Monday, August 2, 2010

In Which I Have Skills

This meme goes along with the Master of Karate and Friendship Award that was very kindly bestowed upon me by this Fabulous blogger Lee the Bubble Bath Queen and which I passed on here Yes, I Have No Bananas. Which you must go back and check if you have not because aren't any bananas there for you but you need to go anyway : )

The meme involves listing 6  things I do well. I had to edit of course. I threw out taking my bra off with my shirt on and sleeping with a cat on my head because with enough practice anyone can accomplish these feats.

What I do well:
  1. Iron. I can iron a blouse perfectly. A skill I picked up while watching the ladies at the dry cleaners where I had my first job as a clerk. How often do I use this skill? Once or twice a year if anyone gets lucky.
  2. Fold shirts. Also a skill I learned at the cleaners and further perfected at another job where shirts had to be perfectly aligned in cubes. How often do I use this skill? Never.
  3. Walk in heels. I'm a natural. In high school I was able to run track in 3 inch cork wedges....and a peasant dress ( I wasn't real big on dressing out). How often do I get to show off this skill? Twice in the past two years when I got to a chance to wear my favorite, gorgeous alligator pumps. To funerals.
  4. Losing earrings. I have two pairs and a special collection of about 8 singles. Why do I keep these? I have one extra hole in my head and sometimes I use it.
  5. Writing letters or stating my opinion. I write a mean letter. Sometimes literally but not always. I have an opinionated side that can be rather sarcastic or sometimes soapboxy. I don't do it much here. I think I am much better at it than I am at the stuff I write in my blog. I guess I could write a blog in that form too but I have to be worked up about something. So where do I use this skill? My local newspaper of course. Or maybe one day I will share my "letter to the cops" with you. It was a mama bear thing after Biggest began to straighten up.
  6. Driving. The reason? I'm a nervous neurotic wreck if I go beyond my easy little 2 lanes at 35 mph local roads. So I avoid this as much as possible.  I have been driving 27 years ( I didn't start till I was 18) I have never had a ticket or accident, Ever. Draw back: I am so anal about being careful that I totally fail at instructing my daughters. They make me a nervous wreck. Because the two oldest still can't drive I use this skill .......more than anything else in my life.
So these are my Awesome Skills.  I can even drive and wear heels at the same time, lose an earring while I'm ironing, and compose a letter while folding a shirt.  But I still think none of this compares to taking off my bra while leaving my shirt on and balancing a cat on my head........

I Can Too!!!!!

Just ask the cat.

P.S. I will be traveling a lot to work on an out of town project this week starting tomorrow and I'm already behind in blog visiting so I feel like a total blog following crudface because my skills do not include driving and reading blogs at the same time but I will be traveling back and forth and come by whenever I can : )

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  1. Amazing skills!!!! I totally can't relate to the high-heeled skill. I wobble, tip, twist, trip ... but it doesn't matter. I still put heels on a couple of times a week and hope that that day I will be standing still or sitting most of the time :)

  2. Although I rarely wear them, I, too, can walk well in heels. Craig worked at Gap as a college student, so he's the expert folder.

  3. oh my , i love you! i can iron well to save my life, never wear heels anymore (at 5'9, it just seems redundant), and HAVE been in an accident, but am such a granny driver now that I am crazy slow and cautious, hate snow and rain and the dark. sometimes even when i'm the passenger.

    but, where i really excel?? taking off my bra while leaving on my shirt (i'm even pretty darn good at putting one on while leaving on my shirt. i'm super at shimmying of all kinds) and sleeping with a cat on my head. sometimes even with one on my head and one on my feet and a giant three year old baby next to me. out. like. a. light.

  4. can't. CAN'T iron well... yeesh. apparently i can't remember to edit before i post either ....

  5. Amazing skills even if some appear to be less well utilized than others :-) I can iron pretty well, taught by my Dad who learnt in the RAF but I cannot fold clothes properly to save my life. Heels never, useless in them. Good at not losing things. Drive like a European i.e. fast so you would not want to be in the car with me.

    I think a new blog written in the letter writing style would be pretty amazing - but even more so would be you writing for the newspaper!! :-)

    1. It's been a year and a half since you made this comment. I miss you. I needed that kick in the butt but I had to do it myself which was awkward : ) But you know what? I went out on a limb. Fingers crossed.

  6. To say your skills were interesting would be a total understatement. Let's just say I'm still laughing!

  7. Ok, so we have way too much in common. Like for instance, I don't sleep with a cat on my head, but I do sleep with a dog curled around my head.

    And I can fold clothes like the expert retail clerk I was for so many years. I am like a professional folder.

    And I am a bad ass when it comes to writing it down on the paper. Newspapers, corporations and even the po-po have been victims of my stealth bomber words.

    And my heels are like another part of my body, they're such a part of me.

  8. Is it wrong that I find myself in awe of you for being able to balance a cat on your head? The other stuff, yeah, that's cool...but a cat on your head, come on!

  9. Heels! I love heels too! Safe travels. We'll be here when you get back :-)

  10. have a safe trip! we'll miss you.

  11. You should definitely get an award for the cat on the head thing, although that could be why you have extra holes in your head. :-)

    I am a crudface blog follower too! But, at least we admit it. Shall we start a club?

    Have a great, and safe trip. Watch those crazy drivers, you can never be TOO careful.

  12. Excellent! I just went out and bought a pair of four inch heels that I love so much it's making me just a little teary - now you need to come on over and teach me to walk in them! I used to know, but apparently five years of chasing kids in my keds has ruined me...

  13. Btw, I lied about the keds. I've never owned a pair. I just like the alliteration. I thought you should know.

  14. Dude! You DO have skillz. I can't iron to save my life. And I can definitely not sleep with a cat on my head. Or drive in high heels. I used to be the high heel queen. Until I have children. Now you are lucky if you see me wearing anything but tennis shoes, even when I wear a dress. (Which is pretty much never, but just sayin.) And, hey, don't worry about not being able to get around to blogs much. You know we love you no matter what. Good luck on your work project. xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo

  15. Multi skilled mumma. I'm suitably impressed and jeolous of what you can do...


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