Thursday, August 12, 2010

To The One With The Albums

Who even let me wear her really cool suede boots around sometimes...for a few minutes.  I even forgive you for when my hand got stuck in the fridge door while I was sitting in my high chair and you thought I was just whining. Even though it still kind of hurts....just a little ; )

Not celebrate? NONSENSE!! 59 is Awesome. And You Are Awesome!

Look who I got for you. I called and said Paul, she says she is not celebrating her birthday.
And he said "What! Are you kidding! I'll call a few friends and we will take care of that!
And then he said, "I've loved her for so many years and I wish she would settle down and marry me but she just won't give up her life of adventure." And I said, "I know, She has loved you all along but Adventure is her middle name and I'm sure she would never be content just sitting around the house and doing nothing. Never. It wouldn't work out."

Besides, what's 59. The Wizard of Oz is turning 71. And look how Perky it is.
Get off your Butt and on that Yellow Brick Road girl.

I Luvs U

Disclaimer: The conversation with Paul is fictionalized silliness.

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