Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby's Best Board Bit The Dust

 My poor Baby, TheSurfer. I haven't written much about him yet. He came home last weekend with his favorite toy in shreds. It doesn't matter that we have a shed full of similar toys. This one was The Board. Designed for him specifically for how he surfs. It has already been repaired once. Several months ago it had to be put on life support but his shaper was able to pull it through enough to last a little longer, if it lived a gentler lifestyle. I guess it's number just was up.
 He came home downtrodden. "I guess I'll just have to ride one of my other boards". "I can't justify putting out the money to have a new one made right now".
Well not really. They are expensive. ( I"M thinking wedding expenses, Christmas, the kids might want to go to college someday.....)
"It's just the others don't float my weight as well; put too much tork on my bad knee; move to slow.........
"Maybe I'll bring it in and see if there is anything he can do to limp it on a little further".

Later that evening:
TheSurfer: Whenever I do have him make me another board I think I will go with the blue again, have it go up around the rail and maybe a balsa wood effect on top.
Me: Ooh, that does sounds pretty, and he can make me one too, only in green.
TheSurfer: Well it will be a long time before I can do that anyway.
Me: I guess so.

The next day.

TheSurfer: Hey guess what? He doesn't know if he can but is going to try to fix it well enough to use a little longer, it can't hurt to try.
Me: That's fine.

It is fine. It makes him happy. It keeps him sane. I can watch him do it or sometimes join him. I have a great husband. The only thing he ever comes home reeking of is salt water.

And there is a really cute jacket at the surf shop that I couldn't justify buying for myself .....last week.

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  1. As long as you got a jacket out of it! Cute counts for a lot!

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  3. Popping in from MBC!
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  4. Hope you get that jacket! It's always fun to splurge sometimes!! Following you from MBC. Come visit me sometime too!

  5. PS I love your partridge in a pear tree! Hilarious!!! ANd very creative!!! Happy Holidays!


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