Thursday, October 13, 2011

It'S OCTubular

Yeah. I know. I have no idea.Whatever.

I was trying to think of a title and my husband came in and told me he was going surfing. However it is Most Awesome October! The moon kind of snuck up on me this month. But it's Bitchin!


Biggest called.

At least three times to say she was gonna kill Middlest but so far she hasn't kicked her out.

Middlest celebrated by bringing home a flea ridden kitten she found at the bus stop. This is almost a pre-requisite to living at Biggests' house but I don't think she was expecting it.  I'm not going to remind her that once the kitty litter makes it through the front door you are committed. Not to the cat. To the sister. Although she should know this because every time she wants to kill DecentGuy and move home, I ask what she is going to do with all those animals. He owes me big time for keeping his marriage intact. Oh wait. He's putting up with TWO of my daughters. hee hee.

Yeah. I know. How did he fall for this idea? Whatever was he thinking?

Maybe he should take up surfing with the SeaMonkey. Excellent place to hide. Anyway....

Littlest has been kicking butts left and right and getting stripes on her belt at Jiu Jitsu (Pardon me) BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU because apparently the world will end if you don't differentiate between the different types. She is not kicking butt in school which may mean she will be kicking her own butt which will be firmly planted on the GROUND. At Home. For quite some time if she doesn't get past worrying about breaking up with the poor boy she's been going out with and focus on school. The weekend of her birthday she came up and asked if she could go to the movies with ----. I said, 'yes' and she said she wasn't sure and I said,  "You are 16 years old. GO On A Date and Have Some Fun." So she did but now he doesn't know enough about BRAZILIAN Jiu Jitsu and she doesn't know enough about playing guitar and apparently this is grounds for dating annulment.

She keeps following me around asking, "How do you break up with a boy?"

I told her I have no idea. I honestly can't remember. She would not let up and I told her to ask her dad. After all,  he's a boy. He asked what was going on and I said, "Would you please tell her how to break up with someone?" To which he helpfully called out,

"I used to just tell them I was dating another girl but I don't know if you want to try that one!"

Yeah. I know : ) What a great idea. Whatever would I do without him? He So deserves to go surfing.


Octubular Moon Music

UPDATE! Littlest informed me at dinner that she was giving the boy another chance because he started working out. He said he was tired of his girlfriend being stronger than him. Apparently this is cute. ; )

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  1. I'm hoping that raising a boy during the teen years is much easier than raising a girl.

  2. Oh, this made me laugh! So funny! She could try the Marcia Brady excuse of having to wash her hair....

  3. Bwahahaha!!!!How many cats does your daughter have now? I'm mad because I didn't have my coffee in hand while reading this post. What is the weather like there? I think our warm days at slowly coming to an end. One day I have the air on and the next I'm turning on the heat.

  4. well, I do admire the jiu jitsu part - I know a few people who do it and it seems awesome. Re breaking up, I used to do it over the phone. Which people thought was heinous. But really, if we're breaking up, why do you want to see me face to face? What's the point? I know, I am a cold, cold soul. But I'm not really. I'm jelly. I probably did it for my own protection - in person I may have backed down.

  5. Since she's trained in BRAZILIAN Jiu Jitsu, she can break up with him ANY WAY SHE WANTS TO! If he doesn't like it, she can always kick his butt.

  6. Nancy: I don't know. If he dates anyone like my daughters he will either be annilated or want to marry them : )

    MDSA:Hee Hee : ) Problem is, she usually sounds more like Jan. Instead of "It's always Marsha-Marsha-Marsha" I'm likely to hear, "It's always Mid-Mid-Mid" : )

    Nicole:I am not joking. She has 5 cats in the house and about 15 outside. She helps with getting ferals their shots and neutered/spayed and then releases them but feeds them. A crazy cat lady at 24 years old. She also has 4 dogs. And a crawfish in a tank. Oh and -Still too damn hot!

    Peryl: You sound exactly like her : ) She considered doing it by text but since he was originally a friend she didn't want to be mean.

    Ms. A: HA HA! You Are Right! She is the only one where my husband has said, "I can relax. I don't have to worry about this one!"

  7. The moon is especially awesome this October!

  8. I think the writing's on the wall for that relationship, but so cute she's giving him another go.

    Poor Biggest for dealing with Middlest. She's getting good practice for dealing with her own future kids!

  9. My boys discuss everything under the sun with me (even the stuff I probably don't want to know) but nothing about their girlfriends, not one word. Probably best that way.

    Your son in law sounds like a saint (kittens and your daughters - what was he thinking?) and he probably should take up surfing with Seamonkey.

  10. mombshell: Hunters Moon. Smallest of the year but no less awesome for that!

    blueviolet: On at least two of those phone calls she announced she was never having kids! ; )

    Fi: You don't know how funny that comment about my son in law actually is. Let's just say he Really Does Owe Me for what went on when they were in highschool! He was horrible and so was my daughter.


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