Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Do You Mean Your Neighbors Look At You Funny?

2 Things.

1. I have some knee problems and can't kneel on my knees.
2. My husband likes to decide to do something after he already left the house.

Which is how today I found myself:

In the Front Yard driveway standing in front of the lawnmower, wearing a short mumu type sundress, with one hand yanking it down in back, while I bent at the waist, attempting to read the small numbers under the spark plug, with a dental mirror, backwards.

Now the real question is why did my husband just walk past the window with a surfboard instead of a lawnmower?

I have to travel tomorrow and be gone a few days. If I miss you I will catch you when I get back.
 In the meantime,

 Have you entertained your neighbors recently?

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  1. Well, my husband has. He is in charge of the lawn. It's now striped. One stripe dead, one stripe green. He fertilized unevenly.

    Oh, and I'm not one for closing blinds, so I'm pretty sure my neighbours get entertained daily.

    Happy traveling!

  2. I just moved into my house and there are no curtains in the bathroom. A teenager crosses our lawn every morning to get the school bus and yesterday he got a view of me in the altogether. Maybe or maybe not it made his day!!

  3. If there's a surfboard involved, it may have been my husband.

    I would love to entertain our neighbors on one side---entertain them with thoughts of moving. They're horrible!

  4. LOL! The song, "Bad Moon Rising" has suddenly popped in my head!

  5. My neighbors pretty much hate me. However, considering that one is posing as a rabbi as a tax shelter for his puppy brokering business and the others are straight out of the movie "The Burbs" (ie. the Klopeks)I am not at all interested in their opinion.

  6. ironicmom: Sounds very tasteful. We are going for abstract because I don't think mine fertilized at all. I hope your neighbors are polite enough to send thankyou notes ; )

    EmmaK: Oh you made his day! Don't worry about that!

    EmptyNester: Oh, you are a surfing widow too? My condolences. On the neighbors too. My next doors are lovely people luckily (for me) and I'm clear on the other side but just beyond that, some real trophies. Then again I think, well I know, they think the same about us! I just smile and wave when I pass in my car like I'm the queen.

    Ms. A : Hey now, I was wearing some perfectly appropriate turquoise underwear ; )My husband is actually the moonshiner around here!

    DG: Bleh. I have "The Flanders". The only exception being they aren't nice. Oh, and our 'Maude' isn't dead. She drives like she's in Nascar thru our neighborhood. Did I mention someone forked their yard last year ; )

  7. ROTFL at thE comments! MOTPG you be a good girl ok! LOL what's a forked yard? My hubby has got it made this year. My son started mowing the lawn. I don't think my neighbors look at me funny. I try to make sure my plumbers crack isn't showing. LOL

  8. I need clarification on the term 'lawn-forking' as well. I love my neighbours to the left (we party together regularly), and my neighbours to the right aren't around much but are perfectly nice. Our across-the-streets are a little sanctimonious but still nice. And from the stories I've heard, I do count my blessings regularly. And right now I'm also thankful that my husband doesn't surf.

  9. We only talk to one of our neighbors-the others just wave politely. We didn't grow up here (and neither did the neighbors we talk to), and the locals can sniff out one of their own... LOL!

  10. Haha that was hilarious! I abhor my neighbors. They play loud instruments almost hourly with their front door open. Also, I saw my neighbor in his boxers this morning. Urghhh.

  11. HelpMama: Nicole, I'm always good ; )Forking is covering the yard in plastic forks with the tines up. I SWEAR we didn't do it but I enjoyed it as much as if we had!

    Bibliomama: Allison, See HelpMama above for forking instructions. By the time I was 18 I swore I would never date a surfer. My husband tricked me. He had short dark hair and it was December when I met him so he wasn't very tan. He caught me before I learned the truth!

    Mrs. Tuna: Well. Only on the 2cd Saturday of the month just before the full moon ; )

    Susan: Yep, the Queen wave! Your comment cracked me up because, do you know what I am? I Am A Local where I live. And you are right! I suffer from a horrible case of Localism. I was even thinking of a blog post about it.

    Alison@MWT: Wait. Do you live next door to my daughter and her husband? ; )

  12. well---this is how I did...

    And it wasn't a pleasure at all! :)

  13. hmmmmm... well two weeks ago we put grass seed down and then it proceeded to rain every day for a week. Then last week was dry, but the sump pump was still putting out water in the back yard, while my husband stood in our front yard watering the grass seed sometimes in the dark at 8:30 at night. it's raining daily again now so the show is over until we have to reseed next month ;-)

    I also scream "SLOW DOWN" at people who drive by too fast if they have their windows down and i frequently take the garbage out in my pajamas.

    Hey. why isn't MY husband taking out the garbage? Oh, that's right, he plays volleyball on Monday nights. You didn't know i was married to a beach bum too, did ya? My bum just plays in indoor sand as upstate is not known for it's year round beaches :-)

  14. I sing loud (and not well) to my two dogs. I make up words and belt them out like I'm Barbra Streisand. My husband gets embarrassed, but I don't care. My dogs love it when I sing. Sometimes they howl right along with me.

  15. mominrome: I will most certainly be checking that out: )

    Elissa! *snicker* I yell at them too! My whole family does. My husband exercises near home too. Sometimes when teenagers drive to our dead end to park and husband takes the dog for a walk..just because it's such a nice night....and Littlest used to jump out at people from behind the bushes brandishing a stick but she grew out of that..maybe...

    Linda:I Love That! Never stop. My middle daughter couldn't hit a note with a guided missile but she serenades the neighborhood anyway and the dogs applaud every time!

  16. Our mailbox is on the porch, juuuust out of reach of the front door, so when I check the mail, I have to fully step outside. Now, we live on a busy street, and when I was still nursing, there was lots of cleavage around my house. I wonder how many passing motorists got a good look when I had to bend down to pick up UPS packages?

  17. Julie: Some of them may have been driving around the block on purpose! ; )


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