Sunday, May 1, 2011

TO:"i didn't call my mom and came home at 4:30 am i grounded"

My guess is you aren't in a position to read this now but all the same...

To the person who found my blog very early this morning by Google searching:

"i didn't call my mom and came home at 4:30 am i grounded"

I don't know you but at the same time I do. You should have looked beyond the first page of this blog. I could see way beyond that question. I could feel the answer in my heart when I saw that search term. ( Didn't know I was watching did you? I'm a mom. That's what I do. )

I'm assuming Cha Cha didn't touch that with a ten foot pole but I'm mentally 2 inches from your nose.

I'm going to guess that:

You are Not Grounded.

You are Planted. You are Anchored. You are Cemented.

You have no friends, no phone, no TV, no computer, no Ipod,

All you have is an Iamgrounded. For a very long time.

Your family knows, your grandma knows, your local police department may know and your friends parents know and guess what? Your friends aren't allowed to hang out with you anymore. Or you aren't allowed to hang out with them. Either way. If you are ever free again and you try to sneak to hang out you will be busted because you will be watched.  Your hard won privacy and independence are gone. If after a time you are physically free you will still be watched carefully. You will be checking in and reporting your every movement and it will be verified. You are considered as aware of repercussions as a toddler playing near a road.

You are demoted to virtually riding in the seat of the grocery basket and being led along on one of those rubber leashes because you have proven:

You are not mature enough for the privileges you have been given.

You cannot be trusted.

I imagine you will have heard a story of fear that you will never be able to truly comprehend until you have children of your own. Fear of what can happen when you endanger yourself by putting yourself into a situation where no one knows where you are. If a friend or their parents let you stay without your parents knowing, your parents will be somewhat relieved but for that friend-and the parents, it won't be pretty. But, if this isn't the case, count yourself lucky to be alive.  Because somehow I don't think it was because you fell asleep at a friends house watching a movie. (By the way, we have all heard that one before) Be thankful you are going home even if it is to get in trouble and that your parents aren't going home from the morgue.
Even if you weren't doing something really wrong it is bad for your family to have no clue. Car accidents. Crazy people.  How can your family begin to get help if they don't know where to start? Don't ever endanger yourself like that.
If your parents are really angry you deserve it. No one deserves to be put through that kind of fear. It makes a Saw movie look like Dora the Explorer in a parents heart. Whether you were truly in a dangerous situation or not is irrelevant. Anything Can Happen and Nothing is worse than not knowing where your child is.

Apologize to your Mom and Beg her forgiveness. Clean your room. Do your chores without a peep and offer to do extra. Do your homework without being told and do it well. Accept responsibility for your actions. This is the first step. Do not argue. You have no ground to stand on except the earth you are blessed to walk with a family who loves you.

Someday you may be worthy of some trust again. It will start small. Don't complain. Prove yourself bit by bit and be glad of the opportunity. If you mess up you are back to square one.

Most of all,

Don't ever do that to your Mom again. Even if you're screwed up. Contact Home. Your Mom would rather be pissed than heartbroken. Pissed goes away after awhile. The heart and YOU cannot be replaced.

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  1. Amen to ALL of that...great post!!!

  2. Why on earth would someone google that? It's kind of like googling Is there a God? Wait, are you God? If so, good job with the butterflies - less so with Donald Trump. Cheers.

  3. Teresa: Thank you! I'm just relieved it wasn't one of mine.

    Allison: *SNORT* I LUV U.

  4. I remember my mother saying to me that nothing good ever happens after 1 AM, and you know, now that I'm older, I know she was right... Fantastic response!

  5. i am saving this to read it to my kids if/when they do this to me some day.
    you are so right, ms. G. being angry is WAY better than being scared and not knowing...

    susan, your mom is a genius.

  6. Susan: She is so right. Unless I'm still up because I actually found a book that good!

    Elissa: Feel Free. I hope they never do! I had enough of that mess with my oldest and I feel for that mom. At the same time like I said to Teresa, So Glad it isn't Me this time.

  7. Ahhhh, you sound just like me!!! Well done Mom. I hope she gets to read this post!

  8. Great post, love the new template!

  9. Great post indeed. I'm also keeping this one in mind in case one of my clan decides to do something like this.

  10. Sandy: Thank you and thanks for coming by!

    mombshell: So Are You!

    Erica: Thank You!I love that profile: )

    AE: If they do you let me know. I will guilt trip them into a seminary!

    DG: Ain't it though? ; )

  11. Great post. You are wisdom!!

  12. Very good advice...I only wish he/she wasn't grounded so he/she could read it! But he/she deserves to be grounded...for a long time.

  13. Stasha: Thank you and thanks for coming by : ) I AM tired!

    jacqui:Oh Yes, a looong time! Thanks for stopping by : )

  14. Yes, yes, yes! And as a mom of an 11 year old, I hope that this is not what my future looks like, although it would perhaps be karma for what I put my mother through. Thank you. I think I'll go say a little prayer now.

  15. Queen Mahin: A little prayer goes a long way : ) Thanks for coming by!

  16. Haha that is funny. I hope the Googler (if there's such a word) will find that his Mother is just as wise as you are.

  17. You are absolutely right about everything here, absolutely everything. Nothing strikes terror into the hearts of parents more than their children.

  18. My daughter got mad at me one time & she & a friend decided to "run away". We were at church when they decided to do this. Those 2 hours or so when I didn't know where they were almost killed me & yes, she was grounded.

    (Thanks for visiting me!)

  19. Alison" Me Too! Thanks for visiting : )

    blueviolet: Exactly!!!!!

    Laura:I've had one sneak out in the middle of the night ONCE and learned from the grounding and another that disappeared for days at a time and no grounding could stop her. So that fear is all to familiar to me. It's awful.

  20. WOW

    Talk about inspiration.

    This was butt kickin AWESOMENESS.

    Your words AND what triggered your thoughts.

  21. So true. I need to email this to my teens. You have to wonder if that kid will search again and this time find the answer he was looking for. :)

  22. Empress: Thank you. When I read that the MOMMA in me just kicked into high gear!

    Melinda: I kind of wish they would just to freak them out but I'm really hoping the kid heard the same thing at home and Really Heard It : )


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