Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's On.......

I'm taking a look at the beauty around me and.....

What's on my back porch?

My husband left a ladder propped against the wall and when he went to move it he noticed something.

Can you tell what it is?

                                                          How About A Closer Look

 Wrens. They usually nest in a cubby spot under the upper deck but this year this must have seemed so much more convenient!

                                                         What's on my fridge?
                                                  I found this the other morning when I woke up.
                                                  Littlest made it which makes it all the more true!
                                                                           Latin for
                                                              Life is Beautiful !
                                                So Is She
                                                            What's On My Blog 
                                                                      Something Shiny
                                                                   Two New Awards
 From Two Very Special Special Bloggers!
Their Greatness Cannot be contained in any Kingdoms Boundaries or Towns Limits!!!


The Empress at Good Day, RegularPeople                                                       

Which I pass to....                                                                                   
Katies Dailies                                                                                  
Magically Ordinary                                                                             
High Maintenance Aspirations                                                             


The Mayor, at Crazy Town

 I'm too dorky to know what is trendy right now but I think you're cool!
So I pass to...

Help!, Mama Remote...
 Susan Fobes' Family Formula
My Life as A Libra
Aging Mommy

There are no Boundaries or Limits to how much I enjoy your blogs!

My usual No Strings policy is in place. Like my Dandelion you may blow and spread the Love around. Or you can stick it in a vase just to be admired. Or you can spray it with weed killer ...but even if you do......
I think you're all terrific bloggers and anyone who hasn't visited any of these blogs should do so immediately!

It took me so long to do this that I don't have time to visit and read now because at one point I totally screwed it up...I'm supposed to be doing the books..shh....anyway....if you come by before I stop by I will catch ya later!

Now to top off our Festival of  Beautiful Shiny Happy Things.......
                                                    Whats On My Speakers!

Shiny Happy People by R.E.M.


  1. Love the photos! And look at you, spreading the love with your awards. You make me smile.

  2. Oh my! I just stopped by to read your latest post, was admiring the wonderful photos then saw the awards! So I am very honored, thank you so very much! I like the no strings approach as I am one for putting this award in a vase to admire, so rest assured this one is going in a very trendy vase to match its trendiness and that of the oh so trendy great blogger who just gave it to me.

  3. who doesn't love some Shiny Happy People every now and then.

  4. You have lovebirds! And an amazing daughter who knows Latin! And REM on the stereo! I can't stop exclaiming! Thank-you ever so much for the award. It makes me happy. And shiny.

  5. mombshell: REM is my favorite group ever!

    Peryl: You always make me smile too with your nice compliments.

    Aging Mommy: You're welcome a vase will do nicely!

    liz: I think you are right...except maybe if your name is Frodo.

    allison: You're welcome! And you probably caught the exclaiming from a virus...

  6. Congrats on that bling!!!! I love the sweet little baby bird!

  7. Such sweet little birds! My parents have all the cool birds down at their house---wrens, orioles, and I swear they stole all our hummingbirds when they moved in. I'd like at least a couple back!

    And thank you so much for the award. Like Aging Mommy, I think I'll put mine in a beautiful vase to be looked at and exclaimed over!

    Hope you have a shiny, happy weekend!

  8. We have at least two nests in some bird boxes in our yard-we peek at them every now and then.

    Wow, so you think I'm trendy? Wait 'till I show this to my tween daughter-thanks!

    BTW-I just noticed your brain cell button and almost laughed myself off the chair!

  9. Ahhh, Latin! My favourite language! Fine, my favourite class thru high school....fine, my easiest class thru high school....


  10. Hey Blue Violet, always good to see you!

    Katie:You too are welcome, any vase will do: )

    Susan: I bet she says the same thing mine did! Thanks for the compliment on the button I though of it ages ago and would like to do a better version someday but I love having it just for fun.

    Hey Mayor: latin, you smart girl. I think she was up till 3 a.m. and thought learning latin would be fun at some point but she got over it the next day.

  11. Aw, thanks so much MOTPG - you totally made my day:)

    I also love REM, every now & then I pop one of my old cd's in the player - brings back some good memories!

  12. Thank You MOTPG! I love your blog too. I'm going to try not to take long to give it away. I've been bad.

  13. Pamela: Very welcome! I have almost all their Cd's except this one which my oldest borrowed and left in a car where a caramel apple melted all over it. I am holding one of her Bob Dylan Cd's hostage until it is replaced.

    Nicole: You're very welcome! No Worries, just enjoy ; )

  14. Nice all the way around. The little birds are so sweet!!


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