Monday, August 19, 2013

The Big Ugly

Well. Just Look at the sky!

The Big Ugly was blocking it for a bit but there she is!

 It was nice chatting with My Troll but she/he must have tripped over their tongue and broke some fingers because she/he hasn't come back to finish the conversation. Quite honestly I'm still a little confused whether she was angry at me, the squirrels mother or the rats mother....Oh Well. I don't want to be a part of The Big Ugly.

My last reply to My Troll is on my last two posts, but I'm adding it here too:

DEAR TROLL. Though you have not deigned to return yet and enjoy the wreckage you left in your wake, just in case you do...
You desecrated my daughters Birthday Message. That would be the daughter in the photo, painting the YOUTH HALL Sign for HER CHURCH.
Whooo's the one who will burn hell? Hhmmm?

In all seriousness that got me thinking. I try to behave as a Christian and I know better. I'm not being a good steward. You obviously had some rage in you that you decided to unload on me. That's ok. I just finished raising 3 teenagers. I'm used to it. I have a little stress on me right now too. You gave me a chance to vent a little of it. I guess we can call it even. But even more importantly:
I FORGIVE YOU. And if you feel I have transgressed in some way, I hope you can forgive me too. It's a win-win and maybe neither of us will burn in Hell ; )

In other news;

 Littlest has been systematically cutting her hair shorter and shorter. It is now shaved to  about a 1/4 inch around the back of her head and cut to maybe 1 inch on top. She can totally pull it off. Her ship date to boot camp has just been set to December (this time) and since it will be awhile she was thinking of getting a temporary job. So...overheard in the kitchen..

Biggest: Why is your hair so short? Do you remember that Peter Pan video we had when we were little with the real people and that creepy woman (Mary Martin) was Peter Pan? That's what you remind me of.

Littlest: Yeah, I remember that. Do you have any openings at work?

Biggest: You could go to Disney and get a job as Peter Pan. You should just get a little outfit and go around being Peter Pan. Just walk up and down the street like that and maybe someone will pick you up and give you a job.

Littlest: I'm pretty sure that's called prostitution....

Yeah...that's my girl : )

Anyway...other than that it's been pretty calm at home. All the crazy has been happening on my blog.
Let's just leave behind THE BIG UGLY and enjoy.

In Honor Of The Past Week:

Moon Music ; )

cause sometimes I just can't help myself...God forgive me...

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  1. Glad you have some calm, it's anything but, around here! I'm a volcano about to erupt any minute!

  2. Ahh, the Troll visits do upset a bit, don't they? I assume it's about the closest I may ever get to being on Jerry Springer....

    In the very midst of raising three teenage boys, I can vouch for both your honesty and your integrity. Knowing that having "happy" children does NOT make for raising happy adults--this is key. In fact, all the things that make us happy as adults, are indeed learned through being unhappy as children. (patience, responsibility, loyalty, trust, punctuality, respect....)

    Rock on with your bad ass. Smooches.

    ps. Peter Pan made me laugh. :)

  3. Trolls are a tragic breed. You are kind to forgive and to see the sadness of a person that gets off on being mean to others. Bravo!

    1. I think I should. I have to watch myself, because though I am not the type of person to be cruel to another on my own, I AM the kind who CANNOT RESIST POKING BACK. It's just so darn fun...

  4. LOL that's.prostitution! Bwahahaha!!!!!!!

    1. I know, right? She's so darn quick- just cracks me up : )

  5. I love you MOm, the Troll ... not so much. Good thing you and your brood are quick and clever!

  6. Littlest has a pretty quick wit about her. She made me laugh too! Love that she can pull off a short do like that! My daughter has that gift as well. I just feel like a boy when I get too short.

    1. I was so worried it wouldn't work and she'd be upset, but no, she looks adorable. I've gone basic short twice and felt the same.


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