Friday, April 16, 2010

Hey Littlest!

Get Off My Blog And Go To Bed!


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  1. Ah, so they are peeking? My husband checks things out after every new post-he's worried...

  2. LOL! reading your blog is like looking into my future!

  3. Oh, do I know what you're talking about.

    I hate that my husband found out. He comments on everything.

    Drives me freakin ' nuts.

    All of a sudden he's a college writing professor???

  4. I was able to keep this blog a secret for maybe 3 weeks. I actually felt better in some ways when they knew because I felt I should have their consent on some things but now I have to leave some out:(
    Last night I was up on the computer later than usual waiting for prom to be over and I turn around and see Littlest reading my last post on the other computer. She said I made her sound weird. I told her No, she is Awesome, but just now she came in holding a can of peas and asked if she could have them...what kid does that?

  5. That's funny. My oldest just found my blog. I kept wondering when that would happen!


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