Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cat Got My Tongue...Or Brain..or Something...


Haven't had much time to write or read and can't focus when I try.

One of those weeks when my brain wanders and I have to wander on a business trip next week.

So let's just call this a

Wordless Week.

Without pictures.

Dim down.


Ah. That's nice.

Now I have to feed the dogs and cook dinner and starting getting quarterlies together and begin to prepare for traveling and iron some linen and teach Mid to drive and take Lit to Jujitsu....




  1. It's been a weird week. Angus fell asleep at my Mom's after school yesterday, Eve fell asleep on her bedroom floor after supper, and I feel old and creaky. I'm going to go to bed and read a million books.

  2. I'll just send blessings... I sympathize and know how it goes.

  3. and I quote 'Oh, I give a resounding Me Too!' - thanks for dropping by my blog

    I know exactly what you're saying about busy, scattered, weary and I sympathise - some weeks are just like that

  4. Allison: Mine slept for a full week straight as soon as school was out. Scoot Over...I'm coming too ; )

    Ms.A: Thanks : )

    Fi: Ha! Ha! Exactly! Glad you came by : )

  5. i'm glad i listened to that this morning with coffee and not last night when i was working on my some-hundreth name tag for VBS at 11:30. she would have knocked me out cold.

  6. I've had weeks like this. Sometimes I just go with the flow and consider it a rest week. Although you're wordlessou're in full action :)

  7. Poetic and to the point! Love it!

  8. Elissa: If I listen to it right this minute I will literally fall off my chair. I'm so darn tired.

    Nicole: Zombie Mom. That should be my new name.

    Linda: It was about as much as I am coherent enough to manage right now : )

  9. Oh don't we all have weeks like that - weekly! Nicely done post under stress!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Cheryl: They are all under stress!

    mom in rome: You didn't have to remove that sweetie, just something lost in translation maybe? That's ok : )Plus, you are a tired new mommy and trying to keep up. I Know you are more tired than I am.

  12. try again:

    I loe the song that you posted!!!

    So sweet and gentle!

  13. mom in rome: Yes, it is. It sounds like a lullabye to me : )

  14. That song is what I need to hum to myself daily.

    I have been feeling so jagged.

  15. Empress: Alexandra, it seems to be going around. The transition from school to summer maybe?

  16. I know exactly how you feel, and I DO think it's the transition from school to summer. Sadly, we'll face the same problems in August as we transition back from summer to school! Hope your week gets easier!

  17. Mommie Dearest: So true! Can you believe June is over? Seriously! It just vanished.


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