Sunday, June 26, 2011

Everything comes back around. Or Round.

Or, I have been shopping.

The silhouette that suited me when I was seventeen.
Long and fuller on the top, then narrows straight and lean.
It's back! Oh Joy! We once we made quite a team.
Until I look, Oh Lord, what's that? A cone of frozen cream?
Or maybe it's a light bulb, walking round alive.
What lit the room a seventeen, is not as bright at Forty Five.

Work calls me away for a few days. As always I will not have access to my blog or email while I am gone. Catch you when I get back!

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  1. Haha! I hope to be 20 for the second time when I turn 40. Hope you have a productive trip. See ya when you get back.

  2. Ain't that the truth! See you when you get back!

  3. nice blog... have a view of my blog when free.. (A Growing Teenager Diary) .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  4. Honestly, I liked how I looked better at 45 than at 17. Have a great trip, Honey!

  5. Have a safe trip! If I could get that old body back, I'd treat it so much more gently on its way to where I am now.

  6. I was just saying this the other day at work.

    How come I didn't know how goshdang beautiful I was at 17???


  7. Stupid work, where's my winning lottery ticket.

  8. So expressive and succinct...I'm sure you look fantastic.

  9. Nicole:I admit I'm pretty much the same weight I was at twenty. The problem is distribution. My boobs seem to have switched places with my belly button.

    Ms. A: Yes, it is!

    Mr. Lonely: Thanks for stopping by : )Maybe I can get some insight on boys. Clueless there!

    Linda: I think I still look pretty good too. The real trauma is in what I did at 17 showing up on my face at 45!

    blueviolet: Exactly! I had no mercy and now I am getting none!

    Alexandra: I can tell by those cheekbones you were gorgeous at 17. Me at 17? I had no doubt. Vanity, your name was Ms. G as a teenager.

    Mrs. Tuna: Hold on! I'll check in my couch cushions. Anything is possible there.

    Peryl: Ok, you got me. I'm hot. Truly. Melting the mirror right off the wall ; )


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