Thursday, June 13, 2013

Because Your Heart Is a Beautiful Journey

When she was born she had milk glass skin and cobalt marble eyes,
 her hair rich earthen brown.

Her heart was pure.

My Biggest is somehow turning-what the heck happened- twenty six years old.

And going to have her own child.

My firstborn beauty. Time is such a player of tricks. An illusion and much too substantial at the same time. The day you began your journey is yesterday in my heart. A million years in my soul. You are not on the journey you imagined. Not the adventure you planned. But I promise that you are on the journey of your life. The adventure of a lifetime-because no matter what you think, it actually lasts a lifetime ; ) The journey of your heart. Your outer changes over the years have been plentiful and this is merely another temporary state. Your heart however has always been steadfast. Regardless of the way, regardless of the means, you have arrived at this point in your journey having grown into someone I am so proud of. I know that mountain ahead of you looks massive. But just remember what you have journeyed through so far. And you made it. And are better than ever. You are always you on the inside. I promise you that. And even as your outside changes... someday becoming someone you don't recognize ; ) Your mind and your heart continue that journey becoming an even better you and more beautiful every year.

You and Decent Guy have come such an incredibly long way already. There have been many changes through the years watching you both grow. There will be more. But so far they have all been for the good. I am very proud of you both.
I love the new theme song you found for the two of you, it's perfectly appropriate : )

"It's the Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through"
The Title of the Album Says It All, Darlin!

I Saw a Hippie Girl on 8th Avenue-Jeffrey Lewis


Happy Birthday Bat Girl!!!!

You're still psychedelic rainbows...with a badass bit of swing...deep inside your heart.

P.S, I will be traveling after the 15th. If I miss you, catch ya later!

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  1. This is wonderful.. happy birthday and a huge, HUGE congratulations on the baby. Even if it's not the adventure that biggest planned, I'm sure it will be a huge adventure being someone's mommy xxx

    1. Thank you Honey! I'm looking forward to a 'cyber grandbaby' from my 'blog daughter' someday..No rush or anything ; )

  2. Now we all know that it is mathematically impossible for you to be a grandmother. However, numbers aside, congratulations on the bambino. You are going to be the coolest grandma on the block.

    1. I know. But clearly the universe is operating with MY math skills ; )

  3. Your blog is such a beautiful, perpetual gift to your daughters. Can't wait for the the Bat-Baby installments. Hugs

  4. Beautiful (and true) words. Happy Birthday, Biggest "Bat Girl!"

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah. I figured that was better than the story of how I wanted to wring her neck in Target when we tried to pick out some maternity clothes I was buying her for her birthday. ; )

  6. Happy Birthday to biggest. Time flies. Wonderful words you've said to her.

    1. Time Flies indeed. I wish it would land once in awhile.


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