Sunday, June 13, 2010

For Littlest!

You asked why you have not been featured on my blog lately but you know that I recently wrote a 2 foot long post that was practically your biography. However there is something I want to say to you.

Thank You.

This Certificate is Awarded to Littlest Grounded for Exhibiting Unprecedented and Un-Grounded Like Behavior While Attending Freshman Year in High School. This was a groundbreaking event within our family.
Congratulations For.......

Completing 9th Grade Without Incident!!!

For Not coming unglued and  Not exhibiting behavior including but not limited to:

Failing Classes
Failing All Classes and being required to attend summer school.
Becoming Intoxicated
Complete Self Destruction
Being Removed From School by Parents
Being Asked by School to Consider Attending School Elsewhere.

And also for doing a terrific job in a truly difficult school that I know takes a great deal of strength to succeed in.  You think you didn't do as well as you should have but I know the pressure there. I believe you had a personal goal in mind this year that you accomplished. You did great!
I might even forgive you for falling asleep during the luncheon at your schools Writers Guild event with Joyce Carol Oates as the key speaker while I was out of town and really wished I could have chaperoned that one. I had to consider disowning you for it but I guess the rest outweighs it because I am Extremely Proud of You!

Thank You Sweet Pea! I Truly and Deeply Appreciate It More Than I Can Express.

You are an Awesome Daughter !

 I Luv U

P.S. Ha! Spoke before I pushed that button didn't you. Didn't have it finished before you left Friday, was saving it for today. XP

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  1. Yay for Littlest for doing so well! What a good momma you are for the award---does this mean it's officially summer break at your house now?

  2. Oh just wonderful - there now, she will be delightful and remorseful for speaking too soon and you can look forward to an equally amazing 10th grade! I would love to meet Joyce Carol Oates too - oh to be able to write like that!

    Lovely post, you should get this printed and framed for your daughter.

  3. What a great post...congrats to your little one..

  4. Yay! And all those other things listed? Are they from experience? If yes, I'll need to talk to you when my kids get to high school. I have a feeling we'll have much in common ;)

  5. i want to go to a school where joyce carol oates is the key speaker!! i love her books.

    congrats to your daughter!

  6. I do have the expectation that they will behave and do well but the two oldest just couldn't keep it together freshman year. I normally wouldn't reward what should be normal behavior but I think she really meant to prove herself this year and was hinting she deserved some recognition for that and she does.
    The falling asleep almost killed me! I love Joyce Carol Oates, not to mention...of course, it's one of my kids doing such a thing! She is very lucky to go to the school she does but she puts in a long grueling day and is usually tired. But Still, how can you do that?!!

  7. Aw - I'm a little teary! Littlest and Littlest's mommy are both super awesome.

  8. the teasing LOL....& I hope to see a similar post in my future...sigh....wishing I could write it NOW, but sadly,grade four was a total write off for The One I Butt Heads With....though thankfully at age 9, the worst of it is the horrible grades, constant fights over said grades & homework, & constantly being grounded until said homework gets done... :-p

    So YAY for Littlest, I'm so glad the year was a success!!

  9. Peryl: Littlest is awesomness, no doubt about it.

    Mayor: You're not alone. Middlest planned our summer vacation for us. Staying home while she goes to summer school for a subject she knows inside and out.

  10. Great JOB!!!!!!It's funny how they want to be the subject of our blogs. lol


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