Friday, October 15, 2010

365 Days of Foolishness and Some Other Stuff.

Why look at that. It's October 15th. One year since I pushed that button.

When I started blogging I was totally clueless. For real. I had never read blogs before that day. Last year I was troubled about raising my teen girls. I really could not trust my own judgement. I was stumbling blindly trying to figure out what was best. I still am. Last year I had a question about whether to let Middlest date a boy who I felt was too old for her but who was very respectful of her and a huge improvement on her previous choices. I was searching for people discussing this issue. I did not find an answer. I found blogs. The kids are still dating each other. I am still troubled. But during my search I stumbled on a Mom Blog site. I started reading and was curious about these woman. Some who seemed to be just everyday moms. Not  all professional writers or experts. I created an account to read more. It said "list your own blog" So I thought, Ok. first I have to get one. So I did. And it all began pouring out.  I didn't have a goal. My main idea was to share what I experience. Anyone who reads here regularly knows that the point to my blog is that there really isn't a point. I post whatever I'm thinking or feeling for the most part. It has occurred to me that maybe I wasn't looking for answers. I was looking for people who could relate. And I decided to include stories in my blog for others who may be searching for the same thing.  Of course being unable to reign in my personality,  it very quickly also became a place to exhibit the stuff that goes on in my head.
In time I found a couple more communities and more great blogs. I was interested to learn that for many people their blog is a business. I have a business. I didn't want another one. At first I was searching for other parents with teenagers. I found a wealth of wonderful in moms of all ages and types, in all stations and stages of life with children of all ages. I didn't find answers. I did find a part of myself that I had lost as well as a place to voice some of the things that I have no outlet to share in the real world.

Blogging for me has been a wonderful experience both because I have enjoyed expressing myself and also because of YOU.  The bloggers whom I love to read and also those who have been nice enough to take the time to read and follow me. I have found laughter, support and encouragement....and you know sometimes you really shouldn't encourage me ; ) I enjoy the connections I have made and learning about your lives. Whatever the mood I'm in, there is someone who can make me laugh, teach me something new, allow me to share your joys, sorrows and considerable talents. As well as let me know I'm not alone. I know my blog is not for everyone and that just makes me appreciate the people who do drop by even  more : )

The one thing that really frustrates me about blogging is that I wish I was able to spend more time and be more consistent. Nothing drives me crazy like noticing a blogger I enjoy posted something 4 days ago and I missed it. So far my circle is relatively small and there is a reason for that. At this point blogging is an extra curricular activity. When I find a blog I like I really read it. I think about what you have to say and give thought before I comment.  Some days I'm rushed and don't have time to give a thoughtful comment and might wait or people are interrupting me every two seconds and looking over my shoulder which is the other thing that drives me nuts, but I do try.

I have 2 New Blog Year resolutions. One is to try to organize a little better and refine ( or actually create a system) so I can expand my horizons even more.  The second is to try to participate in more fun challenges/theme hop type activities. So far I haven't been able to make it work. I often see things that look fun but they are going on when I don't have the time to put into something specific and I also have an inferiority complex. I sometimes don't participate because I just don't have the confidence to put myself forward and "presume" someone would think it is good. I've had some wonderful bloggers encourage me. I appreciate that more than I can express.

In my "about me" section, I say this:
"In the real world I am not a social or impulsive person. I don't like to talk. I hate phones. I have always preferred to write. It is how I communicate best."

This is entirely true. However. There are many of you that I have come to like so much that if you lived in my real world....I might actually call you on the phone....and have a chat.

Yep, I mean it.

From Nicole at Help Mama Remote, who was the very first person who kindly followed me back and became a lasting Blog Friend to all of the Special  Bloggers I have encountered this year that have made my life a little feeling more like a friend.

* HUGS *

And Thank You.

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  1. Amazing what can happen in a year! I am glad I *found* you :)

  2. I should really follow a few more blogs written by people I strongly dislike or something, because I sometimes feel like it gets old when I'm constantly over here saying "uh-huh...yep... oh, me too!" Except I love having so many people I can say that with. I started blogging because I was feeling kind of isolated and I realized I was never going to write a lot of fiction or, if I did, have the guts to talk to enough people to even try to get it published. Gooling 'how to set up a blog' was so much easier, and I didn't have to be edited or talk to a single person! Happy anniversary.

  3. XO
    (and then one of those heart things with your hands that people like taylor swift do. cuz i'm cool like that.)

  4. Sometimes even after decades I am reminded that OUR "littleist" is now a grown woman with a beautiful mind.

    I cant share your experiences but we can share the same passion for the use of Blogs.

    My passion is ,of course, politics and being a good Father.

    Not as a brother, but as a parent I can not tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It just takes me away to another place. I really can not describe it.

    Happy anniversary MOTPG.

    anonymous brother N

  5. GB: Thanks, me too. My life is like Disney compared to what you take on: )

    allison: You know I feel the same way. And I'm always all "me too" over at your blog : )

    Nocturnal Queen: Thank you. I love Nocturnal Queen. She's an old fashioned kind of gal and I just annoyed her and bullied her until she came over here ; )

    Elissa: XO back atcha & now I'm giving you a high five & doing the bump...because I'm a dork like that : )

    Anonymous Brother N: I forgot to mention that when I started my blog ABN was the only one who knew about it. That way I wasn't really keeping a secret. My family are way to nosy for that to last. I tired of "what are you doing?" pretty quick. However,for awhile he was the only person on earth who knew it existed and now I'm badgering him to start a Dad Blog. He is a full time father and has some very special experience and knowlege he could share. Feel free to badger him here along with me : )
    You are A SuperDad!Luv ya back : )

  6. I didn't realise that we started around the same time! So glad to have you as my super bloggy friend.

  7. Congrats on your 1-year blogoversary!! So glad I "met" through Crazy Town & that you're part of my little blog circle too:)

  8. Peryl: You have been a Super Bloggy friend indeed! You always make me smile : )

    Pamela: I'm so glad too! We Libra's need to stick together to keep the world balanced : )Between the 2 of us North America should never tip over!

  9. This is so not fair! Tou didn't warn me that I needed tissue for this post. {hugs}Back at you! My community is small too. Like you I want to get to know the Bloggers I read. I'm very anti social as well. So, this blogging thing has me coming out of my cyber shell. You write amazing articles. I can actually cuddle up on the couch with coffee, like I'm doing now & enjoy being a part of your life by reading what's going on in your head. LOL Thanks so much for sharing your life with us! I'm excited to see what you do this upcoming blogging year. :-)

  10. Nicole: Ha! I didn't just start following you because you had a teenager. It was because of that really grumpy post about going to Walmart! I read it and thought, Aha, I Know This: )

  11. Congratulations, and I love you, man!


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