Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just Me

This is just me. Ms. G.
Which I sometimes refer to myself as in my blog. I'm thinking about changing my blogging/comment name to that. Motpg is just what I started using when I first started blogging and needed to sign on and didn't feel like writing out my whole blog name. I didn't give it any thought. What do you think? Would it be too confusing to change now?
I'm changing my husbands blog name to SeaMonkey. I should have thought of that sooner. I like sea monkeys and I like him and he is...well...a sea monkey in a way.

I don't have any stories or silliness to share today. I'm just hanging out waiting for a load of laundry to dry. I am bored out of my skull so this might be the most boring post ever but it beats folding the clothes. It finally hit under 90 today which is nice but not nice enough. We are supposed to be getting some heavy rain today which I am very pleased about but so far it's just been overcast. We are supposed to be getting some good waves too. My husband is usually very excited about that but he twisted his bad knee and as a result decided to become addicted to Halo instead. Then he decided to by a new TV. Then he decided to hook up the new big screen to his computer and play Halo on it. He's behind me right now and the red team has the flag! I'm looking....he's on the red team, that's good. Littlest is at the Library visiting her Anime club and Middlest is on the couch...watching TV and eating bugles. I don't know where Biggest is but she called me earlier and put the phone up so I could hear a tiny kitten meowling and then tried to give me the kitten. I told her to quit squeezing kittens, they're not lemons... and thats mean. She said she wasn't, he just wanted to come home with me. I can see my Summer Vacation with a tiny kitten.....he weighs about 38 lbs. now.  He eats rocks....and dirt....and roots....and dust bunnies. He cost me a fortune last week because of a stomach ache.

The younger girls had their first week of school and seem pleased enough with their classes. I can't believe I have a high school senior. My oldest didn 't go the conventional route so this is a first. We had her Senior pictures done a couple weeks ago but I haven't seen them yet. My sister is going to be on a TV show tonight  and I'm looking forward to that but I can't tell you what show it is because it would divulge her name and location which kind of sucks but she is on because of something she was part of several years ago and She Rocks. I am really looking forward to going to bed and watching it there.

Do you know what I can see when I look up through the window in front of me? Oak trees. Really huge gorgeous ones. I love them. Whenever I look at them I feel blessed. Whenever my husband looks at them he worries they will fall through the roof one day. I wouldn't mind. I chose them, not the house when we moved in. Impractical, I know.
Game over. uh oh! Oh wait, it starts over.
Well....I hear the dryer dinging.

How are you doing? What are you up to? Have you finished your laundry yet?

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  1. Why oh why did you have to bring up laundry? Today I went to a birthday party and then I'm going to a Luau and now you have me wondering if there is enough clean underwear in the house. Thanks a lot, I though we were friends! LOL

  2. Carol; Ha Ha! Friends don't let friends Hula in dirty underwear!

  3. Having a very unexciting weekend here, about to put on the laundry now I've finished my super hot coffee which has made me even hotter given it is yet again heading for high 90's here today. I am so looking forward to some cooler weather in the weeks ahead so that we can finally get out and about more without melting.

  4. yo, yo ms. g. are you like the OG? changing isn't any more confusing than anything else in my life. go for it. it's like having an alter ego. i like it.

    i'm not sure i have ever **finished** my laundry.

    i liked our house because of a tree too. only ours is a big beautiful maple.

    i desperately need a haircut and to color my roots. i want something FAB and gorgeous and i know i will just end up at supercuts for the 14 dollar wet cut and just a trim with layers. BOOOORING. i need an alter ego.

    my husband just bought lego indiana jones this weekend. "for the kids."

  5. No, I have not finished my laundry yet. And I totally get why you would rather blog than fold clothes. I would rather blog than fold clothes, vacuum, dust, make the beds...Hello! Is there a maid out there willing to clean homes for the low low price of a mention in a blog???

  6. I also have a ton of laundry that I do in fits and starts. I let it sit in the washer until I'm sure the time limit on it getting moldy is up, and then I throw it in the dryer and start a new load. It takes days. I hate laundry.

  7. I'm laughing that your husband injured his knee and then had a perfect excuse to buy a video game and get a new TV.

    We get injured, and someone is cracking a whip on us to make them dinner.

  8. I do laundry all weeeeek loooong. lol Every now and then I complete it and I wait a few days because it feels so good to ave it completed. Your hubby plays video games?! Mine does too. At first I used to hate it but if I'm blogging, who cares. Just leave me alone lol. A senior in highschool is cool. I'll have one next year. I didn't go the convetional route either so with my oldest being a junior is new to me. It's cool commenting like this. Enjoy the rest of your week. Just thought about the new tv thingy. Will you go buy something now? That's what I do. Hubby buys something new and that's an excuse for me to get something new.


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