Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh Yeah! That Post....

let's get back to the very riveting content I promised before My Troll interrupted.

While I was gone on my blog break, I decided to clean out my bedside table. Now first of all...there is nothing more embarrassing in my bedside table than dust bunnies. The dust in my house is diabolical and perpetuates itself and though I battle it weekly, out of tradition, it long ago won the war. It's kind of like a Civil War reenactment, but I do feel it has contributed to the fact that my kids have No respiratory or pet allergies, at all, whatsoever. Exposure you see-like inoculation...totally off topic now, so anyway..

I discovered much of my life story is contained within, where I put things in, but never take them out.

Now bear with me. Some of these photos are kinda blurry but I don't actually care that much, so...

In this drawer you find maps and travel brochures from places that we have traveled from The Florida Keys all the way to Niagara Canada. Even if I haven't been to some of them in 20 years.
Along with some things the children made me...when they were children.

And of course-a COW.

Thanks to my sister-The Mighty Ms. K

This is a book my Mother in Law gave us. We have never read it.

I feel I already know Jesus pretty well. As you can see he's living in the same drawer.

We have some books about aging parents and Alzheimer's- even though my mother died 6 years ago.
I guess we'll just keep them a few more years to use on ourselves.


As well as a copy of The Witching Hour by Anne Rice-which is pretty decent, and probably in here because I was hiding it from the kids because of inappropriate content. Usually I'm very anal about books missing from my shelves. It drives me crazy.  But that one isn't very important in my OCD did you notice how I did that-anal:annals...anyway...Also, a tattered copy of The Good Earth- which is pretty awesome. I'm not missing it because there is a new copy on the shelf, but this is the one my mother gave me for Christmas when I was 16. Also some dog training and a National Geographic from 1999....I don't know...

We have lots of foot lotion because I have crappy feet.
P.S, The allergy tablets are For The Dog : )

Then there are some more sweet things the kids made me...when they were kids.

 And of course, my 4th grade school picture. I have no idea how or why it's in here but it may be tradition, because I'm pretty sure it sat in my dads desk drawer for about 20 years before I inherited it. I hated that dress. My mom loved it. She wasn't happy about the hair but I was showing off my newly pierced ears. Two weeks later they became horribly infected and I had to let them close up after I spent the night with some girlfriends and they allowed me to borrow some lovely pink jeweled posts from the dime store, with only 'a little' rust on them. Because even though the lady told me never to take them out, my friends, pierced since they were babies by their Chilean mother, assured me they never had a problem with them. Footnote: I obviously was as happy about 4th grade as I was about that dress.

I have a button with Middlest being very happy to play softball, even though we didn't yet know she was mostly blind and couldn't see a damn thing.

Then there is this flyer from a house that was for sale in Tennessee, that we actually drove to look at. We had just sprung Biggest from the mental health hospital where they diagnosed her with Pain In The Ass and suggested re-hab. Her reaction to that was something very like the Amy Winehouse song.
 We were thinking maybe moving to the middle of nowhere might be a solution to her problems. But in the end we stayed put. And everything came out alright.

Let me take a moment here to notice that there aren't any parenting books in this table. They do exist. I had them well hidden so they were never in here. BUT I have to say that this book: Parenting Your Out of Control Teenager, by Scott P. Sells, is the best parenting book I ever read. I found it late in the game but it saved my life. I highly recommend it, even if you aren't having big problems. It could prevent big problems from growing.
But on a happier note!!

I also have proof that I am already ready to be a Grandma!

Because I still haven't cleared out from having little children around the first time.

Then, in the top corner, closest to me, are very important things you don't want to get caught without.  An empty glasses case-and an eyeglass wipe packet-thank you. A nickel. A clothes pin. A bobby pin. A dog chewed nail file, a hot pink highlighter... and a rock. know?

When The SeaMonkey saw the children's books he said, "Leave them in there." And I did. Along with everything else. Including the dust bunnies...because...that's the story of my life : )
I promise I don't have newspapers stacked along the walls of my house and you can actually walk across the floors and see the furniture. The drawers? Well. That's obviously another story ; )

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


How are you dear?

Not like you don't know all this stuff too.

Seriously Emily, I said Tell No One! Blabber Text ; )


Be good guys.

Regular Readers: I'm on a work project. Will try to get a real post out and visit tomorrow : )

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hi Emily!

How's college?

Lit is gonna miss you : )

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Big Ugly

Well. Just Look at the sky!

The Big Ugly was blocking it for a bit but there she is!

 It was nice chatting with My Troll but she/he must have tripped over their tongue and broke some fingers because she/he hasn't come back to finish the conversation. Quite honestly I'm still a little confused whether she was angry at me, the squirrels mother or the rats mother....Oh Well. I don't want to be a part of The Big Ugly.

My last reply to My Troll is on my last two posts, but I'm adding it here too:

DEAR TROLL. Though you have not deigned to return yet and enjoy the wreckage you left in your wake, just in case you do...
You desecrated my daughters Birthday Message. That would be the daughter in the photo, painting the YOUTH HALL Sign for HER CHURCH.
Whooo's the one who will burn hell? Hhmmm?

In all seriousness that got me thinking. I try to behave as a Christian and I know better. I'm not being a good steward. You obviously had some rage in you that you decided to unload on me. That's ok. I just finished raising 3 teenagers. I'm used to it. I have a little stress on me right now too. You gave me a chance to vent a little of it. I guess we can call it even. But even more importantly:
I FORGIVE YOU. And if you feel I have transgressed in some way, I hope you can forgive me too. It's a win-win and maybe neither of us will burn in Hell ; )

In other news;

 Littlest has been systematically cutting her hair shorter and shorter. It is now shaved to  about a 1/4 inch around the back of her head and cut to maybe 1 inch on top. She can totally pull it off. Her ship date to boot camp has just been set to December (this time) and since it will be awhile she was thinking of getting a temporary job. So...overheard in the kitchen..

Biggest: Why is your hair so short? Do you remember that Peter Pan video we had when we were little with the real people and that creepy woman (Mary Martin) was Peter Pan? That's what you remind me of.

Littlest: Yeah, I remember that. Do you have any openings at work?

Biggest: You could go to Disney and get a job as Peter Pan. You should just get a little outfit and go around being Peter Pan. Just walk up and down the street like that and maybe someone will pick you up and give you a job.

Littlest: I'm pretty sure that's called prostitution....

Yeah...that's my girl : )

Anyway...other than that it's been pretty calm at home. All the crazy has been happening on my blog.
Let's just leave behind THE BIG UGLY and enjoy.

In Honor Of The Past Week:

Moon Music ; )

cause sometimes I just can't help myself...God forgive me...

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Thursday, August 15, 2013


And not a Spammy, try to trick you troll. I think it's a Real One! The Trolls name is Anonymous, as most of them are because they're all related. Not by blood necessarily but by kinship.


For nearly four years I've been waiting. Waiting for someone to criticize my parenting. Waiting for someone to remark on my girls less than stellar moments. It never happened. Because people are mostly awesome like that. I have found so many lovely and supportive women through blogging. Some I feel I've gotten to know quite well and I consider them true friends who really know me, even if I never meet them in person. I'm amazed at how well this person knows me since they read a total of (1) ONE  Post,  I know because I spy on you like that. SURPRISE! Anyway. One post out of all this nonsense, not to mention, heartbreak and, oh yeah, LOVE, I have on here.

But this morning, on my post just previous to this one, which involves a Happy Birthday to my beautiful Middlest and some baby woodland creatures that my darling soft hearted Biggest and Littlest were helping, imagine my surprise when I found this:

** Potty Mouth Warning!


YOU HEAR ME BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I only rarely use uncouth language on my blog because I think it's an ignorant way of expressing yourself, except in special circumstance. I'm assuming that, like myself, she/he feels that curse words are very effective when used sparingly and about something you are passionate about. So please excuse the profanity of My Troll.

But...I'm not really sure what this person is BABBLING about. They seem to have something against sweet little furry baby woodland animals that have been injured and abandoned and need help until they can survive on their own. I can't imagine why anyone would be so mean and call such sweet tiny creatures 'mangled F'd up little babies.' I don't recall any of them in a dryer... the squirrels are safely tucked in Biggest's boobs and the wood rat is still on my back porch and probably will be till the end of time....because My Young completely rule my heart and trod all over me as they got their big soft mushy hearts FROM ME. Dumbass...oops...just a little slip there....and if My Troll had read more than one post she might understand that my Biggest regularly saves animals of all kinds and perhaps might surmise that she learned that trait from HER PARENTS. Though I will say I am a big proponent of wild creatures being in the wild and not captivity once they are able to survive on their own.

anyway.....I don't normally 'BUT' my young down either but sometimes I tell them it's time to sit for dinner....let's see...they all own cell phones with time on them...that I pay for...except Biggest and I paid for hers till she was like 22....and if they don't have them on them and I do I will certainly look and tell them what time long as I'm not driving or something....
and I never abandon anything. Including my 5 cats + a feral, 2 dogs, over the years countless, hamsters, birds and a guinea pig and the mouse I found hidden in a closet,  as well as the occasional injured wild creature. Not to mention my three daughters who, quite the opposite of being abandoned or ignored, would likely say, OK, have said, "I'm an adult. Quit hovering over me worrying and telling me what to do."

So anyway TROLL. If you haven't already, check out my reply to your original comment, it has some information that may interest you. Also, Please do return and clarify your babble. Or perhaps read more than one post so you actually know the person you're judging. Please.
You see, it's been nearly 4 years and you have finally given me what I was waiting for. Someone to FUCK WITH ME : )

Ms. G

P.S. I did say in that post that I had hurt my back rather badly and was taking some medication and jokingly mentioned I might leave weird comments. Maybe I'm not the only one on drugs....

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

We Interrupt Our Previously Scheduled Post

Because I completely screwed up my back a week ago yesterday and have been laying around on heat/ice packs and getting adjusted and getting deep tissue massages and electrical stimulation and traction and I'm still screwed up but some stuff's been happening and I wanted to share. If you have little ones they might enjoy this.

First of all. Biggest has been changing shape all over the place and she walked in last week looking a little deformed. I felt a little freaked out and wasn't sure what to say but then she pulled these out of her bra.

Baby Squirrels. A lady brought them to her because their nest fell out of the tree. She tried to put it back up but after 24 hours their Mama was a no show so now Biggest is their Mama. She carries them around in her bra to keep them warm.
At least she's getting some extra practice on feeding something every two hours : )

Usually Littlest is not the one I have this problem with BUT, even though I distinctly remember uttering the words, "NO-put it out deep in the woods and it will be fine", I walked out on the porch and found an old Hamster cage with this on top.


Hi My name is Herbert. My front legs aren't working too well right now. But I'm just a baby.
 I am not vermin. Please don't hurt me. If I'm feeling better tomorrow I'll leave.
This Is NOT a baby Squirrel

It IS a Baby Wood RAT!
It had a sprained ankle apparently.
 It is Not Staying
anymore after today. Four days is plenty of time and he's getting around just fine.
Last of all, this is the great Birthday week marathon and I wish a Happy Birthday to Decent Guy, my brother; Anonymous Brother N, My sister; The Mighty Ms. K, my Dad in Heaven and most of all,
My Middlest is turning 20.

 My Dreamer.
My Child of Faith and Creativity
My Free Spirit
My Moonlight.
You don't need a Full Moon to Glow.
The Light Is Always Around You.
I am very proud of you sweetheart.
No matter how winding your journey and wherever it finally ends, I'm with you all the way.
Love You : )

As for the meaningful posts I originally took time off over a month ago to dream up? Yeah. Still not happening, so anyway....

Now, I have to rest because I'm supposed to work next week but before I head back to my heating pad I'm going to attempt to sit here a little longer and visit a few blogs. But I admit I've finally given in and taken some drugs so if I visit you God knows what I will say to you ; )

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