Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Mediocre or possibly worse....Poem

I've been checking Word Up, Yo!  ever since I heard
The Nerd Mafia challenge, Post with the Weekly Word!
The problem for me? I'm a mediocre nerd.

A never mediocre place you can log
on..and find the challenge is at this blog;
a belle a bean & a chicago dog

The other un-mediocre places to test this vanity
Hey, Dons -does anything else ryhme with anity?

Every week I go look and check to see
But because I have a mediocre vocabulary
A Man In Waiting is all that I could be!

But tears of Joy! I had myself a soaker!
No more chamberpots for this joker.
Cause one thing I'm sure of is that "I'm  mediocre"!

© 2010 All Rights Reserved

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  1. If you say so, but I say that this poem deems you the opposite of mediocre! ;)

  2. I don't really get the challenge -- using the same word over and over in a post just seems kind of annoying to me. Creative approach, though.

  3. i'm not kidding when i say i laughed my ass off through this! this is great! sooo funny!

  4. That is really cute. I think you should win this week!

  5. Funny! Let's just say that your poetry beats mine hands down...

  6. Love.This.Post. Honestly, it's fantastic! And thank you so much for the shout out and for linking up!

    PS - your poem is much better than any I've ever tried to write ;)

  7. Haha, that is very funny! I think you got it. :-D

  8. manatee ;-)

    thanks for cracking my can. again.

  9. Test 2 of an anonymous person.

  10. Sometimes we meet a person that we feel that we should be realated to. Sometimes a person is thrust upon us because they are a member of the family.

    Sometimes they surprise you and make you cry because they realize they are your sister and that you had no idea that they were as talented and ,yes, gifted in expressing their thoughts and emotions.

    Doing it with humor and intellect is an art. You have mastered it and I am sooo proud of you.

    Give my love to the the kids.

    Brother closest to you in age.
    PS. I was the littlest until you came along! XXOOXXOO

  11. blueviolet: Thank you Sweetie!

    allison: Are you grumpy today? I missed my chuckle! But thank you : )

    Liz: I'm so glad you lked it, I made it just for you!: )

    Gigi: Thank you so much! That is really nice.

    Susan: I bet you are way better than you are letting on!

    Natalie: Thank you and You're Welcome! It was fun : )

    Angelia: Thanks and I got mediocre if nothing else!

    Elissa: Do you need me to replace that can for you dear? ; )Luvs Ya!

    HelpMama: Thank you, a mediocre mess maybe?!

    Anonymous: Thank you, I'm speechless. I Love You! I have to go find my tissues now....Booger!XXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXOXOXXXOOXXOOXXOOXXOOXX!

    P.S. But you got to be tallest so you win!

  12. This makes me laugh, Associate of Mine.

    And "inanity" rhymes...but I like your line much better. Also, I only know that because someone once called me Taming Inanity.

  13. OMG I hope you win the WOW this week. This was priceless!! You are anything but mediocre!!

  14. KLZ: Thank you! Someone obviously needs to tame my inanity ; )

    Organic Motherhood w/CW: Thank you Sweet One : )

  15. Ack! You know what happens now, right? The marketing geniuses over at WOW will now make you? an associate.

    See, that's how their pyramid scheme works, and then you'll try to recruit me and there you have it...the base is forming and they will take over the world one blog at a time.

    I've seen it before...

  16. Empress; Hee Hee, Would you be interested in attending a special presentation....


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