Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Feeling a Little Over Done Today

So I'm floating on some music. If you're not familiar with Radical Face or Ben Cooper you should be. I think it's exceptional, but I happen to know he's from a pretty exceptional home town.
 Perhaps that's why this is exactly suiting my mood.

Watch till the Very End : )

If you've heard anything it was most likely this one.
Quiet Time

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  1. Not bad! I'm not familiar, but that second video, in several of the not close shots, reminds me of my youngest son.

  2. i had no idea. never heard of em. but love it.

    i totally love when i drop in here and get a lesson in unknown-to-me music. it makes my heart (and ears) happy!!

  3. It's Good Stuff! If you look into it, much of the music is an ongoing story-like a musical novel : )


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