Monday, June 7, 2010

The Company I Keep

I have said before that I don't really pay attention to key words or possible search phrases to get ranked in search engines. My titles are always just what I think of as a title with no motive. My readers and commenter's have come almost exclusively from Mom blogging groups I have joined. I just kind of innocently assumed that perhaps some day, maybe 20 years or so,  people might find my blog searching for issues related to teenagers and raising daughters or even being grounded. Recently I decided to check and see what, if any, search terms had been used to find my blog.  Well there is ONE, almost exclusively. 

imagine my surprise....I have some ranking! .....within a certain niche.

Why yes, I am on the search engines! Wow! look at all those hits from people searching for......

Emo Boobs
It seriously never in a million years occurred to me that someone might google the words "Emo Boobs."

Just within the past week there have been 41 Emo Boob searches.
As well as two stripper googles and  something about mom boobs which is even more creepy.

So where are all these emo boob aficionado's coming from? Why all across the world. Emo Boobs seem to be very popular in the Midwest but most popular in California. Emo Boob  fans are as wide spread as the UK, Germany, Argentina, Madrid, Israel and India.

What on earth made them click my site. Seeing that sunny blue sky pop up must have scarred their horny little Dark hearts for a lifetime.

Back when I posted what is apparently my most popular post Ever: Emo Boobs and Premature Cleaving , about bra shopping with my daughters, I never expected it to bring me such standing, in only 4 months, on the very first page no less,
with such a stellar group.

Why all you have to do is google emo boobs yourself and you will see....

the kind of company I keep.

I'm thinking maybe I should delete my peri-menopause post from a couple days ago before I start getting hits for hot naked moms.  Whataya think?

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  1. I get hits about urinating on mount everest which i had NO IDEA people googled. I also found that american flag hot pants is googled at least once a day. who knew?

  2. Hilarious. Having learned a similar lesson, I will never again mention the word "spanking" on my blog again. You're welcome.

  3. Hilarious! I don't get reports on what searches pull up my blog, now I wish I did.

    I think I have emo boobs...

  4. Too funny! Although, seeing that I work in the SEO industry I shouldn't be surprised. The things I see people searching for on a daily basis are mind-boggling!

  5. OK, so I clearly have to figure out how to see what if any topics I get hits for. I was laughing all the way through this, trying to picture your face when you saw what topic of conversation your blog is most associated with! I wonder what will come your way indeed after your post about stripping and being hot in bed?!? :-0

  6. i see bloggers do posts like this every so often. i need to check and see what mine are! so curious! that's pretty funny though. anyone searching for emo stuff is going to be confused when they get to your blog.

  7. Wow. I need to check mines too. I can crack a lot of jokes but i'm going to leave that alone. lol

  8. I did it, and you are officially number 7! Hilarious!

  9. "I would like to introduce you to emo wh*res with big b**bs"...WTF? Clearly the whole internet p*rn thing has spawned a more sophisticated breed of trawler-for-filth.

  10. Why are people searching for that term in mass? Why???

  11. Alex: I wonder what we would find if we googled American flag hot pants on Mt Everest? That might be worth looking in to.

    Erica:I can now clearly imagine the possibilities!

    Peryl: You must have gone shopping with Middlest ; )

    Pamela: It has to be fascinating. I'm wondering if randomly throw emo boobs in to our business site will it help?

    Aging Mommy: I'm afraid to even think about it.

    liz: My guess is that it scares them to death. Kind of like their Mom walking in on them at that moment!

    Help! Mama: Oh, go ahead and crack some! It certainly can't do any harm.

    Ann: Yep! I'm famous!!

    allison: That's the page. I wish I had escaped those particular nets.

    Blue Violet: I am afraid to know the answer to that question!

  12. Yeah, My hot button is "touching."

    go figure..

  13. That is funny and a little scary, but what hit me most is how new to this I am. I have no idea how to find out what if any search terms have been used to find my blog. I'd love to know though if you care to share.

  14. Empress: Oh Gosh, the possibilities are endless!

    Madison: You can use Google Analytics or several others. If you search: statistics counters in blogger help there is some information about them. Business websites use them a lot and I don't really need them here but curiosity got the best of me. You know what they say about I need to keep my cat away from the computer.


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