Who Am I?

A Cup of Tea and A Book

I set myself aside
Except in these small things
Pin part of me down
So I don't float away
Lonesome for myself
I would call, but
I don't want to answer the phone

I have been married 27 years to my husband, The SeaMonkey, (Which means he is a surfer. Not that I keep him in a jar to entertain me. Even though I would if I could. And I usually remember to feed him.)  We own two businesses and have three gorgeous, smart, talented daughters: Biggest (Who is married to DecentGuy): Middlest and Littlest. They usually take the hard way through life and drag me through the bumps with them, loudly proclaiming "You don't have to do it this way, I made the sacrifice for you, I made the mistakes so you won't have to, JUST LISTEN" My girls are difficult and at the same time Awesome. I am looking forward to them growing up, both so that I can see what they make of their talents & also so that I will have a chance to see what I can make of mine. I have already raised the teenager from H@#! but that doesn't stop the other two from trying.

  In the real world I am not a social or impulsive person. I don't like to talk. I hate phones. I have always preferred to write. It is how I communicate best. So I impulsively decided to start a blog in October 2009.  I sometimes will blog about trials I have undergone with my oldest daughter and issues with the two who are still at home.  I don't give expert advice but am willing to share stories of things we have encountered. Sometimes I will be very serious and sometimes I just seem to be here to have fun.  If you can say anything about me it's that I'm inconsistent ; ) And I annoying leave little winky faces everywhere ; )  I also will inflict poetry on you. Don't know if it's any good but it is all straight from the heart.

If you haven't wasted enough time you may enjoy-
A Brief Bio of how Ms. G. got Where She Is Today!

Ms. G managed to get out of high school by the time she was 17, even though she didn't pay much attention to grammar...or math. Having devoted herself to music and trained with a vocal coach to be on Broadway someday, Ms. G wasn't quite ready to head there yet, so was attempting some more school. She was always happy to attend her Art classes but sometimes forgot to attend the others. She began to waiver and think maybe she would be an Artist instead and also as a back up plan began writing a historical novel that unfortunately was never finished. ( Any resemblance to her middle daughter is purely a coincidence and means nothing : )

Her mother thought maybe she should learn to do something that would provide an income other than theirs, just to be safe. Ms. G's hairstylist suggested she give beauty a try & she said...... Ok.

After spending nearly a year training in cosmetology so she could feed herself if necessary and approximately 2 weeks before she had finished her on floor hours and was ready to take her state test, Ms. G had a lovely young girl with beautiful thick, luxurious, straight, coarse black hair that fell to her waist sit in her chair. She wanted a change. It being the early 80's she thought she would try that new style that cut up high above your ears in front and was a little longer in back. Ms. G. said......Ok. Later that day Ms. G decided the last thing she ever wanted to be responsible for again was somebody Else's head. And so she became......

You got it!

An Authentic Beauty School Drop Out!

Her parents were thrilled.

Ms. G then got a job as a clerk/asst. manager of a dry cleaners where she couldn't mess much up and dithered about what she actually wanted to do and concentrated on enjoying the then legal drinking age of 18 and eventually meeting her husband. She began working for a Famous Large/Eventful Corporate type place that some people might think would be fun to work for but it wasn't and hated every minute of it which was fine because they didn't like her much either, but she can't divulge what it is because her mother worked there for A Long Time and some other people with whom she is associated still work there, so yeah....anyway.  She continued for awhile and then they changed the drinking age to 21 and a lot of the places she liked to go wouldn't let her get in anymore even though she was married and had been going out for 2 years, and the state said she still could, but they could drink beer at home which gets boring after awhile and they didn't have much to do so finally

God said: Here..... Do You Think You Can Finish This?

& gave them a baby.

And Ms. G said Does that mean I can quit this job? .....I mean Ok!

then at one point she said, Oh God I hope so, and now is happy to say,

 Yes. I finished that....one anyway.

and as of 2011,  got another one to the age of 18 alive if not exactly finished...

and as of September 2013 has completed all child raising duties. Hurrah!!

 And that is how Ms. G got where she is today which is not on Broadway or doing your hair but she helps run two businesses and she doesn't make much but saves a lot of money by not having to pay for her family to get hair cuts. (she doesn't care if They cry when she's done: ) And that's Ok, cause Ms. G suspects she really doesn't want to work that hard. ( Any resemblance to her middle daughter is purely a coincidence and means nothing ; )



  1. This is awesome finding out about you. What made you decide to do all this???

  2. "I Am Wisdom and I Write This Blog.."

    I love the way that sounds. You are some kind of creative.

  3. Empress: I don't know. I never think before I act ; )

    Rat Faced Girl: I hate typing that because you are really quite lovely...Thank You,hee hee, I think of it more as "Hokey" ; )


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