Sunday, December 27, 2009

Me and Alyssa Get Some Email

 I have several emails to keep up with. Two business emails, the email I use to communicate on my blog, one totally personal that only family and the kids teachers have, and the one I use when I register for things online.

 For several years my personal email was my 4 initials on my internet provider email. After 3 years of no spam one day I opened to no less than 15 messages for Alyssa. They were for some dieting, health, and vacation sites. Hmm, personalized spam? I am not Alyssa but my 1st initial is A. Someone must have used the same letters as a fake email. What can you do? From time to time Alyssa found a new dieting site or online mag subscription.
  Shortly afterward we changed providers  and I realized I would lose the account and created an internet email for personal use and decided to use the new provider email for registrations. I used my initials again.
  Imagine my surprise the first time I went to the provider email and found.... Alyssa had already been there. Never before used by me it was full of registrations to useful sites, all for Alyssa.
Me and Alyssa  seem to have been through some ups and downs. For awhile I was getting worried about her. First there was the obvious low self esteem and bad body image. Our email began to be full of free credit reporting, getting out of debt, and loan modification messages. But things seem to be looking up because now we are learning about new ways to earn cash and getting some credit card offers. Why Alyssa can make money with the google bail out plan or earn $242.00 dollars a day or more. I'm so relieved! She is thinking about going back to school to increase our chances of a better career.  Looking into some Direct TV,  won a cruise, got a free visitor pass to Direct Buy and Oh boy, a new subscription to an online Luxury Living Magazine!

So Thank You Alyssa!
For helping me learn to lose weight,  do some shopping, go into debt, get out of debt, get an education, and live a luxurious lifestyle. I do not thank you for the adult dating sites, that is uncool and just trashy! What were you thinking?

Oh and Alyssa, wherever you are, Good News!

You are being considered for inclusion onto the 2009-2010 Princeton Premier Business Leaders and Professionals Honors Edition section of the registry!!!! It will include biographies of the worlds most accomplished individuals!!!!!!

WOW!!!!  you sure have come a long way... I'm so proud... sniff sniff....

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lovely Blog Award!

I have very kindly been given a blog award by Nicole at    Help! Mama Remote...   who was also my 1st "blog following friend" and holds a special place in my heart! Thank You so much!  I do appreciate it with my simple little blog!  She gave it to me a couple weeks ago but it took me awhile to get this together cause I usually can only hit my blog at short intervals. I'm still learning but I hope to improve in time and be truly worthy of it. And thankyou to my kids without whom I wouldn't have much to write about except my grocery list and the weather! Oh, and bad poetry. I haven't really begun to explore what I started this for, or had a chance to participate much in the sites I've joined. Life has kept me too busy, but now that the holidays are past I need to get it organized. Yeah, that'll happen. (snigger,snigger)

I have been reading a lot of great blogs by an array of women. They are informative, moving, very funny, or just a nice spot to take a break. Some are very sophisticated and professional, some are like having a chat with a neighbor. A few I only recently became aquainted with. Some make me think I should go back to my blog, push delete and go back to writing bad poetry in a little blue book! But I'm enjoying myself too much for that and enjoying the reading as well.  I was trying to decide who to pass on to. I have only been blogging a short time and being me, dithered over whether some of the blogs I follow would even be interested in getting an award from me, don't seem to do that kinda thing, etc, etc.  I am interested in what I realized was a sort of Whitmans sampler of blogging styles.  I  finally decided to mix it up a bit by choosing a few of each type with this method of how I have been following them... Some for longer, Some are new, Some know I follow, Some had no clue. So I want to pass on the award to the following bloggers. For making me laugh or making me think, being literally lovely to look at, just sweet or sharing a cup of tea with me, even if you didn't know it.

1.   Raising Complicated Kids                                                    
2.   Blest Atheist
5.   Mommy Is Green
7.   The Stoller Ballet
10  Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock At A Time
11  AmyMusing's
12  It's OK To be Weird

Award Rules
Accept award and place on your blog.
Include a linkback to the blog you received it from.
Pass the award to 15 blogs you enjoy.
Be sure to contact them to let them know they have been rewarded.

Adding my own rule: If it's not your kinda thing or you have it already and you don't want to participate it's OK with me!

If anything is incorrect or not working just tell me. I finally had time to finish it this morning and I am ready for a cup of tea!

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas !

And blessings to you and your families whatever beliefs and traditions you observe .

Following my new tradition by running late on this as well! Have to go baste something now.
Happy Holidays!

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bah Hum Along

   This may be the most unorganized behind schedule holiday I have ever not accomplished. I really haven't been able to get up the spirit to care in more than small spurts.  I was hoping to have the drudge stuff behind me and settle in for some Peace on Earth this week.  But over the weekend I had business hanging over my head.  Needed to be taken care of business. The kind with lots of paperwork ....with cryptic stuff in it. Business that required using the phone. Calling people who didn't know the answer any more than I did to ask them to clarify the cryptic information.. The kind who keep repeating the phrase you need clarified as the clarification. One was eating potato chips while speaking to me, no joke. One of the reasons I hate using the phone is nerve deafness that causes certain tones and background noise to cause total confusion in me. The chips didn't help.  At the end of the day I was still wearing yoga pants, a sweater with a hole in it, my slippers, blanky- to- go ( This is a voluminous fleece cape in an awful shade of brown that is old and disgusting but warm and comfy that I wear around the house when I'm cleaning or lazy. It predates Snuggies by years and has the added distinction of actually being  outerwear which means I can drive the kids to school in it) anyway...And I really couldn't recall brushing my teeth that morning. TheSurfer had a long day too and when he came home......boy was I a princess for him to meet at the door. I fed everyone cinnamon toast for dinner, declared my brain dead and gave up for the night. I would start over tomorrow finding my Christmas Cheer.
   I think there are two problems. One is that when the kids get older some of the magic is lost. They aren't in church pageants anymore. They aren't as excited. The other is that I have a rather large extended family. When my parents were alive we always had a full family celebration on Christmas Eve. It was noisy and crowded and a lot of fun. For many years I hosted it, When I passed on the reins I was glad to have a little less stress and work on the holidays and for things to be a little calmer at my house. But we still had the party. In September of last year my Mother passed away. It had been a very difficult year and we emerged from her death a fractured family.  When Christmas came everyone seemed to want to just pass it quietly on their own. For various reasons this year has also been a difficult one for all of us. We still just don't seem to have it in us. It is kind of hard on the kids, they looked forward to the visiting and we don't really know what to do with ourselves.
  So today I am trying to concentrate on the things that have helped.
1. Biggest always says she doesn't like Christmas and she hates decorations. Her new husband finally won me over completely by buying and hanging lights on their house. We went out and bought a tiny tree and some ornaments for it and delivered it as a surprise a couple weeks ago. Her Face lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw it and she called later to tell me she had it all finished and loved it.

2. Middlest doesn't like to be involved in anything that requires lifting a finger but she is the only one I have seen crack open a bible this week. So technically I guess she really wins.

3. While my family was all about decorating, my husbands was not. Outside belongs to him. There is nothing. Inside belongs to me and it is a Christmas explosion. Though I did leave off some stuff this year I got the main decorations going. Biggest hasn't participated in years. Middlest has sat on the couch and supervised for the last 3 years while Littlest and I did it all. While we were unwinding lights I told her," You know if anything ever happens to us these people will never have Christmas again". She agreed. She must have given it some thought. She is not the most tactful person, but she seemed a little thoughtful when she came to me and said, "This doesn't really sound right but since I'm the only one who helps you.........Um....Can I have the Christmas decorations when you die?"
They are hers. Hook, Star and Garland!

4.We shopped today and listened to Trans Siberian Orchestra in the car which always helps.

5. In the store the girls kept nudging me to look and I turned toward the toy section to see a big old soldier guy in fatigues with his arms full of hot pink Barbie paraphenalia.

6. The girls are baking cookies and just started singing carols together. Middlest has a lovely voice but has trouble with pitch unless she's accompanied.

7. Middlest just sang Silent Night by herself,  in tune, it was lovely. I guess Christmas miracles do happen!

8. I guess it's starting to work because.......

9. I am feeling ready to join them. To enjoy our own Peace on this Earth. To remember what we are celebrating. To give ourselves fully to the Joy of the real gift of the season. To humble ourselves in the Glory. And be lifted by the Love. The Gift is this. I don't have to "get up the spirit" it is already there. Waiting to be acknowleged. Time to go.

10. Merry Christmas !

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby's Best Board Bit The Dust

 My poor Baby, TheSurfer. I haven't written much about him yet. He came home last weekend with his favorite toy in shreds. It doesn't matter that we have a shed full of similar toys. This one was The Board. Designed for him specifically for how he surfs. It has already been repaired once. Several months ago it had to be put on life support but his shaper was able to pull it through enough to last a little longer, if it lived a gentler lifestyle. I guess it's number just was up.
 He came home downtrodden. "I guess I'll just have to ride one of my other boards". "I can't justify putting out the money to have a new one made right now".
Well not really. They are expensive. ( I"M thinking wedding expenses, Christmas, the kids might want to go to college someday.....)
"It's just the others don't float my weight as well; put too much tork on my bad knee; move to slow.........
"Maybe I'll bring it in and see if there is anything he can do to limp it on a little further".

Later that evening:
TheSurfer: Whenever I do have him make me another board I think I will go with the blue again, have it go up around the rail and maybe a balsa wood effect on top.
Me: Ooh, that does sounds pretty, and he can make me one too, only in green.
TheSurfer: Well it will be a long time before I can do that anyway.
Me: I guess so.

The next day.

TheSurfer: Hey guess what? He doesn't know if he can but is going to try to fix it well enough to use a little longer, it can't hurt to try.
Me: That's fine.

It is fine. It makes him happy. It keeps him sane. I can watch him do it or sometimes join him. I have a great husband. The only thing he ever comes home reeking of is salt water.

And there is a really cute jacket at the surf shop that I couldn't justify buying for myself .....last week.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I know it Doesn't Fit!

Regarding the header. But it literally took me 2 hours to accomplish this much.  Be Merry & Happy Anyway!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Today I thought I might have time to figure out how some blogging stuff I am learning about works and add something meaningful to my blog about the season. After being repeatedly interrupted I just heard footsteps behind me and uttered the words "If you are coming in here to bug me I am going to kill you." So i give up. Because in my household today:

The #1 button on my microwave isn't working.
My kitchen sponges are missing.
There is a half used up roll of toilet paper sitting in the middle of my dining room table for no apparent reason.
There is a damp black cat sleeping on my newly changed sheets.
There is an unclaimed bra in the laundry found after the wedding that we can't find the owner to.
Littlest just delivered 8 pairs of filthy socks to me from her room after I already finished whites.
There isn't a scrap of Christmas wrap or square of tape in the house.
Which is alright because I still haven't done my Christmas shopping.
I just heard the words "where's Mom?" again.

help me.....

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

U R Not Grounded

  Last week I was in bed for the night reading when Middlest appeared at my door. It was close to time for lights out and I called out "it's about time hun". She just stood there. Usually she just walks in our room and sit's on the bed and tells me what she's there for.  "What are you doing" I asked? "Are you going to bed?" No answer. She just stood. Getting concerned I asked "what's wrong" & I went to the door. She had tears running down her face. "Whats the matter honey", I asked again, what happened?" She answered, "I was watching a Taylor Swift video & it was about her Mom, and it was so sweet & I started crying & it made me want to come give you a hug."Oh my Lord, I started crying too & we had a nice long hug.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some Kind of Biological Switch Flipped!

I wasn't going to write about this at first but I was prompted by the comment on my previous post 2,1.. by Nicole at
Help! Mama Remote...    and also a phone call during Biggest lunch hour where she brought up the subject, I will be getting to ultimately, herself.

The first thing I asked Biggest when she told me in October that she wanted to get married around the weeks between November & December, was are you pregnant? The answer was no, and her Guy said "no, she is marrying me for my health insurance". Really they have been together almost 4 years & were just ready to go at a time when it would suit where they wanted to go for a honeymoon after the holidays without being during them.  They thankfully aren't in any hurry to have kids. Of course, neither were we, but there you go. Anyway.....

Monday, December 7, 2009


It started raining Friday and continued all night into the morning. The ceremony was scheduled for 1PM. Biggest was supposed to be at my house at 8 to help finish up but didn't get there till eleven. We were postponing setting up outside in case we needed to move things inside.
11:30 The rain began to stop but it was overcast & cold & misty
12:00 We decided to set up tables outside because it looked like real rain was over with.
12:30 Biggest realized she forgot to bring the plates & napkins.
12:32 My husband & the groom went to get them.
12:45 I went out to check on set up & found 20 people huddled in my carport.
  1:00 Plates arrived and groom still had to shave and get dressed.
  1:15 The sun began to break through and warm up the yard.
  1:20 The The CD player jammed & Middlest boyfriend was called to the rescue.
  1:25 Everyone was in place & the door opened  to full sunshine beaming down.

It was a beautiful afternoon. If we hadn't had the mishaps the ceremony would have been held in damp & overcast weather. It's easy to forget sometimes that when you think your prayers aren't being answered, there is someone wiser than you in charge. It was an unconventional wedding, my kids won't stay in molds & Biggest found a guy that doesn't either. And it was a whole lot of fun. Biggest laughs when she is nervous & she giggled from the time she & her father hit the door, through the entire ceremony and all the way back inside afterward. Middlest took some fabulous pictures and Littlest created the most awesome chocolate wedding cake ever seen. It was delicious & I think she got more congratulations than the bride and groom.
My husband & I ? Well we cried of course, we have come a long way. But we laughed a lot as well.
And OMG! I have a Son In Law! Took me 23 years to have a boy & this one comes already trained!

Life Is Good.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009


An outdoor wedding has been planned.
Six self invited guests.
So 46 of the 40 chairs rented will be occupied.
Husband spent 2 weeks planting, mulching, making the yard lovely.
Every guest from out of town actually took the trouble to come.
Parents who were warned that the house has stairs, second floor decks, a pool and a nervous dog,
   are all bringing their small children anyway.
And the bride still hasn't found the right shoes.
No deposit back on rentals canceled within two weeks of event, even with bad weather.
Interior living area comfortably holds about 25.
Color scheme clashes with indoor Christmas decor.
Seventy percent chance of rain (deluge) on Saturday!

I know, I know, things could be worse. And with all the problems in the world this is nothing. So I will look at the bright side. I don't think it will be quite cold enough to hail !

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Middlest Moment

I found this article   Fear of Success   by Grace Fleming very interesting. Mostly because it agrees with everything I already say. It sounds a whole lot like the lecture I give Middlest about 5 or 6 times a year. I was excited when I found it because it would save me the trouble of repeating myself again. So I called Middlest.

Me: Hey, you need to come read this.

Middlest: sits down to read.
"What"? "I don't have fear of success Mom."

Me:  "Just read."
"What do you think?"

Middlest: Well, that kind of sounds like me but....

Me: Did you read all of it?

Middlest: reads more
" Well I kind of do that, ...and think that,.... and feel like that sometimes".....
  "But I don't have a fear of success."

Me: ? just ????

Actually, after she finished,  it had such a huge affect on her that she decided to make a change!

To her facebook status. It now reads: My Mom thinks I have a Secret Fear of Success!

However if your teen is NOT obnoxious and you think they aren't living up to their potential, I think this is a pretty insightful article.

I spend a lot of time crawling around in my childrens heads trying to figure out what is going on in there. The other two have surprises and difficulties but can usually be figured out. The true free spirit of the group, Middlest is the biggest mystery. She is the one I have asked most often, "what are/were you thinking"? Most of the time the answer would be.. ?.. Her brain appears to be huge labyrinthe filled in 3rd's by: Words; Art; & Boys, with maybe a niche set aside for politics, history & religion. And nothing else.  There are plenty of dark winding tunnels I haven't explored yet. But she steadfastly refuses to shine a light in there for herself  much less for me. I truly have never encountered anyone else who has perfected the art of really Not Thinking about something she doesn't want to. She admits it herself. But I'll keep crawling around looking for matches. That's my job.

Question: What was I thinking when I decided to change my tried and true hair highlighting method that has worked for years because I am extremely busy right now and it is a time consuming and intricate process, & opt for the quick easy method when I know I'm going to hate it, exactly one week before my daughters wedding?

ME: ?

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So I Missed My Calling

As a Greeting Card Writer,  Just Humor Me.

May your turkey be tender
Your stuffing just right.
Your corn mellow yellow
And your cranberries ripe.

May your blessings be numbered
That when you behold
How many you've Thanked for
Your food has gone cold.

 Mom of the Perpetually Grounded
Inflicting bad poetry on others since around 1979
( when she was usually grounded )

Have A Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One Moment Please.

We are currently experiencing a high volume of thoughts....We value your following and appreciate your patience while we gather and organize brain cells......You may continue to stare at the screen or if you prefer you may push close and a new post will get back to you as soon as one becomes available....Thank You for reading Mom of the Perpetually Grounded....we will be posting our thoughts in the order in which they are received....or completed....or at random cause I feel like pushing a button.
Have a Nice Day!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Cup of Tea and a Book

I set myself aside
Except in these small things
Pin part of me down
So I don't float away
Lonesome for myself
I would call, but
I don't want to answer the phone

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Tattooed Daughter

Oh, the things we do when we are young and/or under the influence. My beautiful daughter is getting married. I'm lucky she is not a fancy stuff kind of girl and things will be pretty simple. She is getting married in a long yellow cotton jersey backless dress. It arrived the other day and she was so excited. She rushed over to try it on and was admiring herself in the mirror. "I love it" she said. "It's really pretty!" Then turning to view the back her face fell a little. "At least it would be pretty if it wasn't for the damn tattoo."
Across her back, one on her shoulder, around each ankle. They are fairly simple thin line designs and not as obnoxious as she could have done. But still, when she was born she had the most flawless porcelain skin, it makes me cringe. Though several young people I know have one, and my Dad did too,  they just bother me. It isn't the tattoo in itself but my need for visual symmetry. To me it mars the lovely line of the human body and distracts from the person themselves. She is only 22. I begged her not to get them or at least wait till she was older to see if she still wanted them. Within a couple of years she has a love/ hate relationship with them. But you can't take them off when they're in the way and I can't afford to have them removed. She certainly can't either.

When she was 15 she had long hair, almost to her waist. One day she came home with it dreadlocked.  Her friends did it, not professionals. They didn't cut it first either. I just bit my tongue because we were dealing with more important issues but it really looked awful. She left them in for two years. Things changed a lot in that time period and just before Thanksgiving when she was 17 she came to me. We were having a large family gathering and she wanted to look nice. Could I get them out? Or die trying, you betcha!
I went to the store and bought 2 giant bottles of Infusium. A metal teasing comb, a bag of regular combs and the hardest brush I could find. We started in the morning. She had let the hair grow out about 2 inches or so. I figured  at worst she would end up with a short haircut. I soaked her head,  cut the tips off and began. 10 hours, four broken combs (the metal one was bent) and a paper grocery sack half full of hair later, I was done.
And she had a pretty decent head of shoulder length hair. A little thinner than before and with one, kind of chunky, cut at that back, but her hair has a wave so it wasn't too bad.

I have spent half my life getting this girl off the ground, coaxing her to fly, for all of her rebellious independence she is still gripping some of the strings & may not ever let them go. I can't comb the tattoo's out, no matter how many hours I would toil. But I can find the prettiest shawl on earth, and I am searching. And I can love her and be very proud of the young woman she has become. And I very very.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Music To My Ears

Sometimes when I think of my daughters it is to imagine, "What have I created" ? There are a lot of answers to that.

When I was born my sisters were 14 & 15. My brothers were 10 & 12. I kind of had the benfits from being in a large family & being an only child. The group of them have a childhood history together that doesn't include me, and except for a couple of  years my closest brother watched  (tortured) me after school my life was pretty quiet. I  love my sisters but we don't have a hang out together, talk every day involvement with each others lives.

Last night my oldest was visiting here while her fiance worked late. I left these 22, 16 & 14 year old young ladies to have a chat and excused myself and put myself to bed around 8. ( yes, I was in bed at 8, I was exhausted after getting up at 2 AM in order to put in some more worry time, but I was reading.) Our house is a topsider with living upstairs, beds down and has wood floors. When the girls were little we could always tell if someone was up to something because it sounds like the house is falling if you walk across the kitchen. Anyway... There I lay when I suddenly heard a sound that was familiar to me, something I used to hear quite often but it has been awhile. The sound of bison stampeding  through the upstairs, back and forth, careening through the hall, opening and slamming doors. Thuds & screams and.... laughter.  This goes on about 10 minutes.

Dad: What are they Doing?
Me: I dunno.
Upstairs: Ugh! She Licked Me!
Dad: Are they fighting?
Me: No. They're laughing.
Upstairs: Don't bite me!
Dad: They need to quit it.
Me: They're just having fun.
Upstairs" Wait, hold her down!
A Door: Slam!

The two eldest bison running down the stairs & bursting into my room.
Biggest: Your daughter is weird!
Me: Which one would that be?
Biggest: The little one, she licked me!
Dad: Grumpy Face.
Me: To Middlest, What's wrong with you, do you have a hairball?
Middlest: (Working her mouth stangely like a dog with peanut butter.) Yes, I bit Littlest and got her hair in my mouth and it's stuck in my teeth.
Dad: Really Grumpy Face.
Me: That's nice ladies, you may go.
Bison running up the stairs.
Door opening and sounds of a spray can.
Screaming, running, door slamming.
Upstairs: OOh no, Look out!
Repeat 3 times.
Fresh smell of mountain berry floating down the stairs.
Door opening
Upstairs: Got her.... Get off me.....
Dad: Stands up & then just sit's down again.
Me:  Just smiles.

Because I have Created. Created young woman who feel free to be total goofballs and don't care. But even more so..... Sisters. Who love each other very much.

I am not annoyed. I'm enjoying listening to the racket.
It is music to my ears.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Really Big Thank You

To the Terrific Ladies/ Bloggers who added themselves to my followers this weekend! Now my little follower spot doesn't look so cold & empty!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

U R Grounded

Teenagers can be so selfish. Does it never occur to them that if Halloween falls on a Saturday night that one of you could be spending the night with a friend & the Other could be out at a party if she Didn't Have An F in German + D's in math & science and when I went searching for any excuse on the online grade book found that she didn't turn her math work in on Friday and is starting this quarter with an F already.....that me and their father might have an evening Alone! But No.

This morning I listened to 3 hours of whining and pitiful excuses and gave my responsibility talk. Now she's out front trying to lure children to the house and give away the Nestle crunch bars, Dads playing playstation football, & I am doing this.

Her Dad came home from a morning of surfing while I did laundry. He gave her a lecture too. And a pretty good one. He told her he was the freedom bank and her payments were keeping up with responsibilities but she was defaulting on her loan, and that until she was caught up on payments, freedom was in Repo.

Then he told her she could have her phone back and maybe her boyfriend could come by for a little while this evening. So yeah, he's out there giving out candy too.

Who is really grounded here?

Oh Good Lord!

I was just sitting here and being bored because I couldn't think of anything else to decorate my site with much less say so I hit the next blog button just see what was there and I apparently morphed into the other side of the world cause there were a few unreadable blogs followed by what looked like a russian porn blog. Is there some poor russian guy out there looking for hot chicks and coming upon my middle aged mom blog instead? Ew! That's kinda creepy.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Who ate all the Baby Ruth bars?

Not that it really matters. About once every 2 or 3 years some determined child actually comes all the way to the end of the road & up my slightly longer than average driveway. They are missing out because I buy great candy. At 9:30 I declare Trick or Treat over & the candy is mine. The last child was year before last &  he informed me my house was scary..... It wasn't decorated. (My yard is dark & has a lot of big trees) I do have a cute little wooden sign with a cat on it for the door but I don't know where it is. It hardly feels like Halloween. Littlest actually sewed her own costume this year. It was in the 80's & muggy today. There is not a  legitimate red or yellow leaf for I would guess a hundred miles. My geography is bad so it may just seem like a hundred miles. I guess I'm a little down today. Trying to figure out how the party rental store gave me a quote and I downsized a bit and called back and got a higher quote. It's report card day so I had to ground Middlest  and that's a shame cause she had plans and I really do hate for her to miss them, but she had plenty of warning as well. Oh well, we still have  some Nestle Crunch!
Maybe I ate all the Baby Ruths.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who's Raising You?

The other day I took my 14 year old to the doctor for a check-up. The nurse handed her the paper gown and left for her to change. My youngest sighed, gave me the I hate this and them and you look, pulled off her shirt, flung it across the room into my lap ,waited her perfect timing moment and announced  " one's  throwing dollar bills ?"
I have to admit the kid cracks me up but what on earth happened to all my careful censoring over the years. Everything on my TV over PG 13 is still blocked. As my darlings tell me," we learned it at school you might as well give up". Well I won't do that but I guess I will have to unblock comedy central some day so that I can watch my child perform.

I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Yeah...that would be my brain exploding..... figuratively of course......carry on.....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Loaf of Stress, A Container of Worry and a Stick of Panic

Remember that little grocery list cartoon from Sesame Street, A loaf of bread a container of milk and a stick of butter?  Ingrained in my brain from childhood whenever I am listing "to do" in my head I find myself finishing off with that. I had to update it though. Within the next 2 months I have to arrange, prepare for & pay for:  My middle girl going to homecoming, My oldest getting married and of course the holidays. I realize I have been coming to my blog to escape the lists. But then I have the list of things I want to write about. For someone who obsessively worries about the  air in my tires whenever I'm in the car and whether the gates are closed and my dogs in whenever I hear barking. This is a bit much. I had to stop watching the news altogether.But here are my worries.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Hate You Too Sweetheart

From the age of 14 to 16 my oldest daughter was totally out of control. From then till she was around 18 there was a change. She was still wild but had separated herself from the really bad people she had been around. We began to have a real relationship with her again not an ongoing horror story. During the really bad years I Hate You was as blase as pass the salt compared to other things she said. When things started to improve she still wanted to have her way but get the benefits of being a teenager, and if we didn't go along with her she would get annoyed & out would come.. I Hate You. I would just quietly answer, I know...but I Love You. One evening as she was leaving she was pestering me for something and I had said no. I Hate You popped out. I guess she was gaining maturity and knew my denial was reasonable because as I was preparing to answer.. I know but I love you, I realized there was a slightly different tone to her voice and instantly the words popped out of a very loving voice....I know, I Hate You Too Sweetheart. She grinned from ear to ear, her eyes lit up, and she answered, "Good" I'm leaving now.  This became a regular exchange of endearment with her. When she was being difficult but knew it she would use it, and even her boyfriend and her childhood friend  caught on. But the feeling I had the first time stayed with me. The child who wouldn't say I Love You had found a way. And to this day our mutual "hate" has stayed strong.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just starting to get the hang of it.

I'm trying out a new font size. I dared to go to the Updated Editor so I could do that drop thing & realized my spell check had disappeared. I can never remember how to spell disapeared so hopefully I have spelled dissapeared right the 1st time. Maybe it's still here somewhere & I will find it again.  I got up my nerve to add some of the blogs I like to a list on my blog & now I am waiting and hoping the people won't notice & read my blog & then tell me they don't like me, remove them immediately. If you check back & have statcounter or something similiar Yes I am the one who has been frenetically going back and forth to your site trying to make sure I'm doing this right and getting an idea of how things are done and hopefully not committing some dreadful blogging faux pas. Just let me know.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back Streets Not Just Back, Now They're Immortal!

If you need a chuckle!
Check out the Back Street Boys new video Straight Through My Heart.
My girls just came running to me in hysterical laughter  & dragged me in the room to watch it. It's almost as embarrassing as your Dad busting into a break dance at your 16th birthday party. At least  they should get credit for still fitting into what looks like the same outfits they wore when they were 20.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Blogosphere ( Or I'm such a dork)

My polish is chipped
My roots are growing
And though I ignore it
My waist is showing
Signs of all the cookies I ate
While staying up & reading late.
The laundries not done
The whole house is messed
It's quarter till noon
And I'm still not dressed
My car's out of gas
And it needs a dusting
The yard work tools
are busily rusting
I don't have no friends
Can't find any followers
Among all the other
Blogging wallowers
Maybe someday, interest will spark
I won't be alone
In the internet dark
For now I keep typing
And thinking up stuff
To blab on my family
Without being too rough
I think they are calling
 But don't really hear
I'm lost somewhere
In the blogoshere.

© 2009 All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hug your babies, even if they are bigger than you!

I have a child (middlest) who is 4 inches taller than me. She also is my most affectionate. I will be cooking dinner & suddenly feel long arms drape across my shoulders & a chin resting on my head, dead weight outweighing me by about 10 lbs. On the couch watching TV she will stretch out alongside & snuggle her head on my shoulder & wrap her arms around my waist. Reading she will sit opposite & rest her legs on top of mine. She will climb into bed & watch a movie insisting on sharing the pillow. Fact 1: I usually cannot breathe. Fact 2: I will die of suffocation before I move. She is 16 years old. And this is a precious gift.

Monday, October 19, 2009

She Said What!

Three times I have been secretly tickled at my kids for being awful!

My daughters tend to be very quiet, especially away from home. The following are 3 of my favorite examples of moments they snapped. And also surprised me into not knowing what to think, or do, except laugh to myself.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Little Background Music

As this is a brand new blog and no one knows about it yet I thought I would explain a little about who I am writing about. We got married when I was 20 my husband 22. One of the things we agreed upon was that we didn't want kids. Seven months later God had other plans for us. And Thank Him he did. It's 23 years later & we are counting down to finished products & our second childhood.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

There Are No Cheerleaders Here

My husband and I sometimes joke that we have the answer for genetic engineering. If you add 2 idiots it = 1 genius .But what kind of genius? The bullheaded, underachieving only learn it if they want to kind of course. I played supermom. We did years of softball, gymnastics, scouts, & music lessons. We read out loud, knew the teachers, checked homework, fundraised, and volunteered. Attended a mainstream church, talked about values, self worth & don’t do drugs. We served vegetables. At the same time I just was never part of the clique and neither are my daughters. In nature verses nurture I have found nature is what wins. While nurturing an environment of responsibility, goals & values I have also encouraged individuality, creative expression, & being non judgmental. These traits are apparently oil & water in high school.

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