Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Guard

He's been guarding his family and his house for twelve years.

Standing sentinel where he has a full scale view to warn off unsavory characters riding bikes and of all things, walking other dogs past his establishment.

He was once formidable.

Head held high. Barrel chest proud. If he slipped the gate and decided to take a stroll  I was immediately besieged by calls from panicked neighbors letting me know the Guard was patrolling beyond his designated area.

What they never saw was him letting 'his kitties' rub all over him and lay with him. He still cleans them. Or him doing the Hokey Pokey with me. Because he really could.

He's getting scraggly. His fur thinning and patchy. His ears falling.

He is deaf as a post. You have to stand in front of him and use sign language to let him know it's time for dinner.

He is becoming senile and sometimes wanders around licking the floor...and occasionally the furniture.

His back end has become brittle and frail. Wobbly. His rear legs weaving precariously back and forth.  He rarely shows pain. He can still make the stairs. Just slowly. He still will give a good tussle a go with his little buddy. Who now outweighs him by 60 pounds. But he just plants his front legs firm and bites at the feet of the wildly jumping young dog bouncing around him. He never gives ground. He always wins.

But it's true that standing and sitting are short lived .
His spindly old legs can bear his weight only so long.

He gets tired.

But he never


Abandons his post.

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  1. There is so much beauty is these short "snap shot" stories you write. I greatly admire your talent.

    1. Why Thank You Sarah 'Somebody' : ) You made my day!
      My posts are often so long and rambling, I like that description for these short ones, "snapshots". I might just make that a label for them : )

  2. awwww. I'm learning the growing relationahips of having a dog. Now everytime I see one or hear about one I get all gooey inside.


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