Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Moon Light

Because my Moon-Shine doesn't sound quite right.
How did this happen?
For my child that I dreamed before I planned any children.
My little one who said she wished for the Moon to come down and sleep in her bed.
Who would color a rainbow in the sky.

For the young woman whose beauty astounds me but has no concern for it herself. Who will walk out the door looking incredible and put together one day and walk out the next wearing old shorts, a paint spattered t shirt a pony tail and her glasses with no make-up.  Who sees and represents the world with pen and paint. Whose art is splashed across every surface of the house. Carelessly. Set  down as she walks away. The paintings and sketches... the brushes, the paint, the pencils, the paper, the erasers...
the sharpener filings...the paint  drips.....; )

Who rides her bike through the streets happily singing at the top of her lungs...out of tune...and she knows it....and it makes her smile. Who thinks the 30's and 40's were supposed to be her era and rocks the Big Band Sound.  Who loves all music really. The noisy screeching music, the campy off beat stuff  and also the same music her grandfather favored and even the stuff her mother likes. The one who once purposely broke her metronome. Said it was driving her crazy. Perhaps it was interfering with her internal beat. The one we can't hear. The one she is singing and dancing, walking, riding and living to.
The beat she follows...the beat of her own heart.

For my fellow reader. The one who will talk about books with me. To the one who also loves to sit and discuss the possibilities. Philosophize. Theorize. Put the pieces of the puzzle together. Who can envision those parallel universes. Who can find the links in the legends and lore. Who, along with me can look at the history and the science and find God.

The Wallflowers weren't here again this year to take you to see as your gift so I had to make do.
But I know this one is your favorite.
Happy Birthday Middlest!
I ♥ U

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  1. A very sweet tribute. Happy Birthday Middlest!

  2. I like your daughter already. Makes me look forward to the teen years. Sort of.

  3. Oh Middlest! Happy day to you both!

  4. Oh also a while ago I was having a conversation about Bob Dylan with someone way younger than me and they were all like oh is that Jakob Dylan's dad. Kids these days!

  5. Time flies, I know... happy birthday! (Hey, stop by my site if you get the chance :)

  6. Happy birthday to Middlest. A wonderful tribute and I just know when my daughter turns 17 I shall be wondering where on earth exactly all those precious years went to.

  7. Wonderfully put. As always. You describe your girls with such love, and elegant words and descriptions. Always a joy to read about them.

    Great song Middlest (and mom). And Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  8. Birthday wishes to you both. :-)

  9. Sending Happy Birthday wishes to Middlest :)
    She sounds like the best kind of daughter...a person you'd love to have as your friend, even if you weren't her mother.

    A lovely post. (oh, and Moon Shine sounded sweet, too)

  10. Middlest says Thank You to everyone! She's more surprised that she is 17 than I am.

  11. Isn't 17 wonderful? Oh wait, even through the rough patches I thought all ages were wonderful, but so far 17 seems amazing! Happy Birthday Middlest!

  12. Oh, 17. I remember being 17.

    Happy Birthday, and enjoy how young and beautiful you are.


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