Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our House: Do I Hear Brass....?...

I'm having a busy work week and next week I have to travel some for work so I won't be around much. Still I have to get in my moon music and later in the week I have one more elegy to post so I can make everyone cry again. That's just July for me, thanks for hanging out anyway. But then July will be over and I'm going to try to post the memes from the Awards <- ( Be sure to visit this post if you haven't) next week in between trips. If I'm slow to comment back or visit it's because I plain am not here : ) But I'll try to catch up quick : )

On with the show!....did I ever tell you my husband played the trombone in high school......??

Overheard In The Hall.
Littlest: Cupcake is missing!!
(Several days ago. Still haven't found her. 2 lb. hamster. Teeth like a beaver. Cats all seem to have limbs still intact.)

Overheard floating down the stairs:
Me Someone, I don't know who: Did he poo? Were there rocks in it?

Overheard in the kitchen
[Biggest, Middlest and Myself.]

Me: Look, I got a crock pot!

Big: You did? We need a crock pot.

Me: Yep, I looked around at all the things we were spending money on, puppies, stuff for puppies, your dad keeps buying things and then I thought of all the things I haven't bought that I would like but didn't want to spend money on because they weren't necessary. So the other night I told your dad, I think I'm going to buy a crock pot and he mumbled, I don't want to talk about crock pots right now I'm going to sleep.

So I said.....Ok.

And the next day I went and bought a crock pot.

Mid: We need tampons. Mom didn't buy tampons. She asked me a few weeks ago and I said no, I have enough but I will need more later. Now I don't have tampons.

Me: You didn't tell me it was later.

Big: [to Mid] You have a crock pot!

Mid: Yeah, we have crock pots, puppies and powdered donuts.... but we Don't Have Tampons!!!!

[ Not high on my priority list of things to remember anymore these days. Diet Soda, Cookies, Donuts...yes, Tampons, No. Anyone else noticing a pattern here?]

I don't have a lot of recipes for crock pots. Does anyone know how they work with Hamburger Helper?

How bored were my daughters the other day? Littlest took a perilous journey into a closet I haven't seen the back of in 5 years and found treasure.
Overheard In The Living Room.
[ I had only 2 hours of sleep ( between the hot flashes, peeing and in this case puppy too it was futile..anyway) and was "resting my eyes". I thought I was dreaming.]

Lit: No, you can't use them. I'm doing it.

Mid: I want to do it too.

Lit: You won't do it right.

Mid: I can do what I want.

Lit: You have to be able to make something with wings.
      You can't. All you can make are the ones that look like square buildings.

Mid: So, I want to make a building.

Lit: No. They belong to me. It has to be a spacecraft! Those are the rules!

Mid: I'm making a building.

Lit: No!!

Mid: With Wings.

What were they doing?

Why what you would imagine any Average Normal Typical Girls who are soon approaching 15 and 17 years of age would be doing on a summer afternoon......

Playing with Lego's.

Did you know Littlest can draw too? Her art has a way of appearing in odd places...and being odd....
Littlest drew this. I know what it is...not because I actually want to but...anyway...

This says Evil Saltshaker->
                             (That's not a hint)

I don't think they normally wear a fez but , What is it? Who can tell me? You are a Rock Star in the Kingdom of Weirdom if you know.

I live in the all female version of this, let me know how I look. I'll be basking......

Moon Music

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  1. When your busy I just keep checking back. I love when you tell your family stories. My Crock Pot is one of my best friends. I've never done hamburger helper but I'd think you'd brown the meat in it first. Then add the noodles and other ingredients. Hearing my too youngest play with leggo'sis like hearing them playing with army men. A big fight.

  2. that to me is not madness but a day in heaven. seriously, make this blog in to blog2book, and thumb through it while you're at your nursing home, to remind you what a lovely life you've had....

    this was wonderful, motpg, just wonderful. the sounds of a happy, happy, peaceful home.

  3. Any chick who draws Daleks is a chick who is close to my heart. And you don't even want to know what my shopping cart looked like today.

  4. Love the evil saltshaker! Your girls have quite the imaginations and I agree with The Empress - it does sound like a happy, peaceful home - makes me wish I had a cool Mom like you growing up)

  5. Hilarious! And I often hog the legos when playing with my children...

  6. Favorite post of the day!

  7. I don't know what the littlest drew, but it has a fez. That's enough for me. I have a jointed wooden monkey with a fez. Kindred spirits.

  8. do you have wallpaper like that? i would totally live in a house with wallpaper like that. however, i would also live in a house with anyone who can draw evil saltshakers with or without a fez. however, regardless of the house or the saltshaker, you are still going to have to buy those tampons. ;-) thanks for the snicker today.

  9. Help Mama: My mom could do anything with a crock pot. I should have paid attention. This kids would argue about who was born first if I didn't have proof!

    Empress: They were some relatively peaceful moments. In a way some of my reason for blogging is for that. Just in case someday I can't remember.

    Bibliomama: HA HA!! You Win!! I swear sometimes I think I accidentally ended up with kids that were meant to be yours ; )

    Pamela: I'm so not cool. Well...They claim they like me a little bit..but really I'm an old meany.

    Parenting Ad Ab: You Rock! I can barely make a rectangle with the Lego's.

    Silver Strands: Thank you Denalee, that makes my day: )

    DG: I think you are right about you and Lit with the kindred spirits. And my Middlest just loves you too. She said you were her favorite: )

    Elissa: If anyone in my neighborhood had wallpaper like that it would certainly be us. And with the drawings everywhere it kind of is like wallpaper. Eggplant and moose are favorite choices right now as well.(I Love it)But do I really have to buy tampons? All the wasted donut opportunities with that money gone....

    P.S. Allison, DG and Elissa: Littlest said to tell you WOOT!!

  10. I'll admit I was going down the wrong road during the dialogue about the thing with wings...I was thinking maybe they were building with a maxi pad since you were so totally out of tampons :)

  11. Wow, I'm laughing at the conversations I have to look forward to in several years.

    I can't think about buying my daughter tampons. sheesh.


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