Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday 12:13 PM

I came to my computer trying to think of a post but ended up spending half an hour going through photo's. Watching our family over the past few years. We will have a lot of changes this year but I know that some things will never change. Who we are always has it's inner core.

Littlest who spent her early teenage years hiding in a hoodie and keeping to herself except for occasional inappropriate comments or scathing insults on 'people', spent the weekend two weeks ago at a boot camp simulation, field day type event between different regional recruiting offices, with the the other delayed entry 'poolee's for the Marine Corps. She competed in the crunches category because she still had a cast on her arm but is looking forward to next time because she is capable of doing 7 pull ups and is her recruiting offices secret weapon. She has met some other poolees she likes and it gives her some friends to work out with. The following weekend her cast was off and she turned into a princess. Looking drop dead gorgeous, she went to the prom with her boyfriend and other high school friends and being discerning young people, they spent most of the evening in a side room, where a jazz band was playing instead of the fray in the main ballroom and apparently she Actually Danced.  Last night she went to a club with a bunch of people in the 25 to 40 year old range from her Jiu Jitsu class to watch some of their team mates MMA fighting. She wasn't competing but may have wished she was when a young man from a different school, who had seen her fight before, told her, "Pretty girls shouldn't join the Marines." Which drew from her the statement, "People are weird. I think I'll go back to being anti social."

Biggest has been being Biggest and is up and down with worry and fretting.  Her boss is Peruvian and Biggest told me the other day she asked her what she would do after the baby was born. She told Biggest, "You will come back to work? Your Mama will watch the baby for you. That is how everyone does it in Peru."

I said: Heh..ha ha...hahahahahahahhahha.

Biggest said: Yeah. That's what I told her.

I'm five months from being done. I love her and I'm excited but- oh hell no.

However, she has had her first ultra sound and though it's early yet, everything looks fine. She and Decent Guy told me they are pretty certain they are having a dinosaur.

And Middlest? Middlest will always be Middlest. No matter how old she grows. She didn't even flinch when Biggest said that she was picking Littlest to be God Mother, because if something happened and they left the baby to Mid she would set it down and wander off and forget where she put it. She had no argument for that. The other day I noticed she had been off of work for awhile and I hadn't heard from her. And even though she's going on 20 I still worry. So I sent my generic message: Where's You?

She replied: Sword Fighting

She then sent a photo of herself and a friend with PVC in a parking lot. I told her not to run with pipes. She replied with a picture of a hole in her forehead-captioned-Good Advice

I said, I know you well.

I'm actually very proud of her. She's started going to a different church on her own and is painting a mural for their youth room.I think she may be learning to just be Mid without other people doing the steering. And that is a very good thing.

So that's what we've been up to. Just being us. As it stands on a Sunday. at 12:13 PM

I missed the moon a bit but I think this is still appropriate : )

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  1. Hang on a minute... you're going to be a grandmother and I didn't even know it!!! Dang, I missed something while I was tied up at the hospital.


    1. I knew you'd catch up when you had a chance hon, Thank You!

  2. Ha! That would be a dream come true. I wish that was a law for grandparents to keep the grandbabies while the parents worked.

    1. problem is, I only recently got them raised enough to start working regularly myself after 22 years at home!

  3. I'm so glad you said that. I'm at thirteen years and trying desperately to get my act together. Of course, my friends who have gone back to work mostly work for their husbands, and for us that would be a recipe for divorce by way of death and dismemberment...

    1. Ha Ha! Oh we have entirely been there. Once when the younger girls were little, I told a neighbor that when Biggest was heading toward first grade and my husband asked if I was ready to go back to work, I replied," Let's have more kids!" But, even though he occasionally drives me crazy, I'd still rather work for us than someone else.

  4. I will be traveling later today. If you stop by Thankyou!
    And see you next week : )

  5. The great grandmother on the Dad's side will be watching Sydney's little one. She is retired and boy is she excited!!
    Sounds like life is going along just fine. I love how quiet it all seems compared to four years ago (right???).

    Five months is going to FLY by. We have four months to go.

    1. It will fly by fast! My mother in law would probably love to do it but she's already raising my sister in laws kids!


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