Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Because I'm Feeling Bored.....

But not very ambitious. Or maybe it's ambitious but not very creative...
Here is a little something I wrote for my daughters one day awhile back when they were all being particularly lovely and that I just re-found stuck in the back of my little blue book.

Whiner Whiner
Tongues on fire
Hanging from your hearts desire
Can't find where
Your peace all went
Scorched with words
Of discontent
The smoke of want
Blinds you to
The haves that are
In front of you

They didn't like it.

© 2010 All Rights Reserved


  1. I can't imagine why?!

    I love to make up songs to known tunes and the girls don't like it if it is directed at them either.

  2. Like The Girl Next Door..., I make up words to known tunes a lot. Now both kids have taken to doing that as well, esp. Z. :) That said, my words are nowhere near as poetic as yours!

  3. Ha! I can relate to a couple people in my house. Just UN Grateful!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh, but I do! I hear you on the lack of ambition - my biggest ambition today is to have a nap if the stars align and both boys sleep at the same time...

  5. LOL! But I love it!! Good one mom.

  6. I really like it. Clever mum you are...

  7. I love it. Can I hand this on my wall?

  8. I like it! You should put it to a rap beat and beat box it. It's awesome. XOXOX

  9. "They didn't like it".....bahahahahahahahaha! Well as a Mom to 4, I LOVE IT!! :-D

  10. Thank You Everyone, I was feeling a little on the, as Littlest would put it, "Bleh" side this week and your comments perked me up considerable, as my southern side would say.
    Visiting your blogs worked some magic too!

  11. Well nanny nanny boo boo to them. HA. I love finding stuff like that.

  12. I like it!


  13. I like it. I think moms around the world are rejoicing after reading this one. :)

  14. Perfect. I will try to remember that one.

  15. lol, too cute.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


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