and things will change. Motorcycles may become a thing of the past, or, maybe not, you just never know.

    1. Ha Ha!-technically grandma's have immunity when left to their own devices : )

  2. Baaaaaaaakkkkkkk, Sheldon just got married, I need more time before being a Granny. I need time to pre pick my name, I don't want to be a MeeMaw.

    1. My husband persists in calling me granny because I think it's funny. More on that below.

  3. The grandmother switch - yep! Onesies with Harley Davidson - laughing out loud now. My 'baby' will be two next month, my how the time flies and when everything else in my life is giving me the shits his little voice saying 'Nanny' and his chubby little baby arms wrapped around my neck just make the world seem a better place.

    But the other contributors to your little ones life - Hon, it hasn't even begun yet :-)

    Granny smackdown - love that!

    1. Oh Fi! I want to be Nanny too! My husband and I both had a 'Nanny.'
      My MIL is called that but I still wanted to use it too. My mother was Grandma though and that's what Biggest wants for me because that's what she had! Not Fair!

  4. LOL Back down memory lane. She can by the Harley onesis but keep that baby off that bike!!!! LOL

  5. I would totally put my money on you in a Granny Smackdown. And just tell Biggest to close her eyes and channel her inner Batgirl. Other-Nanny doesn't stand a chance.

  6. GAH!! i have been so out of pocket that i have missed so much! had no idea that there was a grandbabygrounded coming. woot! i have got to read more...now.

    as far as names...i am YaYa. and always will be. to my neices and nephs as well as all the 'other' kiddos and eventually to my grandbabies (please dear baby J no time soon!!) my mother, had she been around for my girls, would have been Gram. but i have learned they will kind of just go with what comes out. just let the name come. it will be much cuter that way. there are so many in my family. Gram, GiGi, MiMi, Grammy, Meanie (supposed to be MiMi), Oma, Nanny, MahNah, hey old lady...it just depends on which side of the family and who the grandchildren are.

    and i have a feeling biggest will be just fine. i have both extremes in my family. the avid riders and those that are terrified. i fall somewhere in the middle. both of my children have been on motorized wheeled things. either two three or four. mostly dirt bikes. and i am nervous. but my parents loathed them. and it made me just ride them more as a kid/teen, and even more behind their backs. the other Granny is just excited. as you will be too...hers involves her love of bikes and yours .... um books? lol

    surely have missed being here. and don't hurry off and read mine...i have been MIA.

    1. We put the little buggers on surfboards at the mercy of waves and sharks but never a motorcycle. To each his own I guess: )

      It would be amazing to be a YaYa. Can I steal that?

    2. you may absolutely steal YaYa. and surfboards... with waves and sharks. with as afraid as i am of water (i am a hell of a swimmer though) that would make me nervous. yes definitely to each their own. it will all be fine...

    3. Excellent! Now I have to convince them. I basically grew up in the ocean and I'm freakin terrified of it and really don't like it. I swim and have surfed but I'd rather be on a mountain. I'm terrified of tidal waves. It makes no sense but it's true.


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