Sunday, December 18, 2011

Peace It Together

It can be hard to find.

How do we achieve it? What is it to you?

Quiet? Tranquility? Stability?A Goal for the world? 

Peace of Mind? Peace at Heart?


On a regular Wednesday afternoon.

I suddenly have nothing important to do. My knees hurt and I'm a little tired. No one is around. How peaceful. A perfect occasion for a nap. I stretch out full length, a luxury at my house, a couch to yourself. I tuck my plush throw snugly around  my legs and set the pillows up 'just right.' I turn the TV on and flip through the channels. I can't rest in total quiet. I need some background noise to still my thoughts and keep them from running riot and disturbing my peace. I find "How To Make An American Quilt." Hmm, that was a good book. I don't go out of my way to watch movies from books I've enjoyed because of possible frustration but if I happen on one I might give it a try. Besides, I like Winona Rider and trust her judgement and interpretations of some others I enjoyed without disappointment. So I settle in and close my eyes occasionally popping them open when something piques my curiosity. This is nice.
  Then I hear footsteps approaching and inwardly groan. Crud. I peek from the corner of my eye as Middlest settles in to the easy chair and pulls up the coffee table to set down a bowl of soup. She's not supposed to be eating in here but she is going out of her way to be quiet so I let it be. Relax. She isn't going to bother me. So I rest,  listening to the dialogue of the movie and the gentle tink of Mids spoon rhythmically hitting the bowl. But after a time she breaks the silence. "What are you watching?"

"How To Make An American Quilt." It's a good story. The book's downstairs on my shelf. Fourth row."

I hear her get up and pad her dishes to the kitchen and then she is back.

"Scoot over. I should be finishing some things before work but this is good."

"Sigh". I bend my knees.  Oh well. I've lost a third of the couch but at least she doesn't want to change the channel. I hear more steps entering the room and Littlest plops on a stool beside the table with a bag of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. I slit my eyes open, watching as she throws the cookie in the milk then eats it with a spoon. Disgusting and also forbidden in here but I'm sleeping so I don't see it.  I drift on sound waves from the movie, in and out. "What is this?" Littlest asks.

"How to Make An American Quilt. It's a good book too. I have it downstairs in my bookcase if you want it."

"Scoot over."

"No", whines Middlest. "There isn't enough room. I'm comfortable."

"Sigh". I bend at the waist and pull myself up to a sitting position.

"Move over Mid. There is plenty of room."

So we sit. The semi silence of the room broken now by questions brought on by the parts they missed. "Who is that? Why is she doing that?" It's a good story. About stories. About women. I sit with my two young women and fill in where I can. Wonder out loud myself on the parts I can't remember. The room is no longer still and quiet but it is peaceful. When the movie is over Littlest asks, "Where did you say the book was?" Middlest follows with, "I want to read it too."

It's in my bookcase. It's been there for years. Waiting. Waiting to share. Unsuspecting I set it there waiting for this moment of Peace of Mind. They are smart and remarkable young women. Peace in my girls because,  though they aren't always peaceful, they are so truly mine and nothing in this world can change that. As I sit in my kitten pile of daughters I know these moments are fleeting and precious. My family and my love for them are My Heart.

I Wish You Peace.

Do you think it can't be found? That it is so big and huge an undertaking that it never lasts,
 at least not for long. We may not always see it. There is work and school and mess in the house and strife in the world. Where do we find it?

Peace at Heart.

Let It Be and it Will Be.

© 2011 All Rights Reserved


  1. Love those peaceful moments.
    And hey, I've been know to snuggle my mother as I invade her space and steal a corner of the quilt. She's eighty.

  2. I'm quite certain there is peace, somewhere in my life. However, until I can find some in my brain, it will remain elusive.

    (Please tell me that made a lick of sense)

  3. GPD: I love that. I wasn't a very snuggly kid myself and when my kids do it, especially now that they're mostly grown, I almost hold my breath and freeze like I stumbled on a wild creature and don't want to scare it away : )

    Ms.A: It makes perfect sense. That's why I need noise to drown out my brain, so I can sleep. But my heart is mostly at ease as long as I keep myself occupied.

  4. I'm a horrible person, I like my personal space. Too much snuggling makes be claustrophobic.

  5. I can still get my boys to give me a hug and they do it without much wriggling and at least with a smile on their faces, they don't 'snuggle' though - sigh. Teenage boys and all.

    You've intrigued me, so now I have to go and find the book to read

  6. You eloquently describe such beautiful moments of peace with your daughters. It is a wonder when they are big and become (kinda) little again.

    We had a Christmas cookie baking day at my house Saturday with my step-daughter's mom and my in-laws and friends. Considering we are a family of divorce and can bake with the ex at our house..... I'd say that is pretty peaceful. :-)

  7. Mrs. Tuna: I can get that way too! I just try to remember that within a hour I'll probably want to sell them to Gypsies for something they did ; )

    Fi: I wasn't a cuddly teenager at all. Prickly is more like it. So it always surprises me when they are like that. The book is a good one and the movie was actually very good too!

    Angelia: You guys are awesome! And you are getting a second act with the little steps : ) My next round will be Grands!

  8. I Wish You Peace.

    Do you think it can't be found? That it is so big and huge an undertaking that it never lasts,
    at least not for long. We may not always see it. There is work and school and mess in the house and strife in the world. Where do we find it?
    I think we find peace in : when we got this feeling that we are true with every one and we never broke any one heart. then you will always have peace of heart.

  9. Aw so cute and so true! Peace around the home only last for moments but even in the noise and hustle and bustle...if we're all healthy I have peace.

  10. Orlando taxi: Even though you appear to be an ad, what you said was so lovely I am leaving it there : ) Merry Christmas and Many Fares in the New Year!

    Nicole: There you go : )That's how it's done!

  11. Sorry, I love having babies (even big ones) to cuddle with. Seems the time goes so fast and they are gone, making their own mark on the world. I loved every word of this post!

  12. Linda: I love the cuddle time too. It's becoming more rare. And thank you!


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