Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Speed of Light From the Moon

For various reasons I have had all three of my girls around the house a great deal lately. This is not the case normally and I admit it is a little fun and We tend to spend a lot of time on our back yard balcony discussing every thing under the sun.

Recent conversations included this:

Littlest: I hate extreme feminists.  I think women should be equal but that doesn't mean they have to freak out about everything. "This isn't fair-that isn't fair."
 I mean, Why does everything have to be an insult to your vagina.

Middlest: I'm joining the Navy-and since Lutherans only have male pastors, I'm using the college money they offer to become a Presbyterian Minister.

Biggest: You can't be a pastor. I'll burst into flames.

We are having one of those weeks when the hormonal and moon collision is spectacular, but that didn't stop our chats. For instance, we were out back when Middlest announced, "I think I heard a murder plot this morning." What? I don't know, I was outside and from the other side of the fence I heard a man say, "I'm gonna kill that SOB!" What? Who was it? Did you look? It's trash day, was it a trash collector or on eof the people working on the house next door? "I don't know, she replied, if I'm hearing a murder plot I'm not gonna stick my head over the fence and take a look. "
No. She''ll just announce it on the back porch.

 Later I saw Middlest running out of the kitchen and told her to go back and finish her work. She screeched, I will when they're out of there! I don't feeling like dealing with their crap right now! I went outside and asked Biggest what happened.
 "I asked her what was wrong with her!"
 I sighed, She on her period, just ignore her and leave her alone."
Which is when Littlest piped up loudly with,
"So What?" Pointing to Biggest she announced, She's pregnant and I AM TOO!"


No ; ) She meant she had her period too.(Let's all give Thanks, shall we)
 But the neighbors will never know the difference.

By this time Mid had returned and we all had a good belly laugh. We decided to give up on the day and created a kitten pile in the living room and watched America's Got Talent reruns for 4 hours.

Because these days are going to become as scarce and rare as unicorns before long. They are all grown. They have all seen their destiny and are moving toward it at the speed of light.
Or at least the speed you need to reach the moon.

Moon Music

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Feeling a Little Over Done Today

So I'm floating on some music. If you're not familiar with Radical Face or Ben Cooper you should be. I think it's exceptional, but I happen to know he's from a pretty exceptional home town.
 Perhaps that's why this is exactly suiting my mood.

Watch till the Very End : )

If you've heard anything it was most likely this one.
Quiet Time

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Because Your Heart Is a Beautiful Journey

When she was born she had milk glass skin and cobalt marble eyes,
 her hair rich earthen brown.

Her heart was pure.

My Biggest is somehow turning-what the heck happened- twenty six years old.

And going to have her own child.

My firstborn beauty. Time is such a player of tricks. An illusion and much too substantial at the same time. The day you began your journey is yesterday in my heart. A million years in my soul. You are not on the journey you imagined. Not the adventure you planned. But I promise that you are on the journey of your life. The adventure of a lifetime-because no matter what you think, it actually lasts a lifetime ; ) The journey of your heart. Your outer changes over the years have been plentiful and this is merely another temporary state. Your heart however has always been steadfast. Regardless of the way, regardless of the means, you have arrived at this point in your journey having grown into someone I am so proud of. I know that mountain ahead of you looks massive. But just remember what you have journeyed through so far. And you made it. And are better than ever. You are always you on the inside. I promise you that. And even as your outside changes... someday becoming someone you don't recognize ; ) Your mind and your heart continue that journey becoming an even better you and more beautiful every year.

You and Decent Guy have come such an incredibly long way already. There have been many changes through the years watching you both grow. There will be more. But so far they have all been for the good. I am very proud of you both.
I love the new theme song you found for the two of you, it's perfectly appropriate : )

"It's the Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through"
The Title of the Album Says It All, Darlin!

I Saw a Hippie Girl on 8th Avenue-Jeffrey Lewis


Happy Birthday Bat Girl!!!!

You're still psychedelic rainbows...with a badass bit of swing...deep inside your heart.

P.S, I will be traveling after the 15th. If I miss you, catch ya later!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

And We Have Lift Off

So I'm standing in my living room, with a camera, wondering who this drop dead knock out with the fashion forward super short haircut and an amazing figure, shown off by a sophisticated black and white dress, with nylons and high heeled black pumps, is.

Then she puts on her black robes and mortar board and pulls out a wand. Brandishing it around the room she announces she's graduating from "Hufflepuff.

Oh Yeah! It's definitely my daughter : )

And so began another 'Last'.

In a state of unreality we lined up in our seats at the Arena, strategically placed at the front so we could watch her face the whole time. We stand and wait anxiously to see her, and her boyfriend since Junior year,  walk together down the center aisle. And there she is! I nervously fiddle with my camera. I've been here before but every moment is precious because it's 'The Last'.

Once again we sit in our row, The SeaMonkey, Me, Biggest and Decent Guy and this time Middlest, all former students at the same school and happy that it's Finally Over, as is Littlest. A blank slate-well, only an outline, before us to be filled in with time. We see her trying to find us but we aren't where she expected, so we wave around a bit. Finally her boyfriend spots us and she grins. Excellent! We have a clear view of her face. We listen impatiently to the speeches, they aren't what we're here for. We three ladies actually get up to use the restroom during the orchestra concert because Biggest is pregnant and I'm old and I guess Middlest is just sympathetic, I don't know : )

At last the procession begins. We search out her friends as they pass and smile at them too. Some she's known since first grade, so the tug of nostalgia is very strong. The school principle has sternly warned everyone to observe decorum. The first few minutes this happens. Then, as is traditional in this school, one by one families begin to break the rules. A quick cheer here. A short shout out there. Mid asks if they can cheer. I say they really shouldn't. By halfway through it's total chaos, with whistles and roars and an air horn somewhere a few rows behind me. I turn to Mid and tell her, "You guys yell as loud as you want."

And finally my Littlest's row begins to move. She passes in front of us and glances up at our grins-and sticks her tongue out at us. That's our girl! Once again I'm fumbling with my camera trying to get the zoom right, nervous not to miss a moment while she stands to the side on stage and looks cool and calm as a cucumber and I feel like all the air has sucked out of the room.
Her name is called and cheers come from the direction of her boyfriends family but her dad and I just clap really hard and suddenly her sisters bellow out a huge OORAH! Simple and Perfect : ) I wasn't expecting that. She smiles. And I don't cry. I'm excited and my heart is full. But it's full of PRIDE.
 I can't believe my baby's all grown up but she's grown So Well! Then the principle says that he would like to honor the students who were joining the military by having them stand when he called their service. A Navy veteran himself, he finally called out what he called his 'second favorite service'
The Marine Corps. And my tiny girl stood, along with two young men, and that is when we came UNGLUED! Luckily we weren't thrown out : )

Congratulations to my 'Last' little girl!  My Strong Tough Amazing Young Woman with a Soft Heart inside. My Jiu Jitsu Champion. My Disney Song Singer. My Weight Lifter. My Cake Baker. My Bulldog Arguer. My Humble Achiever. My Most Shocking Public Language User. My Lover of Babies and Kittens. My Littlest. WE LOVE YOU BIG!

Thank You for rarely giving me a moments trouble...
 except over doing something worthwhile.... or shopping.

We Are leaving this LAST behind and lifting off into the NEXT!
Hang On Tight-This year is going to blast The Grounded Family into a whole new universe.

We Are Very Proud to Announce the High School Graduation of the Littlest Grounded!
I wish I could show you a picture but that would be Contraband.{ hint hint And you can only get contraband {hint hint if you find secret links {hint hint that lead to blogs{ that aren't listed in search engines and who knows where{ you might find one of those {  ; )

A Quick P.S. Unfortunately I have to travel this afternoon but will answer comments when I get back. See Ya!

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