Sunday, October 30, 2011

Where'd I Go?

Well. Shopping mostly. Which was great fun and I'm sure it has nothing to do with the um....'assets'? I have aquired from my blogging experience over the past two years. I also cleaned out some closets ( more on that later), including massive amounts of stuffed animals my daughters have hoarded. I let them choose what they wanted most. Middlest has her whales of course, Littlest rescued Pooh and his friends, and Biggest has a special Disney Friend that she doesn't want at her house but refuses to let me throw away. It's now hanging out in my office. Painted the inside of my house, replaced my kitchen cabinet knobs and all the door knobs ( Or my husband would say he did all that), whatever, supervision is very taxing. We are still working on refinishing the floors. We had a visit from some detectives (more on that later too). Why I was chosen to have this kind of mess follow me throughout my life I have no clue. There better be presents somewhere along the line. I attempted to get back in the habit of finding some new books to read and actually reading them with some success. This can be a difficult occupation in my house because my husband is not a big reader and doesn't get that interrupting me every five minutes is not conducive to following a story. All I can say is, Thank God For Football Season! Anyway.

I learned that blogging is indeed addictive and it took a couple days to wean myself off lurking and Stay Away! But I did so and also learned that taking a break does not necessarily clear my head for focus but might actually clear my head completely and make it hard to restart.  I found that for the miniscule amount that I get accomplished in blog world I take a vast amount of time to do it and actually found myself wandering through finished work of all kinds with ample time left over. Which might also explain the shopping. Might give my husband a whole new perspective on the time I spend blogging ; ) I also learned that, rather than a blog break, what I actually needed was a real vacation. So I am taking one. In two weeks, YAY!!!! Can you feel the joy? I'm upward bound as soon as possible. Shining up my hiking stick. Giddy. Giddy. Giddy. Yep.

And last of all, Am I ready for Halloween?

Well of course I am. My new office assistant and I are ready to go.

I am well prepared. See?

What Butterfingers? I have no recollection of buying a bag of Butterfingers too......

Our credit card statements and I can't wait for me to get over and visit your blogs!
See You Soon : )

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  1. Wow - you have been productive! I need to take a blog break too, I think. I 've been noticing that my friend, the internet, has been sucking up more and more of my time and my life. And I really need to take it back. I think you've just inspired me to make a break. Maybe I'll try to start by setting an alarm and limiting myself to one hour per day. Yikes...this is going to be hard!!

  2. I have GOT to go through closets, too (my kids could definitely get rid 1 or 100 things)!! Hmm...maybe I should do that today.

  3. My kids traded bedrooms and we repainted and refloored their rooms - and by 'we' I mean 'my Dad', but yeah, supervision is exhausting. I'm doing NaBloPoMo again, though, so no blogging break - I might have to bar myself from the rest of the internet, though. And my Halloween assortment of mini chocolate bars is mysteriously missing all the Twixes - should I return it?

  4. I don't get rid of anything. My two oldest boys have been here all weekend, installing a complete new AC/heating system, which involves being in the attic. I can't tell you how much time one of them spent, combing through treasures, spied in there. Not treasured enough to take them home with him and clutter up his place, mind you. I had to remind him he wasn't being paid to reminisce!

  5. You know what?

    It seemed much longer than that.

    Good to have you back.

  6. Sounds like you've been busy! I have a teddy bear on top of my wardrobe, he never gets enough TLC anymore but i refuse to let him go... but at least you got a lovely new office assistant!

    Happy Halloween :) x

  7. MDSA:It is hard. There is always one more post you don't want to miss or something pops in your head that you want to share. At the same time, I was only gone for 2 weeks but it felt like months!

    MMN: I hadn't cleaned one of those closets out in ten years! Don't let that happen.

    Allison: As much as I love posting I am daunted by NaBloPoMo. God, what kind of foolishness would my poor readers be subjected too ; )Absolutely! Get a refill on those Twix.

    Ms. A: My youngest starting pulling stuff out of the bags when she came home from school. It was hard enough the first time!

    Alexandra: It felt longer than that! I considered a whole month and couldn't do it.

  8. Charlotte: BOO! Actually you snuck up on me while I replying to the others! I have a yarn cat in my trunk. My dad gave him to me when I was 17 and had a broken heart. I will never part with it.

  9. SO happy for you going away.. where it's cooler. IT's definitely cooler here. and soon will be too cold. And i have been digging in the candy today too, but i'm proud because it's been in the house a week and I forced myself not to open it. glad you're back. snickers are needed. and butterfingers.

  10. Yum butterfingers!!! I bet your house looks amazing! That's a lot of work. And YAY for vacation. I am taking a few mental breaks from work next week. Can't wait!!

  11. The interruptions while reading really do make a big difference! I suggest you interrupt him incessantly while watching his favorite tv program. Perhaps that will teach him a thing or two.

    Have fun tonight!

  12. Oh my my daughter would love pumba? is that his name? I was in my closet today. Oh how I wish our closet was bigger. they are so small. I'm so glad you were able to get some time away and a vacation is coming soon.

  13. Elissa: I can't wait! Sadly, I bought 3 rounds of candy this year but at least I can say I'm not the only culprit. It was a group effort ; )

    Angelia: It looks so good we actually put in some light bulbs so we could see it ; )

    blueviolet: He already interrupts me during his favorite program to ask if I saw/heard that. Oh well. I'm used to it by now. He tests me by saying obnoxious stuff to see if I'm paying attention : )

    Nicole: That's the name! Mine are inconvenient. This is a really weird house!

  14. Hmm, wonder if I could lure that office assistant to my house. :)

  15. GPD: He says his terms are 3 square bugs a day and a condo in Miami.


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