Monday, December 7, 2009


It started raining Friday and continued all night into the morning. The ceremony was scheduled for 1PM. Biggest was supposed to be at my house at 8 to help finish up but didn't get there till eleven. We were postponing setting up outside in case we needed to move things inside.
11:30 The rain began to stop but it was overcast & cold & misty
12:00 We decided to set up tables outside because it looked like real rain was over with.
12:30 Biggest realized she forgot to bring the plates & napkins.
12:32 My husband & the groom went to get them.
12:45 I went out to check on set up & found 20 people huddled in my carport.
  1:00 Plates arrived and groom still had to shave and get dressed.
  1:15 The sun began to break through and warm up the yard.
  1:20 The The CD player jammed & Middlest boyfriend was called to the rescue.
  1:25 Everyone was in place & the door opened  to full sunshine beaming down.

It was a beautiful afternoon. If we hadn't had the mishaps the ceremony would have been held in damp & overcast weather. It's easy to forget sometimes that when you think your prayers aren't being answered, there is someone wiser than you in charge. It was an unconventional wedding, my kids won't stay in molds & Biggest found a guy that doesn't either. And it was a whole lot of fun. Biggest laughs when she is nervous & she giggled from the time she & her father hit the door, through the entire ceremony and all the way back inside afterward. Middlest took some fabulous pictures and Littlest created the most awesome chocolate wedding cake ever seen. It was delicious & I think she got more congratulations than the bride and groom.
My husband & I ? Well we cried of course, we have come a long way. But we laughed a lot as well.
And OMG! I have a Son In Law! Took me 23 years to have a boy & this one comes already trained!

Life Is Good.

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  1. Congrats! 1 down.....Can't wait to here about the I don't mean to rush you. I think the most rewarding of having children is them moving away & having their own family.

  2. The biggest risk with an outdoors wedding is weather. When Shane got married, it rained. I had to go to multiple stores to find umbrellas. Umbrellas just are not sold here because it so rarely rains. I found one that had umbrellas in their warehouse (local). I bought them all! Then I handed them out to guests as they arrived.


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