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Oh My Blog Is Way Behind

But you should see the rest of my life.

I seriously started writing this one month and a day ago. I'm a lliittttllle behind on things.
This is the meme for the Oh My Blog award that mommmymommymommy at Kiss ( Keep it Simple Sister)
Sweetly passed to me in practically another lifetime and that I passed on to some Very Cool People Here

There were several choices to go with this award.
(a) Get really drunk and blog for 15 minutes straight, or for as long as you can focus.
I've been so tired if I had one drink I'd fall asleep in one minute.
(b) Write about your most embarrassing moment.
Umm, No.
(d) Make your next blog a ‘vlog’/video blog. Basically, you’re talking to the camera about whatever.
I cannot I am incognito....and I can't find my video camera. Hardly ever use it. I prefer watching life the first time ; )
(e) Take a picture of yourself first thing in the morning, before you do anything else (hair, make up,
etc) and post it.
Once again incognito...and dandelions don't wear make-up. I thought about taking a picture that shows you the state of my toe nail polish right now but I actually never got the chance and I need to get this ball rollin..

So! I chose (c) Write a “Soundtrack of your childhood” post.
I love this meme because music has surrounded my entire life. The only problem I had was not completely filling the page and stopping at my childhood. So I narrowed it down to a difficult 10 and stopped at age 13. I truly have a soundtrack to my life and my memories and emotions are nearly always associated with songs. I truly could write a post every day about a different song and how it corresponds with my life. As Biggest says, Mom has a song for every occasion and emotion but you never know what it might be.

My home was full of music. My mother knew countless songs and strange and funny ditties that she performed in the kitchen. I remember her holding me in the big white chair and singing Too Ra Loo Ra when I was little.  My father would listen to the radio and whistle along to orchestra music. He was the most amazing whistler. It was simply beautiful and he tried hard to teach me but alas, I can't even whistle for the dog. My brother closest to me in age sang and played guitar and was also involved in musical theatre. We spent much time "competing" with each other over the acoustics in the bathroom. I also was born into a house full of teenagers and rock music.....was ever present.

So the soundtrack of my childhood started  something like this:

  1. I Got You Babe. My sisters and brothers had the song dedicated to me on the radio the day I was born. Maybe my parents had been talking to them about tightening our budget with a new baby, idk; )
  2. Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water album. My sister would play this album or her Peter Paul and Mary album for me to go to sleep to. I liked Puff the Magic Dragon and Blowin in the Wind because I could picture that little dog sailing around on that boat but Bridge was my favorite. It May have embedded melancholy into my psyche but I still know every word to every song and love them all.
  3. Close to you Burt Bacharach. Now remember I had really old parents, yeah they were my age when I was little. Ancient. They dragged me all over the place on Sunday drives and would sing this song to me whenever it came on. Of course I wasn't a totally spoiled princess who thought the song was really about me (isn't that another song?) what are you talking about?
  4. The theme from Laurence Welk. Ok. Once again, old parents. My first ambition in life was to sing on the Laurence Welk show when I grew up. It looked like the ultimate to me. But seriously it is why it occurred to me to try to sing in the first place so I give it credit. Plus those outfits they wore were Divine. Unfortunately the show ended before I got there. See, if they had waited it would still be a hit. I could be the Champagne Lady and wear ball gowns and boa's and recline on a sofa and...oh nevermind
  5. The music of Oklahoma; The first musical I ever attended and from that moment people could say I was in love.
  6. The Music of The King and I.  The first show I participated in and I Whistle a Happy Tune which was my first solo in a recital. I hated that song, I preferred 'I Have Dreamed' and 'We Kiss In A Shadow' which I think are the best songs in the show but my voice teacher didn't think it was appropriate for my age. I was thirteen.
  7. Country Roads by John Denver: I remember my brother who is closest in age to me playing his guitar and singing this and other songs including those he wrote himself. (I miss that by the way and wish you still did it. Happy Birthday on Tuesday. You don't look a day over 54. Or at least you won't until Wednesday xp, love you ; )
  8. More Than a Feeling by Boston. 1st album I ever bought.
  9. Free Bird of course because where I grew up I think there is actually a law on the books that says you can be hung if you turn it off
  10. And Last of all, this is my favorite "kitchen song" from my mom. 

This is sung to the tune of Turkey In The Straw. I have never heard it anywhere else. She learned it from her father, God knows where he picked it up. Has anyone else ever heard this? I'm beginning to think my grandfather made it up himself.

Oh there was an old man
And he had a wooden leg
And if he didn't have tobacky
then tobacky he would beg
Said the first old man
would you give me a chew
Said the second old man
I'll be damned if I do
If you save up all your money
And you pile up your rocks
you will always have tobacky
in your old tobacky box

From the woman who didn't think Brandy, (You're a fine girl) was an appropriate song to be my favorite as a child. That is the kind of influence I was raised with.

P.S. Big B, I have anonymous set so if you sign out you can comment without you're personal info showing.

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  1. Some lovely memories within those song titles. Never heard your kitchen song before but then being English that doesn't mean much :-)

  2. Oh, wow, I totally remember many of those songs (but not your Mom's song) & the Lawrence Welk show - those dresses were a trip! Also, I love Brandy - I've always wanted to belt that song out at karaoke:) I love the idea of sharing your personal music soundtrack - I think it's so interesting to learn what songs made an impact on other people's lives.

  3. That right there was the sweetest soundtrack of my life I've read yet.

    So very sweet.
    And what was wrong with "brandy?" Someone, tell me, please..

  4. Loves me some John Denver. Great post!

  5. Sounds pretty similar to my soundtrack. As a matter of fact, it sounds about circa 1972 and makes me want to watch the Brady Bunch.

  6. oh, how i love you. i love you because you just love music. i love you because you love all kinds of music. i love you because i get that oklahoma reference. i love you because you still love your siblings. i love you because i could sing everything you listed along with you.

    except that kitchen song. can't help you there. ;-)

  7. I love the way you talk about music filling up your life. Music was a big part of my childhood too and I always have a song in my head. Funny too, I also performed in King and I as a kid. I was really little though, more like 6 or something. I remember loving all the music for the whole show, though, and how I wished I could be as beautiful as the female lead in the show. She was amazing. Anyway, thanks for this great meme! It was really fun to read and sent me down a little trip down memory lane myself!

  8. I've been behind too. I suck at the awards. Ithought I was about to see a vlog. lol

  9. I haven't heard the kitchen song, but that is too cute.
    I absolutely LOVE Boston. But all your songs bring back memories. My family was big into music and my mom toured in the Oklahoma musical. She was a lead singer. :-)

  10. I loved your soundtrack!

    I wonder what my kids will put on theirs. They both belt out John Denver`s `Country Road` whenever it comes on on one of the CDs we play in the car... and they know Brown Eyed Girl and Joy to the World (from The Big Chill)... eclectic and so from our time --except for the newer Mika songs that we`ve downloaded! :)

  11. I've been behind on things myself. Maybe things will get better for everyone soon!

  12. Oh, how I love your soundtrack. I'm a huge fan of the music, most specifically music from the 70's. It takes me back to an upstairs flat where I spent the early part of my youth, and I swear anytime I listen to the songs, I can close my eyes and smell that old wooden console record player. Other times I can recall being in our old car, on a trip to God knows where, when I would lay, full-out, on the backseat and sleep.
    Awesome memories, great post.


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