Sunday, November 17, 2013

Very Few Words For So Many Words

Our trip was wonderful and exactly what I needed. It was eight days of excellent, except for the part where the SeaMonkey got a big honking speeding ticket in North Carolina. But as Doris Day sang so wisely, Que Sera Sera...I'll write about it later.

When we came back we had to turn around almost immediately and travel for business. It was 4 days of, seriously, what else can happen?

My Aunt passed away. My mothers sister. I haven't spoken to her in several years. She has been suffering from dementia. It's been even more years since I've seen her. She lived all the way across the country. But I'll miss her presence in the world all the same. She took care of me a lot when I was little. She was like a second mama. Maybe I'll write about it later.

Middlest has a new job and has moved out on her own to start over again. And that's a good thing. And that's all I have to write about it.

Littlest got her call for her job opening and will be shipping out to Marine Corps. Recruit Training on December 2cd. I certainly will write about it later....

and on Thursday Biggest saw her doctor, who told her to get ready because she didn't see her lasting more than a few days. She has some early signs right now and we are on baby watch this weekend. Cross your fingers because she's (in Her words) "over it" and ready to get this done: ) So hopefully, I will be writing about that very soon!

UPDATE: 11/18 No baby yet but I did get this text from Biggest last night:

OPERATION D-----C-----AKA No More Negotiations.
Mission: Extract the highly elusive D---C--- from hiding. She has been spotted in caves as far as Pakistan but is currently believed to be living as an intruder inside a civilian. Take warning, she is considered to be highly erratic and bullheaded and is a master of martial arts, torture and mind manipulation. Take any means necessary to bring her down, but we want her alive. Best of luck.
(And That's why I love my kids)

Why so much at once, I wonder? Why? 

Just look at the sky : )

Moon Music of the: Just Because I like It Variety


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  1. Girl, you were lucky your (needed) trip wasn't cut short by Biggest's labor pains and the eminent birthing of that grandbaby. Now you need to settle in, close to home and wait for that glorious moment. Take notes, because I'm going to expect details!

    My condolences on the passing of your Aunt.

  2. Everything happens for a reason.....yada..yada..yada... and often times all at once. Yay for getting the break away before the chaos hits, condolences on your aunts passing and weehee a baby soon to arrive.

    I imagine your life is similar to mine in that the chaotic moments usually outweigh the calm peaceful moments - all you can do is strap in, hang on for the ride and enjoy!

    Hugs for you and the soon to be grandbaby x

  3. If everything didn't happen at once we would start to enjoy our lives, and completely forget we're suppose to be plagued by trials till the end of our days. Hope all goes well with the baby - so excited for you!

  4. Be glad when Biggest can get this over with :) Sorry to hear about your aunt.

  5. Whew. Condolences. Congratulations. Commiseration. And...congratulations again?

    1. Ha Ha! Not yet. She's been in labor for 22 hours at this moment and still nothing!


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