Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guest Post! Our Hidden Secrets To Raising Teens.

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Nicole from  Help!Mama Remote... who is a Bloggy Blessing to me by Guest posting, as I have been working out of town and leave again tomorrow for some more work on the project.
I love reading her blog because she is always Real and Being Herself and that is one funny, wise and admirable woman! And of course..An Awesome Mom!

And so.......

I'd like to take this time and thank MOTPG for giving me this opportunity of being her guest blogger today. MOTPG was my first commentor when I started my blog last year. Not only did she comment but she came back! WooHoo! I'm also a faithful reader here. Here I receive encouragement and strength while raising my children. Thanks MOTPG for you encouraging posts.

Our Hidden Secrets To Raising Teens

I'm also a mom of a teenage daughter along with a 10 yr & a 2yr old. I've always envied moms that have their children close in age. However I do believe it was for my own sanity, that I didn't.

Being the mom of a teenager can be challenging at times but not as challenging as, I was to my mom.(Shhh don't tell) Not only is my teen a girl (Ewww), she's an athlete. Which I can admit I do believe that is the reason she's not as challenging as I was(No time for an idol mind).

Growing up I didn't KNOW who God had created me to be. Therefore I allowed people to dictate who I was. So, often I encourage her to KNOW who God has created her to be and not allow people to dictate, who she is.

We all have our secret struggles that we'll never tell our children. But....actually, we tell all our secrets....they are hidden in our love, warnings, joy, when we chastise , encouragement & praise.

Now they must find them, use them and pass them on to their children.

Nicole's blog is Help! Mama Remote... Where she blogs about her personal life as a wife, mom and business owner.


  1. This is so Lovely and True. That wisdom is why you are such a great Mom and are raising such a terrific daughter!

  2. Thanks MOTPG. I must say experience has been my best teacher.

  3. I loved your guest post, I don't have a teen but have dealt with lots of girl teens. What you said was so true!

    Have great day,

  4. Great pick for a guest post. You introduced me to a new blog! Thanks!

  5. Thanks Sara & Dalia nice to meet you too.

  6. @Nicole - see how much you are loved!!!

    I will have 3 teenagers all at various stages in the next few years. I have so idea how I will cope but I will figure it out as I go. And reading these blogs of folks who have done it before will certainly help.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  7. Great post! Very beautiful and wise words. Thank you!!

  8. I do agree that when kids are in sports they have less time to get into trouble. I definitely hope my son plays sports or finds a good hobby when he's older!

  9. A lot of the way I raised my kids was also as a result of my own teenage hijinx. Sometimes it's a blessing to have been a stinker, so that I knew what to look for in my own kiddos!


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