Sunday, February 17, 2013

But..but..surely they hang on my every word.

Did you know I am an ignorant and inexperienced parent who does not realize that my techniques are doing the opposite of what I wish to accomplish?

ha... haha...hahaha Hahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha!


I'm not even going to explain this. Just laugh along with me.

Sometimes I do lose track of who I am.

I am Mom of the Perpetually Grounded.

I've chewed up, spit out and chased off scarier than you while filing my nails.

Though some people, who obviously know nothing about me, may think otherwise, in my 26 years as a parent, which I believe is longer than this person has been alive, I have learned you can only try to prevent gullible dumbass and point out that it is being manipulated but you certainly can't stop it when it is a legal adult. However you can control your own environment.

All it takes is two little words. And around here if you are past 18 those words Are Not
'You're Grounded'.

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  1. Replies
    1. I will until I die. I would like to say until they grow up but I don't see that happening : )

  2. LOL - someone rattled your cage good? Go get 'em girl

    1. I was hoping this cage was almost in retirement but not if my adult children persist in acting like 13 year olds.

  3. Oh, the details!! So I can steel myself for what is not too far away...


    1. oh it's just my Middlest who apparently is never going to grow up. She's dating yet another loser and the words are his. Very manipulative and I can't believe she doesn't recognize this type by now! She is like a magnet for users. Just when I think she's learning some responsibilty she reverts to dumbass.

  4. ROTFL!!! I almost fell out my chair on this one.

    1. Good! If my Middlest doesn't learn to recognize when she is being manipulated by someone I can't deal with her anymore.

  5. Oh, thank god you elaborated. I don't know if it was the fever, but I thought I was losing my mind the first time I read this.

    Yeah. Loser has NO clue.

    1. No Dear. That's simply because I'M losing my mind. And No he doesn't.

  6. poor poor little loser. he has certainly rattled the WRONG cage.


    and tell mid to get over her cranial rectal inversion and see that he is a loser. and her mama loves her. sheesh.


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