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Biggest Stories

Metaphors for Biggest ...Then...

How I love my child. My child that is in there somewhere deep. But so soft boiled she has wrapped herself in barbed wire for protection. You can see the scars. No metal however sharp has killed me yet, but it might hurt you, so stay away. Don't get too close. Fear personified she will transpose it on to you. The outer shell a warning. The voice, poison, drips from a heart with lid so tight shut only seepage around the edge overflows. Spoiled in the air we breathe. Poison fed to us on a spoon. Botulism. Heart of sweet preserves tight inside a block of ice. Sometime, someone, capped a lid on the light of my life. Hid her flame under a bushel. Then stapled, nailed and glued it down. Sometimes a flicker shows through, between the weaving of splintered bark. Maybe fighting to burn through, grow large and devour the darkness. Starved of oxygen it falters, burns on wicks of anger, melts away wax of love. Foolish to blow to hard to stir a fire, you blow it out. Foolish to keep clinging to razor wire, you bleed to death. But, I will keep faith, be it rejected. I will give love, be it scorned. I will have hope to spite despair. These are not rewards, they are not deserved. Not a wage, they are not earned. They are my essence, A Mother.  You are somewhere. And I Love.

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