Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Did Someone Say Get Me Out Of Here?

My work schedule has been grueling and I was supposed to work through this weekend as well. BUT. That has been postponed. The Wonderful SeaMonkey surprised me the other day by saying that to celebrate our 27th! Anniversary he is taking me to my favorite place! For 5 Days! And the high will only be in the thirties for a couple of those days! There is a chance of snow flurries but he said he can't guarantee there will be snow. I said, That's fine as long as it's cold and I'm Not Here.

We have had a warm winter and summer is barreling down on me like a locomotive transporting coconut scented suntan lotion and inadequate deodorant. If you've been around long enough you know what that thought does to me. So for all of you currently stuck in frigid temperatures and buried in snow who are asking yourselves, Is this woman a lunatic?  The answer is Yes. Yes. I . Am.

And a very happy one.

As always I wanted to make sure you all knew I was leaving because I know that otherwise you would all be sitting at home worrying about where I was ; )
I'm in the mountains. ok?

have I ever mentioned that it snowed in Florida in March the day I got married? Of course I have : )
How appropriate.

In light of the Full Snow Moon, for the time being I will leave these questions behind;

Will Middlest behave herself like a mature young adult and stay home and take care of things? Or will she become intoxicated and allow total strangers into my home while we're gone?

Will Littlest call if Middlest misbehaves and disrupt my serenity? Or will she reprise a previous role and put Middlest in a headlock and lock her in a shed so she can't get away?

And last but not least will Biggest find anything more beautiful than this to share?

Moon Music Courtesy of Biggest.

I think not.

A translation in the YouTube comments says the words are these:
English lyrics: Don’t be disheartened Neria. God is with you. May your heart be strong , be strong. God is with you. Death is jealous. It separates those in love. Don’t be disheartened my sister. God is with you. Don’t be disheartened Neria. God is with you. Work hard Neria. God is with you. Neria. Neria, ooooh. Don’t be disheartened Neria. God is with you. Don’t be disheartened Neria. God is with you. Work hard Neria. God is with you.

I certainly hope so. Nah. I know : )

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  1. Did she really lock her in a shed? I know, it's Bat Girl, why am I even asking?

    I've been uncharacteristically winter-hating this year, but my loathing is focused on ice, not cold, so I feel ya. Have a great one.

    1. It wasn't Bat Girl, it was the Littlest but she abso-freakin-lutely did!

  2. So glad you're getting a little trip that you want!!! Have the best time!

    1. I'll yell Hi Liz when I go through NC. Listen up ; )

  3. Copyscape? What's up with that? People never try to steal my words.

    Have a fab time girlie.

    1. I doubt anyone is stealing mine either but just in case someone tries to copy my brilliant prose I'm covered ; )

  4. I am off on my Great Best Fabtime in 32 minutes! Thanks to everyone who stops by! catch ya later : )

  5. You want to go to the snow?! Wow! Lol middlest will behave, littlest will put her in a headlock if needed and biggest wll find something more beautiful to share. She does have to top this because its beautiful indeed

  6. ugh. jealous momma. cannot wait to hear about it when you get back! be safe and HAVE FUN. and relax too. the girls will be fine. i am sure of it. and honestly if not...you'll get a great post out of it i'm sure! lol


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