Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So..... they sent me home! Good thing,  because I have to work out of town all next week and now I can flood my blog with posts this week to get it out of my system. Tomorrow I have A Very Long Post. So make a Pot of tea if you are going to sit long enough to read it.
 I saw a lot of good stuff I want to read but am saving it all for morning when I can peruse at my leisure.  Here is a random list of thoughts.

1. Court is a scary place and though it was interesting i am glad i didn't have to stay there and decide the fate of scary people.

2. Middlest waited till the last minute to decide to go to prom,which is this friday. All the dresses were on sale. Littlest picked the perfect dress for her and it was marked down $70.00 % off. She fell in love with a pair of "Perfect" shoes that were originally $55.00 bucks and marked down to $20.00, but they were out of her size. She froze in the chair and refused to move without those shoes. A fairy Godmother with a name tag on finally walked up and said"I actually do have 1 pair in the back in your size but some one left a mark on them so I had to put them away for no sale as defective." Middlest said I don't care as long as I get those shoes, I'm probably only wearing them once. And she got them for $15.00. And the scuff is on the bottom, you can't see it. So I got off amazingly cheap and middlest is going to prom, even though she doesn't have a date because she dumped her boyfriend. But she is going to be stunning. I can't wait to dress her up, it's like having a life size Barbie Doll. When Middlest was little Biggest and I used to make her up sometimes just to freak ourselves out.

3. I need to Thank Oikology 101 at this link for the instructions on making my  blog button. This was the easiest I found after trying forever!
It took me two extra days because I am ornery and bullheaded and refused to accept that I couldn't do it with picasa because I have this weird quirk (psychosis) about registering for things and I just didn't want to have to remember another username and password but I finally caved and have a button. I don't even care whether anyone grabs it I'm just tickled with it myself.

4. Umm, I forgot what 4 was gonna be and I'm hungry......so yeah...Later!

5. Oh wait, A long time ago in the dark ages of fall when I started this I listed 3 books for helping with teen problems. They are all useful. In particular this one: Parenting Your Out Of Control Teen by Scott P.  Sells was a GodSend to me. I was reading all kinds of stuff and when I found this I was so relieved because a lot of what it covers was exactly what we were experiencing and it was the first time I had found things put this way. It made perfect sense. I found it a little late in the game with my oldest but was still able to put some of it to use and I learned some techniques that are very useful with my other daughters too. I highly recommend it if you are having problems with your teen. Even if you aren't read it anyway, just in case! That's All!

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  1. YAY, you did a button! Fabulous! If I ever have 2 seconds to spare,I want to grab up buttons from some of you wonderful ladies & throw them on mine, so I'm always excited to see a button cause it will be a cool little blog roll if I can post all of them! Off to brew some tea for tomorrow's post LOL!

  2. Yay, welcome back! I look forward to your extra long post. And number 4. If you ever remember it.

  3. Welcome back. We missed you. Updates, please?


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