Saturday, April 17, 2010

She is...Something...

I have to leave tomorrow to work out of town for a week. Something I rarely have had to do but that may become more common. I haven't been away from the kids for a whole week since like....almost forever but I am thinking of them today before I go because they tickle me. And I won't have to listen to anyone arguing or begging me for a ride etc....for 6 days. Wow!

I am thinking of Biggest.
Having an adult child is very interesting.  With Biggest it is particularly amusing. If you are familiar with her past it is amusing, puzzling and exceptionally sweet.

Yesterday she came over to make sure that Middlest was off to the Prom in good form. She was not in school for Prom herself and at the time would have said....well something really nasty about going to proms  but anyway, she fussed & bothered & called her husband to bring safety pins when he came to pick her up (We were having a strapless bra issue) and make sure he came early enough to see her sister before she left.
She also brought her camera and took pictures : ) It was sweet.
  While she was here she also got on the subject and told us she already told her husband that she was not going to put us in nursing homes when we got old, to be ready because we were going to live with them. This was news to me. I told Middlest "she is threatening to have us live with her instead of putting me in a nursing home, don't let that happen!" ; ) It was sweet.

The area we live in involves a set of small towns that are all adjoined. If I walk across the street I'm in a different town, and these are adjoined to a large town & city. We had to drive about 40 minutes into the big town for the prom. These are the text messages I started to receive last night after we drove Middlest to Prom.

 9:25  Did yall get home ok?
 9:35  Did she seem ok?
10:30 When do you have to leave to pick her up?
11:18 Let me know when you get there please. To which I answered, "We haven't left yet."
11:27 When then?
11:46 Do you have her?
11:47 Let me know when you do.
12:06 Is she ok? (She was worried there would be friend drama over Mid breaking up with her boyfriend)
12:07 Good. Send me a message when you get home.
12:40 Are you home?
If I forgot to send that message she would have been setting my phone on fire with texts to check.
From a child that drove me gray haired with worry and was responsible for a good many wrinkles and an ocean of tears, I find this so sweet and touching and well.....honestly *sweet* hee hee.
But goodness, here I thought I was close to being my own boss and now I have another Mother : )
She is a mess....and she is sweetness.

I am thinking of Middlest:
This young lady is so unselfconscious it amazes me. Though sometimes her single minded purpose is at odds with me, I like to see this. How many 16 year olds would not only choose to go to prom with no date but choose to go even though her friend that was supposed to keep her company ditched her for a last minute date and have her parents drive her there and pick her up. When I was her age I would have died first. She looked stunning. She rose from the back seat, adjusted her dress, held her head high and "regally" no joke,
paraded into the building.
And she had fun. She danced. She told us she was told that apparently she can dance. It is a recessive gene. One of my sisters has it and my Grandmother did, but the rest of us here, nope! She said she danced with friends, and people she had never seen before. She danced all night and had a wonderful time. She even managed to smooth things out to "we can get along " with the old boyfriend.
 I am so glad she enjoyed herself. Especially as today she is officially grounded for her 3rd quarter grades.
But I admire that strength, the ability to be yourself and do your own thing without giving a damn what anyone thinks. She is grounded but....she is also Awesomeness: )

I am thinking of Littlest
Who started off with a really bad week. I kind of hate to leave her right now but she says she will be ok. She had her moment of weakness. Figured out that things may not be what she thought. She isn't sure but it might be ok in the end and if it ends up not being what she wants, well she is ready to persevere. She is such an insightful person and willing to make the best of what comes her way. She may get down but doesn't let it keep her down. She is not grounded even though she failed gym this quarter. How do you fail gym you ask? You fail gym if it is winter time and sweat pants are "ugly". That is how. Really, I don't care if she failed gym one 9 weeks. She had a cruddy week. I let her sister go to prom even though she has officially failed German for the year.
She is Perseverance and....well....she's my Baby: )

Love You Girls! And No I will not miss my blog more than you!

However, I Will miss it and visiting  bloggy world this week.
Have a Good One Everybody!

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  1. Have a great week. Try not to worry about the kids, although I'd worry and think of them, as you will do as well...we can't help it as mums!

  2. Have a wonderful time! I could tell you not to worry, but I know you will anyway. Just try to have fun anyway.

  3. Relax relax realx. Well your gonna be mom long distance. How cute her showing her love for you all. Prom!!! You have so much going on these days. How did her hair turn out? I missed my prom too.

  4. Enjoy!

    You make me look forward to having grown-up kids - as much as I'm trying to force them to stay little as long as I can...

  5. I love this post! I can't imagine any of my kids being grown and married. This post gets me kinda excited about the possibilities! Have a safe trip...

  6. Sweetest post ever. I hope you have a great week. And I hope my children turn out as good as yours when they get old enough to text me and go to the prom. XOXOX

  7. We;ll miss you, too. Isn't it funny how you don't miss 'em as a group, but individually?

  8. I am following you from MBC.

    Jeanette Huston

  9. It's winter time & sweat pants are ugly....that is SO my 3rd daughter, The Diva of course!! LOL! But when you DO get back to your blog, join us every Friday by blogging your funny of the week....e-mail, joke, personal story....& come Mr Linky it at Crazy Town! Friday Funny blog hop, let's get it rollin'! :-D


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