Who's Grounded?

Sometimes You Can
Judge A Book By It's Cover
But Don't Judge It's Parents
Until You know It's Mother

Well. The fact is no on is grounded anymore because they're all too old for me to lock them up. But it was nice while it lasted ; )

We were married when I was 20 my husband 22. One of the things we agreed upon was that we didn't want kids. Seven months later w found out God had other plans for us and whoops...we were going to be parents in nine months.  Now it's 26 years later & we are counting down to finished products & our second childhood.

 My husband and I sometimes joke that we have the answer for genetic engineering. If you add 2 idiots it = 1 genius .But what kind of genius? The bullheaded, underachieving only learn it if they want to kind of course. I played supermom. We did years of softball, gymnastics, scouts, & music lessons. We read out loud, knew the teachers, checked homework, fund raised, and volunteered. Attended a mainstream church, talked about values, self worth & don’t do drugs. We served vegetables. At the same time I just was never part of the clique and neither are my daughters. In nature verses nurture I have found nature is what wins. While nurturing an environment of responsibility, goals & values I have also encouraged individuality, creative expression, & being non judgmental. These traits are apparently oil & water in high school. My kids are good kids and were raised well, if I do say so myself ; ) But that hasn't stopped us from having issues. This is a reality that I wish more parents understood.

The Biggest: Currently 26 and married to DecentGuy. A perfect young child. Joined to me at the hip as a little one. The darling of her teachers. Straight A student until she reached high school. Then she morphed into the teenager from hell. We had to spend several years traveling through time in a blue British police box to find and rescue her....wait..that's not us.. but anyway, she finally came back.  She now works with animals and is a Pet Rescuer Extraordinaire...or a crazy cat lady...or something like that...and as of November 2013 my revenge begins because she gave birth to a Daughter!
 And I'm a Grandma : )

 The Middlest: Currently 20. The gifted underachiever. Tagged by her elementary teachers as the absent minded professor. Was the kid you would send to school neat and polished, would pick up with her hair in 5 directions, shirt untucked, covered in spills and with no socks. Had college level reading skills in 2cd grade. She is documented brilliant but we have searched space and time for her brain in a blue British pol...nevermind.. Has been obsessed with sea life most of her life. Began playing cello in 4th grade. Went to an excellent Arts Magnet in middle school for orchestra. Found she could write added that art. Found she could draw, added that too. Was accepted to an exclusive High School for the arts as a creative writer. Proceeded to fail 9th grade. When given the opportunity to plead her case and continue on, chose to go to the local high school because they have more boys. Graduated high school by the skin of her teeth and 2 points in math -June 2011! She has developed into a very talented artist and could have had a future in gallery work...or becoming a Fish and Wildlife Officer...or a Marine Biologist.....or Vet Tech or a highly skilled Master Sandwich Maker.

The Littlest: Currently 18. The curmudgeon. Sisters say she was born 30. Very serious, brutally honest but with a hilarious cutting wit & dead on sense of dry humor. Also the most empathetic person I know but doesn't suffer fools gladly. Is very useful for law & order because from the time she could speak has ratted her sisters out for everything. Attended the same arts middle school also as a writer. Was accepted in to the arts high school 9th grade by auditioning with the 1st chapters of a novel she is writing about a serial killer. Loves to write but also chose to return to regular high school after Sophomore year.  A very straight edged young lady in most ways, who to my dismay, swears like a sailor despite every effort to thwart it. Graduated High School, June 2013. A devoted student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a silver medal winner in an International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament, who enlisted in the USMC and is now serving our country as a United Staes Marine! Though she would still like to fly through time in a blue British police box.

Music Like Their Hearts Because They Are The Doorway To Mine.

Music by Radical Face/Ben Cooper  whose music I love not just because it is Amazing and Brilliant but also because his videos not only feel like home they ARE HOME.


  1. I'm so inspired after reading about your children; it makes me want to do the same...write about my own.
    Your kids are wonderfully lovable.

  2. I love reading about your girls. You've raised some awesome individuals.


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