Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Peace and Joy...

Tuesday 7:38 PM

Earlier this evening The SeaMonkey was visiting Biggest. He had a meeting set up with Decent Guy who has a fresh shrimp connection and had made a deal for 40 lbs.

Anyway...he had just walked in the door when Biggest called....She said....
Da Droov ahh wi maaa caaa  on hes ruuuf anwahh Sobb sobb  ...Decen guuyyy follwwahhh hiimmm buh Da whaa wasn payiinnn attteennnttiiooonn annn sheee juuummmppppeeed an III cannnn finnnn herrrr  iiii  waaas weeeowww whaaaa...

Which translated was:
Dad drove off with my cat on his roof and Decent Guy followed him but dad wasn't paying attention and she jumped off and I can't find her. It was Willow!

Decent Guy was following flashing his lights and honking and there was a cat on the roof and The SeaMonkey noticed None of This. Now he's devastated and feels horrible.

But not as horrible as me because in the middle of all this I walked in the family room and found a half eaten decomposing squirrel laying in the middle of the carpet.

A little treat the dog found in the yard and snuck past the door without us noticing.  

I'm so glad we don't allow the hustle and bustle of the holidays to distract us from the little everyday things that make life worthwhile.

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  1. Looking back at these events, can you even believe they really happened? Crazy!

  2. Reminders of life - gotta love 'em. Did the cat get found?

  3. Oh, shoot! Not fun. Hope the cat is found and okay. The squirrel... I have no words.

  4. Oh no!!! That poor cat, and your poor daughter! (Also, poor seamonkey, I bet he feels awful) I hope you find the kitty xxx

  5. Liz: Well. It's pretty much same'ol same'ol around here : )

    Fi: Of my life for sure! No kitty yet but he didn't have time to work up much speed and she jumped just one street over. Hopefully she will scoot her way home by this morning.

    Ms. A : It wasn't as bad as the time the cat upchucked one in the middle of my bed.

    Charlotte: SeaMonkey feels like the lowest father on earth even though she told him the cat did the same thing to them recently but they noticed her sooner. I hope they do too. It's one of her 4 cats that are indoor pets, not one of the strays she also cares for.

  6. Oh my!! What a trip (ha!). I do hope she comes home and dad stops feeling guilty. How could he have known the cat wanted a joy ride? Lol. As for the squirrel. Omg so gross. Why are dogs so cute and disgusting at the same time? That's one present you won't forget. :-)

  7. Wow! What a day! I hope the cat returns home safe... Hugs to the biggest and Seamonkey :)

  8. Has your family ever been offered a deal to star in a reality show? I mean, seriously...

  9. Angelia: 'cute and disgusting at the same time.' That is exactly right!

    Michelle: I hope so too! I'll pass those on : )

    Allison: I know, right? And I haven't even written about my sister- The Hoarder; my other sister who was featured on 2 crime shows for helping solve a grisly murder and the time we helped my husbands family escape from a cult. Seriously!


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