Thursday, January 13, 2011

This is what you call a chicken out.


Ok, BlueViolet asked for an explanation for the post above so I'm editing again and this part is added.

This is the explanation for my panic attack decision to remove the post ; )

I actually meant to send it back to draft but forgot. I deleted the contents because the beginning still showed up in the reader.

It was a post I wrote with a prompt from a writing blog. When I went back to link it up I re-read the blog owners post and some of the others and seriously felt that it was...well...a little too serious. However. I feel the post was important and I think I may be reworking my extra ( Error 503) blog, that I've just been playing around in, into a place where I put some of the posts that I'm not sure everyone would want to read but are things I need to write. If I have time I will work on that today and I already have 3 posts that I feel would belong there.  I'm thinking about it. : )


  1. You can't just leave it like that! Explain!

  2. See this is what I miss when I'm not home all day! I miss the old days! (also I would read what ever you write, where ever you put it!)

  3. I miss You being home and posting more often too!
    Thank you sweetheart : )


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